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"Even if kindness can be a hindrance
I believe people can be saved by kindness"


NAME: Quatre
PRONOUNS: He/him/his
ORIENTATION: Hopeless romantic asexual

BIRTHDATE: Late Spring 2749
AGE: 19 as of Late Spring 2768
OCCUPATION: precious cinnamon roll Candidate

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'1", small but trim
PLAY-BY: Quatre Reberba Winner (Gindam Wing)
Quatre is tiny and adorable, and he doesn't quite know it. He looks fragile, but he's rather hardy and sturdy, even though his frame seems small and thin. He has a bright smile and large, blue eyes. His hair is kept short, and no matter how often he tries to trim his bangs, they always seem to fall over his face. He tries to keep himself clean and tidy, his clothes usually light colors (if he can find them, but he will settle for darker shades even if he thinks he looks too pale in them). For as incredibly pale as he is, he tans instead of burns in the sun, and he is really not used to cold weather. Anything slightly chilly has him bundling up in warm clothes.

A precious cinnamon roll too pure for this world, Quatre is the embodiment of kindness. He is nearly always polite and generous, willing to assist people around him at pretty much every task imaginable. He has no fear of hard work, even if his delicate features and rather privileged upbringing says otherwise. He has this uncanny ability to make friends with complete strangers through his sheer force of joy. He is quite an optimist, and it is fairly hard to pull him down. He does not like to hurt anyone, but he knows sometimes this is necessary, and he will always apologize either right before or right after he is forced to resort to violence. A pacifist at heart, Quatre knows that not every problem can be solved without getting his hands dirty.

Quatre cares about his family, even if he does not really get along with them. He tries, sending them letters but never hearing back. He doesn't know if he will really be worthy of a dragon, but he needs to try. He is very prone to worrying too much, over-exerting himself, and forgetting that he needs to put himself first sometimes. He seems rather naive, but anyone who gets to know him knows otherwise. He is sweet, no one can argue with that.

Eraque of Gold Eraqusk (Father)
Trea (Mother, deceased)
Illea (older sister)
Rea (older sister)
Eralea (older sister)
Reaq (older sister)
Leara (older sister)
Quala (older sister)
Ruear (older sister)
BIRTHPLACE: Small cothold near Igen Weyr
TW: emotional abuse
Quatre was born the youngest of eight, and his mother died in childbirth. Unfortunately, his father frequently dropped that guilt onto him as he was growing up, and he grew up believing that he was cursed, that if people got close to him, he would be the cause of their deaths. He closed himself off for much of his childhood, not wanting to get close to anyone for fear of cursing them too. Despite his sisters' best efforts, there was little that could be done to undo the damage.

It had been Ilea to stop this fully, pulling her little brother out of the depression he had spiraled into at such a young age.. She was determined to teach him that their father had been poisoning him, and she spent several turns trying to teach him that he was not this vile monster, that their mother had died as a result of an accident. It took several turns to really turn him around, to turn this scared, sad child into a young man who loved the world instead of fearing what he would do to it. Ilea convinced him to leave the cothold when he was of age to stand for dragon candidacy, despite how much he did not believe he was dragonrider matierial, and told him to ride as far from Igen as possible, away from his family.

He did.

Quatre stole a runner and rode as far across Pern as he could, traveling from hold to hold until he came to High Reaches Weyr. No transfer papers, just the boundless optimism he had gained from the numerous people he met. Pern was not this dark, scary place he had been taught to believe it was. With hope in his eyes and a smile on his face, he applied for candidacy.

His impression to Exiath was very short lived. The green was poisoned not long after the hatching, and she passed away a few weeks later. Quatre was a candidate for all of a handful of days, and he has never recovered.
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