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Candidate Dorian

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Candidate Dorian



"Selfish, I suppose, not to want to spend my entire life screaming on the inside."
- Dorian Pavus, Dragon Age: Inqusition


NAME: Dorian
GENDER: Masculine
PRONOUNS: Masculine (he/him/his)
ORIENTATION: Demi/Homoromantic Homosexual

BIRTHDATE: Early Autumn 2745
AGE: 29 as of Early Summer 2774
OCCUPATION: Holder, Candidate

EYES: Grey, with hints of brown
HAIR: Black, as dark and gleaming as a raven's wing
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5' 11" || lean with some muscle
PLAY-BY: Dorian Pavus (Dragon Age: Inqusition)
Dorian has dark tan skin that can be described as bright copper in color after a day in the sun, smooth and flawless except for the small mole by his right eye. His cheekbones are high and a nose with a small hook. His raven black hair is always perfectly styled, and a pair of steely gray eyes take in everything about the world. He sports a painstakingly-maintained mustache and goatee, and is quite proud of his appearance overall.

Dorian has a lean build, but he is not entirely without muscle. Due to his upbringing, only the best is suitable for the great Dorian. He prefers to wear the finest garments that coin can buy, often specially tailored robes that are designed to make note of his narrow hips and broad shoulders, and fitted leather boots to the knee with a bit of a heel. However, due to the current circumstances and the general working Weyr-life, he works with what is provided, saving his best garments for the best occasions.

Additionally, Dorian has a mild accent, giving him even more of an exotic flair than he already has naturally. He also gets seasick easily and is allergic to numbweed, but only when the plant is in flower and pollinating. Otherwise, he takes no ill effect.


"Living a festers inside you, like poison. You have to fight for what's in your heart."
- Dorian Pavus, Dragon Age: Inqusition

In a first meeting, Dorian may come across as highly intelligent and amazingly good-humored, but petty and a bit shallow, giving as many insults as he gets. He loves to exchange witty banter and playfully flirt with both men and women and anyone in between, though his interests lay exclusively in men. Dorian is quite charming and understands people well, and doesn't engage in a manner that people may find uncomfortable.

Dorian is glad to make friends in anyone who is willing to share a bottle of fine wine and a few laughs, though he is ever cautious for those who seek to take advantage of him for his stature as a former Holder. Dorian has completely rejected any further notions of nobility in himself and views other Holders with disdain, though he still has a love of luxury and the many things he'd taken for granted as a young man.

Dorian may not show it, but he cares deeply for the wellbeing of others around him. He wears his title of outcast with pride, empathizing with fellow outcasts and the downtrodden. He seeks to bring about a society where all can be equal and comfortable, but he'll admit it's a distant, unattainable dream. While dirt and grime bother Dorian, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty. If there is a job to be done and it requires a little bit of sweat to be done correctly, so be it. That said, he will insist on a long hot bath afterwards, and will be sorely vexed and disgruntled if he doesn't get one.

Dorian has some traits that could be considered flaws. He is quite proud, reluctant to seek aid in anyone. Ever. He feels that he needs to be completely self-reliant, and that asking for help is a sign of weakness. Dorian has a bit of a superiority complex due to his position of power and wealth in his younger years, but he's since got it under control...mostly. He misses the comforts of home and the relationship he had with his parents from time to time, though he'd rather eat his boots than admit it.

To summarize, Dorian is refined and well-bred, though haughty and petty at times, as he was raised a Holder. He is fond of material things and studying, and wears his sexuality and title of pariah with pride. His pride and superiority complex get the better of him at times, and he can be a little wary, but he makes up for it with his good sense of humor and easygoing nature. He seems a little strange at times, but he is perfectly content to be viewed as such.

Halward - Holder - father - living (estranged, and not getting better)
Aquinea - Holder - mother - living (estranged, but getting better)
Siblings/Half-Siblings - none that Dorian knows of - open tie(s)!
Cousins - numerous, on good terms with most of them, though Dorian doesn't often keep in touch - open tie(s)!
Alexius - tutor and father-figure - living
Felix - best friend - living, but afflicted with terminal illness
Rilienus - dragonrider - significant other - deceased (killed in Threadfall)
BIRTHPLACE: A Minor Hold in Igen Province
HISTORY: TW: homophobia, unwanted arranged marriage, loss/death
Dorian's first memories were of the sun and the sea.

Dorian was born the first and only son of Lord Halward and Lady Aquinea, Holders of a Minor Hold near Igen, and was thus destined for greatness from the start. Only the best for their perfect firstborn son, of course, so private tutors were hired for young Dorian. However, the boy proved difficult, and several tutors resigned their positions in despair in the face of the young Holder's temperament. Until Alexius. Alexius proved he knew just how to treat Dorian, and the boy quickly advanced in his studies under Alexius' guidance, proving just how intelligent he was even at such a young age. Dorian and Alexius' frail son, Felix, connected almost instantly and have remained close into adulthood.

Dorian matured into a handsome and highly intelligent young man, 18 Turns of age, but he was quite flamboyant and wild, especially in his parents' eyes. They wanted him to settle down and marry the lovely young woman lined up for him, the two of them continuing to learn about Holding until the time came for Dorian to take over. Yet Dorian always evaded the conversation for one main reason: Dorian was gay. He'd known it about himself for the longest time, since he was barely entering his teens, but he was certain his parents wouldn't understand and insist he marry the girl lined up for him.

He was correct.

Dorian, having enough of sneaking around with his various lovers, approached his parents in the sitting room one evening and told them just why he wasn't going to settle down and marry the girl arranged for him. Dorian's mother wasn't happy, but she at least did not attack her son. Dorian's father, Halward, completely refused to accept this about his son, and the two got into a heated argument. The end result? Dorian stormed out, packed some of his things, and left his parents' residence in a terrible temper.

Dorian was blissfully free! He knew it couldn't last long, but he wouldn't waste a minute. He indulged in everything his heart desired, the sum of which would certainly bring a scandal do his uptight and extremely Traditional family. And Dorian didn't care one bit. He knew that this freedom couldn't last forever: he had to face the music eventually. So that's exactly what he did.

After about a sevenday of being away, Dorian returned to his parents' home. It took him another sevenday to find the proper words. He was blunt, telling that he loved them dearly, but he wouldn't wed some girl just to please them; to sire an heir. He told them that if they tried to continue bringing it up, he would relinquish his claim to Hold and starting a life elsewhere, and they could find another heir to take up the line. "Surely there's a cousin of mine who'd love the job!" he'd said to them. It seemed he'd made his point.

Much to Dorian's surprise, his parent dropped the issue, though his father clearly wasn't happy about it. They began arranging for another to succeed them, and mostly left Dorian to his own business: continuing his studies and living his life. However, everyone was walking on hot embers around Dorian, and he around them. Family dinners, held in awkward silence, tapered off before eventually stopping entirely. Passing his father in the halls became a contest of 'who looks away first', and boy Dorian did not like those games.

This went on for about a Turn, until a Searchrider from Igen Weyr arrived, on the hunt for Candidates. Dorian didn't even let the rider finish their sentence before accepting the Search. Here was a chance at a new life and an honorable way out of his Holder duties, and he'd be insane to refuse it.

Dorian returned home only once during his time away at the Weyr. It was around his 21st Turnday, but that wasn't why he'd come. He went to speak directly to the young lady he was supposed to marry; to tell her in person why they wouldn't wed. It went...remarkably well, much better than Dorian expected. Dorian awoke the morning he was to return to the Weyr, only to find a firelizard egg at the hearth. He's assumed to this day it was his parents that left the egg, as a gift for his upcoming Turnday most likely. He thanked his parents graciously, promised to write as often as he could (a promise he's kept), and matters between Dorian and his parents have...stabilized, slightly.

Dorian researched firelizards extensively, enjoying himself thoroughly. He awoke at dawn one day, early for him, just in time to hear his egg cracking in its warm place, hurrying to dress and get everything perfectly prepared. Dorian was just quick enough, and Impressed the little garnet, naming her Xaura, completely overjoyed with his new friend.

Dorian began Candidacy at 20 Turns old and excelled. Many were certain he'd Impress. Yet after standing at many Hatchings, Dorian remained without a dragon. It was a humiliating thing for the proud man, and he was convinced everyone around him was mocking him behind his back for what he saw as a personal failure. But he tolerated it, dealing with it in his own unique ways.

Around 2769, when Dorian was 24 Turns old, he got involved with one of Igen's riders, a bluerider named Rilienus. He was very affectionate for his partner, daring to consider calling it love. But things went off the rails, 2 Turns after they'd started. Dorian and his lover had a major fight, what about exactly Dorian refuses to say.* All he feels is tremendous guilt over the event, especially after what happened next. Rilienus and his bonded died in Threadfall the very next day, leaving Dorian with no chance to apologize, explain, or even to say goodbye. The incident took its toll on the Candidate, leaving him unable to bear it all.

Seeing the people he knew move on to succeed while he was left behind, now alone, was too much. Refusing to go anywhere near his home and parents, Dorian applied for transfer to Fort Weyr. There, he hopes he can live out his life in relative peace, where people don't intimately know him and all the baggage, both physical and emotional, that he now carries.

*Dorian expressed his feelings and they were not reciprocated in the way Dorian hoped: Rilienus was...notably hesitant.

  • Early Spring 2773: Dorian Stands for the Kingdom's Edge Clutch of Jitteboth and Serapheth and is left Standing. But on a brighter note, he witnessed his dear friend Ryne Impress to her green Iseleth! :D
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IC Information
What type of candidate is your character: Dragon

What color/s does your character want?: Due to concerns about aging out, Dorian would welcome all colors of dragon that would see fit to bond to him. <3
Does your character have any personality preferences or concerns?: Dorian does not give a crap. Dragon is dragon, and he’d deal with the repercussions later. You're only bonded to your dragon for life. What could possibly go wrong?
Does your character have any other preferences or concerns?: Uhhh...nope.

OOC Information
If your character is a dual candidate IC, do you have a strong preference on whether they Impress dragon or wher?: N/A

What color(s) are you willing for your character to impress to?: All. Just a dragon would be great.
Do you want your character to be eligible for gold?: Big yes.
Do you have any personality preferences or concerns?: None that need noting!
Do you have any other preferences or concerns?: None.
Why do you think these choice/s would be a good fit?:

Do you have any preferences about the conditions of your character’s impression?: None! Just Impression is good. :3
Are you alright with your character getting hurt? What injury level is acceptable/what should be avoided?: I'd prefer it that Dorian doesn't end up with serious scarring, especially to the face. I would prefer him to keep all his limbs where they currently are as well. xD
Are you willing to Impress a creature with a mutation/oddity? Anything that should be avoided?: Yes, and nothing to be avoided! I would love any creature you throw my way, Dorian too! <3

Is there anything you will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept?: Nothing I can think of!
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NAME: Xaura
BIRTHDATE Early Autumn 2762
AGE: 10 as of Late Spring 2772

COLOR: Garnet
HEX CODE: #2f0557
Xaura is definitely a garnet. She is a deep dark purple all over, with paler purple swirls over the front of her body and her neck. Her front legs are also this lighter color. In size, Xaura is smaller than average, and built for daintiness and grace, not strength or stamina.

PERSONALITY: Spoiled rotten, Xaura views herself as the Queen of Firelizards, and behaves accordingly. She is generally gracious and regal to all around her, but she has a wicked temper when enraged. When roused to anger, she will scream and flap around the room, knocking things over and causing general mayhem until she is placated. She is used to luxury and pampering, and she will get what she wants, one way or another. Despite all this, Xaura means well at heart. She is extremely protective of Dorian, especially toward people larger than him. The only person Xaura will listen to is Dorian, and even he has trouble with her sometimes. Other people can just ask her nicely to do something and watch her sit prettily and eye them like they're stupid for bothering her before returning to Dorian with a flourish.
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