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Flynn of Green Nith

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Flynn of Green Nith

Flynn of Green Nith
"There's nothing to fear. Just keep moving forward." - Flynn Scifo, Project X Zone


NAME: Flynn
PRONOUNS: Masculine

BIRTHDATE: Fall 2747
AGE: 21 as of 2768

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blond
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'11", average muscular build
PLAY-BY: Flynn Scifo (Tales of Vesperia)
FULL APPEARANCE: Flynn had short blond hair, often swept to one side and blue eyes. Due to his training, he has a muscular build. He is usually seen in a tealish blue tunic with a leather belt wrapped around his waist. He usually wears dark colored pants with a teal stripe down the legs. He wears plain brown colored shoes. (Note, while his picture does display armor, he does not wear armor. )

PERSONALITY: Flynn believes in order and will often work in order to achieve peace. He is often a kind, friendly person to those who he meets and talks to and is always there to lend a hand to those in need. However, he has a bit of a quick temper. If he is hit by anyone, that is a quick way to turn him against you. He is a bit of a neat freak and enjoys cleaning fairly often. He has a strong moral compass and often believes you need to work around the larger picture in order to change things for the better. While he can be annoyed at times, he is a good hearted person.

That is to friends, however.

To enemies, he can be a dangerous foe. He is often harsh when speaking to those who break the laws or disrespect other people. He will even fight those who get on his final nerve.

Even friends who break the laws aren't above this, as he does believe in justice. Even if it was someone such as a childhood friend.

While he has not gotten a dragon from a hatching, he actually does not feel bad for this. He knows that, one day, the perfect dragon will choose him. All he needs to do be patience.

His main hope is that he can be as good as his father was.

FAMILY: Mother (Norien)
HISTORY: Flynn was born and raised inside of Ista Weyr during the Interval War. His father had been one of the dragonriders called to aide in the war and he had to leave his wife and son as he flew off with his dragon. When he would return home that night, Flynn would often rush into his arms and hug him, happy to have his father home.

However, when he was around seven, things changed.

Oh, how his heart was broken when other riders came to their home and told him and his mother that both his father and the dragon were killed in battle. While this would usually make people stop following their dreams..

This motivated Flynn.

This only made him work harder to achieve his goal.

He grew up into a fine young man, often with a smile on his face and an eagerness to help people out. A lot of the people who knew him saw him as a friendly and kind person.

If he did not dislike them.

He had a strong sense of justice and would protect anyone if anyone tried to hurt them. He chose to become a candidate as soon as he was old enough, at the age of fifteen, and got to work on getting ready to complete his goal.

While he remained in Ista Weyr for a couple of years as he stared as a candidate, he eventually moved into Fort Weyr. A childhood friend of his had decided to go there and thus, he had followed the other.

They had been there during the extremely violent Trailblazers Hatching, though neither got an egg. Both of them were fine with it. After all, not everyone gets a dragon and that just was how life was.

However, when they heard assassination attempt of Tuckal and the weyrlings and the death of Green Exiath just a couple weeks after the feast, their hearts felt heavy and their stomachs felt as twisted as knots. However, both of them knew that these things were possible.

Flynn felt particularly sickened at the news of the rescue from Benden. He hated how a gold and their rider were kidnapped and nearly died as a result. He felt angry, beyond angry. However, he also used this to fuel himself.

He would do his best to ensure no one suffered like they had.

Needless to say, Flynn was surprised when Blue Hinokath laid an egg. Much like others, they had thought the dragon was a male. However, it seemed the child was healthy, and quite a large white as well.

Flynn felt pride for Blaze when Gold Nornth hatched and chose him. He felt that Blaze would have been a fine leader.. if it was not for what happened.

While neither him or his friend had been there to attend the maiden flight, they had quickly heard the news when it came to Fort Weyr. Gold Nornth had been exceedingly violent, much like her mother, and had killed one of her potential mates. However, she had not been the only one to engage in the deaths of the dragons, as some had joined in to the frenzy in hopes of being chosen. In total, three dragon had been killed during the flight.

As neither of them had been there, they did not know all of the details. However, due to them hearing what had happened from the flight, Flynn had decided to not attend the hatching. Because of this, he only heard of the hatching of White Varelsith from his friend. A pure black white was something that Flynn had never heard of.

The first of her kind as well.

However, much like her sister before her, Gold Nornth would meet a death by poisoning, Blaze poisoned as well. The person in question was a drudge, who had slipped the poison into their food and caused for them to die in their sleep.

Once again, Flynn felt sick by that, but he knew that it was likely going to happen. Gold Nornth was insane from what he had understood. It was only sooner than later that they would die.

As much as he hated it, it was just how life worked at times.

And sometimes, you can't change that.
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Green Nith


NAME: Nith
BIRTHDATE Early Spring 2770
AGE: Newborn as of Early Spring 2770

LENGTH: 30ft
HEIGHT: 7.5ft
COLOR: Green
HEX CODE: #1eb321
A large, lithe, speedy green, Nith looks like trouble. And she is. She is lean, with narrow wings and a thin tail. Her legs are a little longer, and she is somewhat taller than she should be, but barely. She is a bright green all over, with a little bit of a darker green mottling over her. Her face and the backs of her wings are a pale, minty green. The same color goes down her shoulders like lace, with a darker green making them look much bolder. The darker green also colors her hind legs like boots. There are lighter, almost Thread-like markings on the insides of her wings.

Nith is abrasive. She has a way of doing things, her way, and she will walk all over whoever will let her. She will try to push around so many others, to prove she is the strongest. SHE is the best fighter. SHE is the one that will stop Thread and save the Weyr. There is no other one you should CONSIDER for such important work! This often puts her at odds with many of her siblings, and she will bully Essengeth if not kept in check. Ghermath is the only one who seems to tolerate her. Her pride will definitely get her in trouble.

To her rider, Nith is going to make sure they are as good as she is. She did not make her choice lightly, and you will be stuck with her. There are very few things that will make her stop and reconsider her actions, such as eating a wher, but overall she is hard to handle. She will butt heads with her partner, but deep down she does love them.
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