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Endilette of blue Ettesk

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Endilette of blue Ettesk

Tinker Bell says, and I find I agree
You have to break rules if you want to break free


RETIRE INFO: Retire Endilette, adopt bondeds
NAME: Endilette
GENDER: female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers
ORIENTATION: generally uninterested. Demi, but it's difficult to get her attention.

BIRTHDATE: Late Fall 2748
AGE: nineteen as of Early Spring 2767
OCCUPATION: wherling, hunter

EYES: blue
HAIR: dark brown, pulled into an archer's braid more often than not
HEIGHT AND BUILD: five feet and eleven inches, more sturdy than curvy
PLAY-BY: Anna Popplewell

Compared to her sibling Yggdrasil, Endilette has much softer features. She's got soft curves that are best outlined in dresses, but rarely wears such frippery. It isn't that she doesn't like dresses so much as they're harder to move in when she'd covering rougher terrain. Either way, she likes to wear shades of green.

Her dark brown hair is more often pulled into a practical archer's braid to match her arm guards. Endilette moves with a hunter's grace and a little sister's stealth. Her boots bear the marks of ill-use, with definite water lines and worn spots where they have not been kept well.


Endilette knows her limitations, but also likes to push her limits. She has goals and aspirations, but she's careful about pushing them. One of her fears is making a move at the wrong time and ruining everything she and Yggdrasil have worked so hard for. She always has to balance that fear against the benefits of making a move. It means that she has fewer successes, overall, but her ratio of success/failure is much better. Still, it's not always worth it.

She has the personality of a hunter- which she is. She’ll wander around an issue without specifically addressing it, and then pounce when her poor companion is least expecting it. That also lends into her general guarded demeanor. Endilette comes across as enigmatic because she does not share, well, anything.

FAMILY: Yggdrasil of white Silsk

For most of Endilette's life, she knew what she was about. She followed her father's footsteps as a hunter, learning the forests of Lemos as well as he did. In time, she might have married, had children, the whole shebang. But Endilette's mother lost two children when she ripped Yggdrasil apart. Endilette was the one to finally put a stop to their mother's vitriol.

Since there was never anyone Endilette loved more than her nonbinary big 'sister' - a title more than a description - she followed zher to Crom, where Yggdrasil Impressed a wher, and then to Fort.

Fort, where she happened to Impress a blue at the gold clutch. Ettesk completely changed Endilette's life. Where she had been proficient in her chosen field for Turns, now she had wherling lessons to master. Fort Hold is more stable these days, but Endilette is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nothing goes smoothly for long, and Fort Hold has a reputation for upheaval.
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NAME: Ettesk
BIRTHDATE Late Fall 2766
AGE: thirteen months as of Early Fall 2767

LENGTH: thirteen feet
HEIGHT: four feet and six inches
COLOR: blue
FULL APPEARANCE: Ettesk is bright as bright can be! The base tones of his body are a soft aqua color from head to foot, making him stand out. His dazzling hide has several small fan shaped markings scalloped across his body and wings, each one with a reflective bit of speckling. Deepers blues and flat teals fill in each of these small sections, giving him the illusion of being under water and having the sun reflect back off him brilliantly. His body is streamlined and sleek, but seems much more comfortable off-land and in the water than on it. He is very clumsy on land, having a hard time adapting to changing surfaces and rough terrain.

PERSONALITY: This bright wher is surprisingly slinky in all he does! A huge fan of water, he revels in any time he can spend near lakes, rivers, or the ocean. He is exceedingly graceful in the water, sleek and smooth, with an excellent swimming ability. He's talented at utilizing it for hunting or sneaking, being able to slip in and out without any notice at all. He's generally very quiet himself, not much of a talker to most but curious about everything. He's not quite what anyone expects, and he's okay with that.

While he may be graceful near water, he is the opposite on solid ground. He's a bit clumsy, always tripping over this and that. He's also not a neat creature - good thing he loves the water so much! He becomes very involved in everything he does, and this often results in a mess of some kind or another. He's also 'artistic' and likes to create with whatever media is the messiest or brightest against his hide. Surprisingly (or not) he is not a huge fan of fish, feeling sort some of kinship to them and preferring not to eat them.

Voice: Ettesk's voice is guttural but bubbly, as though talking through water.


Clutch: Classic Terrors
Dam: gold Ferorask (Ferorate)
Sire: bronze Brak (Anbrask)
Hatching Number: two of two
Impression Number: two of two


Deep Ocean Egg

Babies need attention. Greedy baby need more attention. Will find best to give attention.
A shell of pale purples and blacks, there appear to be overlapping scales on this egg. This baby seems to pull you closer...
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