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Ferorate of gold Ferorask

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Ferorate of gold Ferorask


"In the middle of summer
All was golden in the sky
All was golden when the day met the night"


RETIRE INFO: Adopt Ferorask/ Retire Ferro
NAME: Ferorate, Ferro for short
GENDER: genderfluid (DMAB; fluctuates between demigirl, agender, and male)
PRONOUNS: they/them/their
ORIENTATION: Panromantic demisexual - celibate

BIRTHDATE: Summer 2742
AGE: twenty-eight Turns as of Summer 2770
OCCUPATION: Wherhandler, single parent

EYES: dark brown
HAIR: neatly trimmed black curls, neatly trimmed facial hair
HEIGHT AND BUILD: six feet even
PLAY-BY: Elliot Knight

Ferorate is a solemn-faced young adult. They have a radiant smile that should see more use, framed by neatly trimmed facial hair that forms more of a suggestion of a beard than anything else. They are fond of wearing darker tones, feeling that the more somber their garb, the more seriously they will be taken. Which, well, they aren't wrong. But if they could be convinced to wear brighter colors, the world would not end.

One trait that they have that is pure frippery is that they love cosmetics. They tend towards dark and neutral shades with these, also, but have been known to venture into the blue family of colors. They have a naturally intense expression, defaulting to a 'You know what you did' sort of look when not actively feeling something. They will deny it, but they inherited that face from their mother Zeara. Their full lips are naturally tugged down at the corners, making their too-rare smiles all the more radiant.

Repeated Threadfall injuries have left Ferro limping and damaged. Both of their legs bear extensive burns and scores, to the point that they now walk with a sturdy staff to help bear their weight without adding to the stress of their more heavily injured leg - the right one. Their right hand has burn scars that they may eventually decide to cover with fingerless gloves.

Ferro is a restless individual. They are not satisfied with the status quo because the status is not quo, and will work endlessly to make their little corner of the world a better place. Not only for themselves, but for their daughter. Industrious and critical, they have a certain vision of the world that they articulate in both words and actions. 'Good enough' is not a concept that exists in their vocabulary, although 'adequate' does. Adequate is a concept that exists only as a stepping stone towards 'better'.

But they are also secretive. After Evander, Ferro learned the importance of keeping things close to heart. They have few close friends, though they know and seem to be well-liked by many. Most of their friends are other wher handlers, and they frequently send messages to other Holds and Weyrs, following those friends that have transferred.

Their loyalty is hard earned, but seemingly irrevocable once given. They take betrayal hard, hard enough to uproot their daughter and move away from those they once trusted.


ParentsPaternal Half-siblingsMaternal Half Siblings
  • Brother Obiwan of blue Obivask - 2723, Semaca Weyr
  • Sister - Z'zae of blue Ryloth, Summer 2731, Semaca Weyr, Pavane Squad, Galaxy
  • Sister - Rey of blue Nuth, Late Fall 2740, Fort Weyr, Eclipse Wing, Trailblazer
  • Maternal half-brother - Zeran, deceased
Family Children
  • Daughter - Filigrace, Summer 2762, weyrbrat, Fort Weyr
    Nephew -Zortane - 2758 (Z'zae's son)
    Fosterneice - Braefen - 2759 (Z'zae's foster daughter)
    Niece - Arraza - 2763 (Z'zae's daughter)
    Nephew - Brazol - 2767 (Z'zae's son)
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Gracile of bronze Grask and white Cilesk deceased

2742 Birth

Ferorate was not the first born to either their father or mother. Born of two wher handlers, they never really had a chance to do anything other than whers. Of course, they never really wanted to do anything other than whers. Fartoo was not really around during their childhood and adolescence, but Zeara was a thorough teacher. It frustrated them that they could not Impress a wher until they were seventeen. Sure, it was a dangerous process, but for other people only, surely. They were different.

2754 Impress Fartones

To stave off the frustration at being prevented from their heart's desire - a wher - Ferorate set to the task of Impressing a fire lizard. There was a stigma against allowing a child to Impress one of the flighty things, so Ferro had to get sneaky. They maintain that they did not steal the egg. It just happened to be in their pocket when the blue hatched. They went through several variations of a name before fire lizard and human agreed upon 'Fartones'.

Zeara was not impressed. She knew as well as any adult did that fire lizards bonded to one person in their indeterminately long lifetime. She also knew that her child had no business with one. Ferro would have been in disgrace for several Turns, had they not gone to their father at Fort.

2755 Fort Hold

Well, that was the excuse they gave Zeara. Fartoo was stationed at Fort, but he was at the weyr rather than the Hold. The blue handler had no interest in forming close bonds with his offspring, and that included Ferorate. They spent their time learning from the Fort handlers, the guards, and anyone with the time to teach a solemn-faced adolescent. By the time they turned seventeen, everyone was eager for them to get their long-desired goal. If only to give them something to do with their life instead of follow others around.

2760 Impress Ferorask

Zeara raised her child well. When the Golden Ghost delivered a clutch containing a coveted gold egg to Fort Hold, Ferorate was ready. Lady Ellaren herself stood sentinel over this donated clutch, along with her aging brown. There may have been others who thought themselves more qualified, but Lady Ellaren knew Zeara, and knew Ferorate was her child.

What's more, Ferro had very carefully proven to her that they would be a good handler if they were given a chance. There was nothing that they had left to chance in regards to getting an egg from the Ghost. And their persistence paid off. Lady Ellaren gave Ferro the Black Star egg, the massive egg carried by the Ghost herself, which hatched first of the clutch into a gold wherling clearly of the Ghost's get.

2761 Evander

Ferro and Ferorask had little time to become a team before the leadership of their Hold changed. Lord Vellat had not been a particularly good Lord, between the alimony and the adultery, but he had provided some stability. Losing him meant the ascension of Evander. Evander, obsessive and impulsive, and far too confident in himself. If Ferro had seen another option, they would have left Fort, maybe gone back to their mother.

As it was, though, Ferro had a young gold wher, and as such, was a valuable piece on the playing field. Evander attempted to court them, to lure gold and handler into his planned elite guard of whers. When Ferro made it clear that they were not interested in being either a bodyguard or a lap pet, Evander banished them. They went to Ruatha Hold, where Ferorask first formally graduated from wherling training, and then Ran for the first time. Her clutch was small - five eggs - and there was no gold among them. The highest color, in fact, was a brown.

2762 Filigrace

While they were at Ruatha, they struck up a friendship - and then a relationship - with another wher handler. Gracile of bronze Grask and white Cilesk. Gracile was a little older than Ferro, and quickly became their best friend. She became pregnant mere months into their relationship, and Ferro was happy to begin building a family. But terrible things may befall even the kindest of people, and Gracile met her end in the first Fall after she was deemed recovered enough to participate with the ground crews. Grask went with her, a victim of the same nasty tangle of Thread that had escaped the dragon riders. Cilesk went feral.

2763 Daegarethe

By now, Ferorate was wary of the leadership in Fort Hold. They returned to Fort at Daegarethe's request with their newborn daughter, out of a desire to fix the Hold that had once so welcomed them. But they say that only birds can return to old nests, and Ferro found it difficult to carve a place of their own under the new regime.

Not even Daegarethe's two whers bought her any unearned loyalty from the gold handler, even though her bronze was from the same clutch as Ferorask. There was already some ill intent between the two, because Daegarethe thought she had been promised Ferorask. Lady Ellaren handed them the gold egg, though, and the now-Lady hadn't even been present when Ferorask hatched, so that thought was - as far as they knew - unfounded. It still left Ferro feeling a little defensive, as if Daegarethe would take something without warning.

2764 Vellaren

Plague took Lady Daegarethe from the Hold, leaving the Hold without a leader. It took several months, during which time many of the wher handlers looked to Ferro for guidance. For the first time, Ferorate learned what it truly meant to be bonded to a gold.

They work closely with Lord Vellaren, and keep in touch with their mother via fire lizard. They are a single parent, and work very hard to balance parenting and duties. Filigrace spends more time in the creche than Ferro would like, but they can often be seen with a toddler on their hip.
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  • Early Summer 2765 - Two eggs were left for the Holders! Ferro Impressed a handsome little brown, eventually named 'Feregal' - a combination of 'feral' and 'regal'. Fartones hunts for the newest member of the family in a little tidepool.
  • Late Summer 2765 - A nightmarish Hatching yielded a surprise sibling. Ferro escorted Farana to Fort Hold following the chaos of the Trailblazers hatching. They suffer nightmares of the gold's attack.
  • Early Winter 2765 - Threadfall was light, but embarrassing. Nelan of brown Nevask walked into Ferorate and refused to apologize. Ferorate claimed that they are not at fault.
  • Winter 2765 - Ferorate attended a Gather thrown by their lord. They were delighted when Farana Impresses a white wher, concerned when Zeara appears to have broken her foot, and tickled when their mother Impresses a garnet wher.
  • Late Winter 2765 - Ferro began to spend a great deal of time at the weyr, checking on their family. In addition to their blood family is a garnet handler they met at the Trailblazer hatching, and a blue handler, met in the lower caverns.
  • Early Spring 2766 - Ferorask and brown Vaesk have a nasty run in with each other during Threadfall. She scrapes her left wing a little bit.
  • Spring 2766 - Revolt! Word reaches Ferro that there has been a coup at High Reaches and their mother has been imprisoned. Following a flurry of notes between Zeara's children, including an impassioned plea from Rey and most undignified begging from a wherling in Semaca, Ferorate and Ferorask travel to the remote weyr to free their mother.
  • Early Summer 2766 - Their hijinks did not go unnoticed. Ferro faced the music for leaving their position without leave, and is put on house arrest for a period of three times longer than they were gone. They accept this punishment with grace.
  • Late Summer 2766 - The former leader of Dusk Squad, Helen of gold Helesk and alexandrite Hesk, transfers away from the weyr suddenly. Ferorate is nominated as squad leader.
  • Early Fall 2766 - Ferorask surprises Ferro with a Run! She leads a trio of serious chasers, and one very determined green wherlet, on a whirlwind chase before she chooses. Charmed by the spunky green, Ferorask secretly takes on a mission to find one of her own. Her efforts are in vain, though, and all she finds is a clutch that never had a chance to hatch.
  • Early Fall 2766 - Ferro's first Fall as a squadleader goes well. They and Ferorask are completely unharmed. In fact, the only injuries to their squad are minor, and most of them occur between the two whers of a dual-bonded handler
  • Early Spring 2767 - Ferro is horrified to learn that Filigrace has learned foul language. They undertake to teach the hold better manners. During the Threadfall that season, Ferorate's flamethrower malfunctions and sends flame from a crack in the back of the nozzle, badly burning their right arm and thigh. They'll make a complete recovery, but it might take a long while.
  • Late Fall 2767 - Ferorate stumbles on a spot of uneven ground during Fall, but is ultimately unharmed. Ferorask puts on her usual good show. Lord Vellaren marries Corleon, making Ferro infinitely uncomfortable. In a stunning show of irony, they and Filly move back to Ruatha - Corleon's origin, but also Filly's place of birth.
  • Winter 2768 - Ruatha is not the welcoming haven they remember it being, as well as having the memory of their beloved. It isn't working well, but Ferro is reluctant to move their little family again so soon after uprooting them.
  • Early Spring 2769 - Fall goes well enough. After some consideration, they move to Fort Weyr proper. They rejoin their previous squad, Dusk, but make no move towards leadership. They have been replaced, and that's that. For now.
  • Summer 2769 - Revolt! Fort Hold throws all the wherhandlers out in a show of the same concern that sent Ferro to Ruatha the second time. They help various hold handlers settle into the weyr. Their paternal half-sibling Farana of white Faransk moves to Telgar rather than come to the weyr.
  • Late Summer 2769 - Ferorask is unusually clumsy when it comes to Fall, and runs into Ferro. Ferro, for their part, falls awkwardly and strains their neck. It does not take terribly long to heal, but it is quite uncomfortable until it does.
  • Early Spring 2770 - Due to sheer, dumb luck, Ferorate steps into a burrow that's significantly more extensive than initial estimates had it. Their legs are both badly scored from the knees down, as well as their right thigh and hand. The repeated injuries to their right thigh prompt Ferro to begin walking with a mobility aid, to lessen the stress their more heavily injured leg receives.
  • Early Spring 2771 - Somewhat miraculously, Ferro and Ferorask are both unharmed in the spring Fall.
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NAME: Ferorask
BIRTHDATE Winter 2760
AGE: ten as of Early Winter 2770


RUNS/FLIGHTS: two (Spring and Fall)

Classic Terrors Clutch

Sire: Bronze Brak (wild)
Rise Again - Green -sk (NPC)
Deep Ocean - Blue Ettesk

LENGTH: sixteen feet (16 ft)
HEIGHT: five feet six inches (5.5 ft)
HEX CODE: #efd525
FULL APPEARANCE: Ferorask is gold. Even the staunchest of skeptics cannot deny that she is the Ghost's prize daughter. They don't need to remember that she was carried, and dutifully delivered to the Hold by the monstrous gold, because she looks the part. She comes a little short in comparison to her mother - sixteen feet long to the Ghost's eighteen, and only five feet six inches at the shoulder compared to the enormous six feet nine inches her mother claims - but Ghost is the only wher to outsize Ferorask in the Fort territories. Ferorask is a monstrous tank of a creature, thicker and more muscular than other colors. Her body is solid, turning her narrow face into a weapon, like an arrow or spear. She looks like she could inflict quite a lot of damage, and she could.

In color, she is brilliant and shining. Her color barely changes when her Run nears, she is so vibrant on a daily basis. The only offset to her vivid gold is a lighter shade of the same color, more white-gold than gold. This color is spread along her tattered wingsails, and blotched onto her face like a mask of death. All four of her legs bear a rectangular design in this lighter hue, akin to armor or bracers. And a banner is blazoned on her chest, like a collar or necklace. Ferorate keeps her clean and well oiled, so all of this shines brilliantly, sparkling in the dullest of lights.

PERSONALITY: Ferorask craves attention. Her primary motivators in life are food and attention, and if neither of those things are on offer, she is not likely to listen to orders. Stubborn is a mild term, particularly involving people or whers she does not like. She's a gold, forsk it, and she will do what she pleases, when she pleases. That isn't to say that she considers herself above other whers, like she resides on some lofty platform that the rest of them cannot reach. But she has a definite sense of self importance, and she will defend her right to do and feel what she wants.

In short, Ferorask is not the Ghost incarnate. The Ghost is wise, protective, and occasionally generous. Ferorask is none of these things, though she may learn in time.

She does like her handler, even if she doesn't always understand the human. She likes them for them, no matter how they identify or feel at any given time. Her love for Ferorate does not depend on their gender presentation, but in her youth she did confuse pronouns frequently. Between her innate intelligence and Turns of practice, she does better now. She is very territorial though, and won't stand to be in the same room with other Golds. No, not even her own mother. It took a few fights - both Ferro versus 'rask and 'rask versus other whers - before Ferorask learned to respect others. She was surprisingly matter-of-fact about both her wins and losses, never skipping a beat.

Voice Ferorask has a surprisingly large vocabulary, for a wher. She speaks with a light, feminine voice, but, like most whers, she lacks precise grammar. So she sounds like a princess in short, stunted sentences.


Clutch: Gift of the Ghost
Dam: the Golden Ghost
Sire: Wild Bronze
Hatching Number: one of five
Details: Ferorate was the first to respond to Lady Ellaren's summons, and the first to receive their egg. Ferorask hatched literally in Ferorate's arms, drew blood, and squirmed her way into their heart.
Why: *cackling*


Black Star
There is no doubt what will be in this egg, the Ghost carried it herself. It will likely only go to an experienced wherhandler. Even for a wher egg, it is positively massive.
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NAME: Fartones
BIRTHDATE Spring 2754
AGE: sixteen as of Early Winter 2770

SIZE: lorge
COLOR: blue
HEX CODE: #008080
FULL APPEARANCE: Fartones is friend-shaped. He's a very soft, very squishy fire lizard. It isn't that he is a lazy slob of a lizard who barely flies, but he just never seems to gain any muscle definition. The illusion is not helped by the fact that his hide is such a dark shade of blue-ish teal that any definition would tend to get lost anyways.

PERSONALITY: Ferorate does not need to be mischievous. Fartones is more than game to get into any sort of mischief. Sanctioned or unsanctioned, this little blue is up for anything, anytime, anywhere. Nothing amuses him more than making someone laugh with his antics. The only hard line Fartones ever seems to draw is that he never acts from malice. Ferro says that he's just incapable of being mean, and they are probably right.




NAME: Feregal
BIRTHDATE Early Summer 2765
AGE: five as of Early Winter 2770

SIZE: medium
COLOR: brown
HEX CODE: #9f6d2c
FULL APPEARANCE: Feregal is a handsome son of a gun. He has dark brown bands around his neck and tail. The rest of him is a mix of a lighter brown and a shade of brown more gray than brown. He is a lean fire lizard, and constantly in danger of slipping out of his harness.

PERSONALITY: Confidence is the rule of the day. Feregal's family adores him in varying degrees - Ferorask likes him more than Fartones - and he has blossomed under that attention. Feregal has big ideas, and is more likely to get caught up in big doings than his brother.
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