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"Great work findeth mineself."


NAME: Urianger
GENDER: cis male
ORIENTATION: Demiromantic demisexual

BIRTHDATE: Early Spring 2740
AGE: 31 as of Early Spring 2771
OCCUPATION: Journeyman Scribe

EYES: Grey
HAIR: Blond, with a lot of grays
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'10", lean
PLAY-BY: Urianger Augurelt [Final Fantasy XIV]
Urianger always seems like he's been around forever. One look at this man and a person would not be faulted for thinking he's just been at the Weyr for ages. He may as well have stopped aging at 26, save for his hair. He is a tall, lean man who always seems buried in hides and records. His hair is parted down the middle, and while long, does not reach his shoulders. It was once a wholly dirty blond, but it seemed as soon as he hit 30 turns, the grays started to come in, and he's finding more of them every day. He commonly wears long robes, preferably with a hood, and hiding his frame which sometimes makes him look like a frail old man with how he seems to constantly be hunched over books and the like. Urianger speaks in a rather archaic way, and is rather verbose. It seems to be a habit of his.

Urianger has the quiet presence of someone always there but always overlooked. He is the quiet one in the corner, maybe in the back of the crowd quietly taking notes and various recordings. As a Scribe, he is normally seen with parchment and quill, or hides, always finding and logging something interesting. Or at least it's interesting to him. He is quite intelligent, always willing to answer a question in the most frustratingly elaborate way, which makes him come off as a snobbish know-it-all. It's gotten him in trouble more than once, combined with his habit for keeping things secret until the worst possible time. He thinks about the research first, and being a personable crafter second. He has ignored people and things in favor of whatever his current task is, to the annoyance of others around him.

He does have a kind heart, buried deep under all of his wild knowledge. He is far more at home in the records in the store room than he is among others, which makes him come off as antisocial. And to be fair, he is. He does not enjoy being in large groups, finding them to be loud and uncomfortable.

FAMILY: Urei (father), Granger of Green Gransk (mother)
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Moenbryda of Bronze Cendocreth
Urianger was born an uneventful child. No complications, no drama. Just a boy who was sent to the creche like all the others. A quiet one, he found himself most at home reading and not so much socializing. Anything he could get his hands on, he would read, and often asked permission to spend time in the various records rooms to read the skins and learn. Even as he grew older, candidacy was not in his mind, nor was the war above and around him. He was aware of the turmoil and the shortages, but he needed little. And wanted little.

As soon as he was able, he apprenticed as a scribe. There was nothing more that he wanted to do but learn and record. History, injuries, clutches, anything that could be recorded he took to diligently. The weyr may as well have passed him by, with no interest in candidacy and no interest in bonding to even a firelizard. He wanted only to learn, and record.

At some point in his years, though he could not properly pinpoint when, he met another apprentice scribe, named Moenbryda. He found her overwhelming, far too outgoing and rather loud. Though they worked together fine, and he had found himself calling her his friend, they drifted apart among the work, and the return of Threadfall calling to the Weyr.

He was nineteen when he walked the tables, graduating to Journeyman status. It only made him work harder. He was dutifully recording Ekketoth's final clutch, witnessing the first lady bronzeriders. He was even more surprised when not much later, it was Moenbryda herself who was among the lucky ones to impress - to Bronze Cendocreath.

He sent her letters, or rather, he left them for her. Encouraging at first, but as Cendocreth grew and matured, he got more expressive in his own convoluted way.

It was after the reformation of High Reaches, with the election of a greenrider to Weyrleader status, that Urianger put forth the effort to reconnect with Moenbryda. His letters got more romantic, and it did not take terribly long for him to move into her weyr. He had not thought so much of the world outside of his books, and it seemed that much was opening up for him.

It was a whirlwind of things around him. Goldrider catastrophes. Hostage situations. Hatching nightmares. It was all dutifully recorded, and some part of him grew sickened with it all. His eyes began to casually drift skyward over the turns, and after the birth of the Hunters hatchlings, Urianger began to borrow texts and research from starcrafters, logging their finding and movements. While he was not sure how much the records will serve the Weyr at present, he was fairly sure that someone, somewhere, somehow, might need to know the exact position of the moons and the flashing stars in the precise ending of spring. Surely, to him, this was useful.
Fort Weyr
Senior Weyrwoman Tuckal of Gold Serapheth
[White Journey]
Wa'en of Brown Galahath
Weyrlingmaster Lexien of Brown Mikazuchith
N'eth of Green Azoth
Weyrling Alphinaud of Green Koth
Vartin of Amethyst Vartisk
and Garnet Varsk
[Bone Otani]
Journeyman Scribe Urianger
Semaca Weyr
Hecate of Almandine Cabadath
Aymeric of Garnet Thanatoth
Persephone of Green Amauroth
[Brown Bitey]
Quatre of Green Wynleth
[White Sandrock]
Dragonless Time
High Reaches Weyr
G'li of Bronze Ereborth
Clovis of Blue Artoriath
Exia of Blue Seieth
Lelouch of Blue Isith
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Majima of Brown Majimask
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