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Candidate Lewa

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Candidate Lewa

"It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live."
-Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


NAME: LewaWindsong
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

BIRTHDATE: Early Spring 2756
AGE: 15 as of Spring 2771

EYES: Light Brown
HAIR: Shoulder length red hair with curly bangs.
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5‘8” with an athletic build.
Lewa Windsong’s athletic build comes from helping take care of her family’s Runnerbeasts and occasionally running to one of the Weaver Crafthall for an errand, she is fastidious; liking to keep her area neat and tidy, which is hard to do with a younger sibling running around and messing the place up. She prefers to wear clothes that allow her arms to be bare when the weather permits, the colors of said clothes are usually dark greens and browns as well as lose fitting, but not baggy enough that she trips over them. Lewa has a scar on her right arm from an accident that happened when she was younger. She keeps her red hair at shoulder length as it is the best way to keep it out of her light brown eyes.

Lewa is a bright, cheerful girl who loves all animals, especially the Runnerbeasts, though those now come in a firm 3rd, with Dragons and her Firelizard being in 1st and 2nd respectively. She tends to be disobedient, this is because she has a stubborn streak as big as a bronze dragon, though she will listen to authority figures if she feels she is being heard in turn. Besides that she loves making friends and tries to ignore it when people react negatively to her. Her room is always spotless and cleaning is the one thing she will not go against someone in Authority telling her to do.

Lewa is scared about having to fight thread, but knows that her dragon will do their best to keep them both safe. In her free time Lewa likes to draw, though she doesn't think she is very good, so she doesn't share her drawings. Lewa tries to be a logical thinker but more often then not lets her emotions guide her.

Jothar (Father deceased)
Merida (Mother)
Tamar (Younger Brother)
TW: Death in the family
Lewa was born to a Runnerbeast Farmer Father, and a Harper Mother at Southern Boll Hold. She grew up loved, if not a little spoiled. When she was old enough her Father, Jothar, began teaching her how to tend the Runnerbeasts that were a part of their livelihood, that sparked a love for animals in her. Jothar and his wife Merida were constantly having to tell Lewa no when she brought home one stray animal or another. Her love for animals intensified when one day she heard the roar of a Dragon from the direction of the Hold, of course at that time she was still too young to be searched but that didn’t stop her from trying to run to the Hold just to see the Dragon. Though it was easy to spot the big Green dragon from her home, from that moment on she dreamed of being a Rider.

When she was ten a new member was added to the family, in the form of a new baby brother named Tamar. She loved him from her very first look, she helped her Mother take care of her brother when she wasn’t doing chores or running errands. Though she loves her brother, she can’t help but be exasperated at him when he makes a mess, but she never lets her anger get the better of her. Sometimes she has trouble sleeping, but instead of telling that to others she usually gets up on the nights she can’t sleep and heads out to the nearby stream and goes for a swim. That has nearly stopped now after she cut her arm on some underwater debris when swimming one night, when her mother found out about the cut she was grounded for a week.

A month after that happened her father was attacked by one of the Holdless and killed, his killer ended up taking the Runnerbeast he had with him after the deed was done. It caused Lewa to spiral into a sadness that she had a hard time getting out of, but she did by focusing on raising the baby of the stolen Runnerbeast. She relapses into sadness now and then that Tamar seems to be the only one who can get her out of it. At the Weyr she will see a Mindhealer plus will have her Gold Firelizard to help her.

Then came the day she had been waiting for, her 15th birthday, though she knew that it could be a while before a dragon came on search. But the day they did it was an Emerald green and her rider, a woman named Demera, while the dragon Swillith. She ended up being chosen and taken to Fort Weyr where she will stand on the sands waiting for her own dragon to hatch.
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IC Information
What type of candidate is your character: Dragon

What color/s does your character want?: Green or Blue
Does your character have any personality preferences or concerns?: She wants a dragon that is calm, focused, and can keep her grounded when and if she gets upset about something.
Does your character have any other preferences or concerns?: She wants a female Green, but will take a the Male Blue if she has too.

OOC Information
If your character is a dual candidate IC, do you have a strong preference on whether they Impress dragon or wher?: I want her to Impress a dragon.

What color(s) are you willing for your character to impress to?: Blue or Green.
Do you have any personality preferences or concerns?: I am okay with a calm, focused dragon.
Do you have any other preferences or concerns?: Female Green or Male Blue.
Why do you think these choice/s would be a good fit?: After loosing her father Lewa became sad and retreated to the only thing she knew, raising Runnerbeasts, so a dragon that can help her stay focused is a must.

Do you have any preferences about the conditions of your character’s impression?: Go one or two impressions where she is left standing.
Are you alright with your character getting hurt? What injury level is acceptable/what should be avoided?: I am fine with it, a deep cut or sprained joint.

Is there anything you will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept?: N/A
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NAME: Demona
BIRTHDATE Early Summer 2771
AGE: Newborn as of Early Summer 2771

FULL APPEARANCE: Demona is a bright gold color with a spider web like pattern in a darker gold color.

PERSONALITY: Demona is a regal and headstrong, she will ignore everyone in her vicinity except Lewa. Her favorite treat is salmon, if she sees someone eating some she will try to snatch a bite from them.
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