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Candidate Takumi

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Candidate Takumi

"You can count on matter what some people say behind my back"


RETIRE INFO: Character - Retire/Dragon - Adopt
NAME: Takumi
ORIENTATION: Biromantic Bisexual

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2746
AGE: 21 as of 2767
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr

EYES: Amber
HAIR: Ash Blond
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5' 7", Lean/Defined
PLAY-BY: Takumi (Fire Emblem)
FULL APPEARANCE: Takumi looks smaller than he is, due to his habit of wearing baggy clothing. He has a well defined upper body, which is likely from his skills as an archer. His hair is long, reaching down past his lower back when untied, but he usually keeps it up and out of the way. Even still it comes down to his mid back. He has lightly tanned skin.

PERSONALITY: Takumi can come off as a bit prickly. He doesn't open up quickly to strangers, but becomes much more open to someone after knowing them for a period of time. He has deep rooted social anxiety and doesn't do well in large crowds, though he'll make himself stay at parties to keep up appearances. He is intelligent and skillful in battle tactics, though he feels inferior to his older siblings and pushes himself too far occasionally.

Sumeragi father,deceased)
Ikona (mother, deceased)
Mikoto (step-mother, deceased)
Ryoma (brother)
Hinoka (sister)
Sakura (sister)
Corrin (step-sibling)
BIRTHPLACE: Good Question
HISTORY:TW: Death, Mental Illness
Takumi was born the third child to his family. After the birth of his younger sister, his mother passed away, and his father remarried. He grew up mostly with his stepmother, and considers her to be more of a parental figure. When his father was assassinated, his step mother became his sole caretaker, minus his older siblings of course.

He spent a good portion of his childhood trying to impress his older siblings. The desire to best his older brother in particular was damaging to him. He spent several years learning how to wield a sword in an effort to best him, but one too many failures to do so led him to the bow. In his earlier years, he practiced too long and too much, and it resulted in his right hand becoming scarred on the palm due to his own determination. Now, he wears archery gloves, but sometimes he still ignores his limits, especially when he's in a particularly negative state of mind.

He suffers from horrible nightmares, and tends not to get much sleep due to that. His past has lead to a self depreciating nature, as well as deep set anxieties that have caused him panic/anxiety attacks in the past. Currently he has them under control.
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What type of candidate is your character: Dragon

What color/s are you willing to impress to?: All except Bronze and Garnet
What color/s does your character want?: Green or Blue
Do you/your character have any personality preferences or concerns?: Takumi would just want a dragon who's reasonably cooperative and would be willing to put up with him. Are dragons scared of arrows? He couldn't necessarily have one that is, as he's an archer.
Do you/your character have any other preferences or concerns?: Not that I can think of.
Why do you think these choice/s would be a good fit?: Takumi would need a dragon who enjoys his company, due to his low self worth already. He'd need one that would cooperate with him, but not roll over and obey without good reason. He needs a bit of structure, but not so much so that he's fighting with his dragon over who's boss.

Do you have any preferences about the conditions of your character’s impression?: Not really!
Are you alright with your character getting hurt? What injury level is acceptable/what should be avoided?: Injury is fine, so long as its not particularly serious or debilitating.

Is there anything you will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept?: Nope! I'm flexible.
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