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Tommy of Green Tomsk

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Tommy of Green Tomsk

"Please don't do anything crazy."


RETIRE INFO: Dragon - Adopt / Character - Retire
NAME: Thom (pronounced Tom), called Tommy

BIRTHDATE: Fall 2746
AGE: 22 as of 2767
OCCUPATION: Wherling/Journeyman Harper

EYES: Light blue
HAIR: The borderline between orange and blonde, fluffy and light to touch, has one piece of hair that always curls down in the front no matter how much product he puts in it
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6"2, tall and muscular
PLAY-BY: Tommy Jarvis (Friday The 13th)
Tommy has a strong, square jawline with a cleft chin and beige skin. Sometimes, depending on the week he had been having, deep dark circles can be seen under his eyes from sleep deprivation. He usually has this sort of dazed-neutral look on his face, while in reality, he is very alert. He has a few little scrapes, nicks and dings on his body, but none of them are very prominent or worth mentioning.

Even if the weather is boiling hot, he always wears layers of clothing. His favorite (and only) denim jacket over two shirts is his staple at this point, he could be recognized from miles away because of it. Blue is his favorite color and he always wears something blue every day.

Tommy is, in short, a dork. But, he is a dork who knows how to get what he wants and will do whatever it takes to get a means to an end, within good reason. He would not hurt anyone without a good reason and is quite gentle, he is very sweet and kind, but when someone rude tries to contest his actions, he is unafraid to back down from a fight.

He's got a bit of a funny bone, he likes telling jokes, but he knows when it's time to get serious and when it's time to be funny. Besides this, when he is around somebody that he likes romantically, he gets both of two ways at the same time: A) flirty, and B) awkward. It can be perceived as cute if the time is right.

He suffers from nightmares of those he loves dying, as well as those about Threadfall. Sometimes, he has panic attacks when things dealing with Thread come into play, but he craves to help people continue to live their lives and not have to deal with loss like he had. He bucks it up and pretends to be okay for everyone, bottling up his emotions.

FAMILY: Malcon of Brown Roysith (father, alive, but who cares), Tracie of Green Fellarith (mother, deceased), Patrishe (sister, alive)
HISTORY: (TW for abandonment, death)
Tommy never really knew his dad, he had transferred to another weyr and left the rest of his family at Fort. Though it wasn't uncommon for families to not stay together, Tommy still resented his father for leaving them. Still, life went along well for the boy, his older sister, and his mother, he couldn't complain much. At least, he couldn't until his mother's death. Tommy was just eight years old and his mother was killed during Threadfall. He knew it was her duty to fight the Thread, but, it was also her duty to come home every night. If losing his mother wasn't bad enough, his sister left him to transfer to another weyr. Patrishe couldn't handle the pressure of raising her little brother, even with the help of everyone else at Fort. The phrase 'it takes a village to raise a child' didn't ring true in her mind. Tommy was distraught and alone and suffering from nightmares, the Mindhealers thought he needed something to do to aid him. They realized that he may need better care than he was receiving at the moment, and they thought that the best way to do this was to send him off to a Hall. Thinking of which could have been the most child-friendly, they sent him to Harper Hall.

He seemed to make some amount of progress there, it took time, but he made progress. He calmed down, to a degree, things like that never fully leave your system, things like that stay until you're an old man, but he learned to contain it enough that people thought he was okay. Tommy was taught to be a Harper, and he thrived in it. He shoved himself into learning, trying to get his mind off of his childhood. It's all he had, it's all he might ever have, he might as well enjoy it. He ended up graduating to become a journeyman a few months after he turned 21. Tommy felt as if he this was the time to go back home, there was nothing left for him at the Hall. The Hall was a second home to him, in fact, he lived there for the majority of his life, but it wasn't somewhere he'd like to stay at forever. Fort Weyr was home, Fort was where he could and would live. So, as soon as possible, he left for Fort.

Being a journeyman was... fine. He sang, taught when needed to, filled whatever rolls they needed him to fill, that was his job, it was fine. It was okay. It was either completely boring or exhausting. Somedays there was nothing to do so he plucked away at whatever instrument he had at his disposal, somedays he had to teach an overactive class with no lesson plan in the slightest. It was driving him off the deep end. He needed something that wasn't going to make him want to pull his hair out every day, maybe just some of the time. He became a candidate. That would switch things up, that would give him something new to do. He'd just have to wait and see.

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Name: Tomsk
Color: Green
Hex code: #00C38A
Final Size-
Length: 11.25 ft
Height: 4.25 ft

RUNS/FLIGHTS: 1 per turn

Appearance: Tomsk is lovely in the way of a running river. She's not a giant. She has no brilliant colors or striking markings. Instead, she's a nice mint green, mottled with darker and lighter hues, about as small as a green wher comes but not so small she sticks out. And yet...there's something wholesome and as lovely as a wher can be about her. Maybe it's the almost delicate structure of her face, the relative smoothness of her hide or the grace of her proportions, which healers will agree are just about perfect. Whatever it is...she's a wher of subtle beauty that only grows more pleasing on closer examination and is proof that a wher doesn't need to be exceptional to be striking.

Personality: Tomsk is a kind, maternal wher. She likes looking after people- her people- and can be a bit of worrier. She cares, very much, and has set ideas about how things should be done and is perfectly willing to get a bit bossy if it means things are done right. She's deeply protective- not usually violently so but in a nurturing way that can sometimes cross the line into overbearing. Tomsk is deeply idealistic, believing in freedom and equality for everyone and being deeply opposed to colorism even among dragons. She can get a little preachy sometimes but her heart is in the right place. Her handler is one of her favorite people who she tends to treat as a kid sibling, someone she loves and looks out for and sometimes needs to remind to carry a jacket in case it rains. She loves the water and enjoys splashing around- an activity she can get surprisingly competitive about.

Which isn't to say Tomsk is all sweetness and light. She doesn't forgive and forget. When wronged, Tomsk holds a grudge for a long, long time indeed. And she isn't opposed to violence or bending the rules when she thinks she's in the right. Her softness hides a sometimes surprising prickly temper and she does get jealous and mad, even with her favorite people. But at the end of the day, she's a good friend and a wher with a great deal of potential. She loves her two siblings and they, like her handler, are often coddled in a decidedly bossy way, although her and Eliosk sometimes argue and Tomsk does occasionally get jealous of Relsk when he learns things quicker and more easily. She might sometimes wonder about being something more with him but tries not to examine those thoughts too closely. It's RELSK. Her baby brother. Even if he is growing very handsome wings...

Voice: Tomsk's voice is distinctly feminine and sounds young, veering towards bratty when she's in her most difficult moods.

Why me?: Tomsk is what Tommy needs- she'll take care of him and help him out without cruelty or judgment. This'll be something good.
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