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M'love of blue Skyloth

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M'love of blue Skyloth

M ' L O V E
It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.


RETIRE INFO: Adopt, together or separate
NAME: M'love
GENDER: female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers

BIRTHDATE: Fall 2744
AGE: twenty-three as of Early Summer 2768
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Rider, wrangler of the dramatic and general go-getter
WING: Starfall

EYES: blue, more washed out than bright without cosmetics
HAIR: strawberry blonde, cut very short
HEIGHT AND BUILD: six feet and one inch
PLAY-BY: Deborah Ann Woll

M'love is kind of hard to look at these days. She has a massive Threadscore on the left side of her head, the gouges and ridges made even worse with the evidence of now-healed infection. Her reddish-blonde hair is close cropped to aid in caring for the injury, revealing her ravaged ear. She's lost a considerable amount of weight during her time at the Healer Hall, and she never had much to spare.

M'love is one of those faces that only a mother could love.

Okay, that's not actually true. M'love has her own charms. But it is true that she's tall and gawky, and a little awkward looking. Her face and neck are long, and she's more skinny than slender. While weyrling training has gifted her muscles, they aren't anything terribly impressive in conjunction with her height. In any case, her complexion burns before it darkens, and she is highly protective of her skin. If only because it hurts like the dickens to burn.

Her hair changes color with the season. In summer, it bleaches out to a reddish blonde. She wears it in a single, tight braid, but that doesn't protect it from the effects of the sun. In winter, it darkens to something definitely more reddish than blond. She used to wear it down to her waist, but since Impressing Skyloth and learning the misery that is long hair and helmets, she keeps it shorter these days.

PERSONALITY: M'love was an awkward, lonely child before Impressing Skyloth, and that still shows in many of her habits. She does not seek social interaction unless pushed or forced. She has high aspirations, though, and she wants the stars. Her cunning is a little lacking, though, given her relative social isolation, but as she grows with Skyloth, she learns.

With Skyloth, she has gotten better about being more outspoken. Paired with such a dramatic dragon, she's learned how to step into the spotlight from time to time. No need to hide from the wrath of gold riders, no longer. And while she spends a lot of time wrangling around Skyloth's dramatics - either indulging them, getting people to turn a blind eye to them, or circumventing them - she doesn't mind. Someone has to take center stage.

FAMILY: A tanner and a vintner at Benden Weyr, a few siblings at various crafthalls
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: D'ark of garnet Masreith

M'love was not named M'love, nor anything that could possibly shorten into such an endearment. M'love was born Tanlek, and she was the daughter of a tanner and a vintner. Tanlek was all thumbs, though, and she grew so quickly that her spatial relationships with the world were in constant flux. She didn't have any particular aptitude for a craft, but she could do chores and run errands around the weyr. That's right, Tanlek was a drudge.

And that would have been her whole life, until the Senior Weyrwoman of High Reaches got herself and most of the bronzes in the weyr wiped out. A footnote in history. Benden's weyrwoman donated a clutch to the rebuilding High Reaches, and Tanlek volunteered to go help. After all, they needed plenty of hands, and while Tanlek wasn't the steadiest, she was reliable. And, best of all, no one quite knew who she was supposed to be. So if Tanlek was on the Sands themselves when the clutch hatched, who would know the difference?

Skyloth certainly didn't.

Tanlek? Ta'lek? T'lek? Tan'k? We'll work on it. Where are my people? Why is no one cheering for me? M'love, don't they know who I am?

Skyloth never found an elision that satisfied him, and started calling his rider exclusively by a flashy endearment - M'love. Tanlek found that she liked this constant reminder of affection, and eventually went through the formal process to change her name.

And they learned to work together. Skyloth proved to have a serious side, but they discovered that M'love's general steadiness could be egged to ambition. M'love learned that dragon riders weren't all so bad, although some of her fellow weyrlings tested that theory sorely. She became close to a few of them.

The High Reaches Murders worry her more than the Fort Poisonings. M'love was never meant to rise above her station. How long until the murders turn from badly behaved riders to unworthy riders?
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  • Late Winter 2765 - M'love and A'ric had a very odd discussion about ambition.
  • Late Spring 2766 - Skyloth has decided it's high time he started Chasing. He chases a recently graduated green, and a slightly older garnet. Of the two, the garnet finds him acceptable. He turns out to sire a two egg clutch, the Ringing of the Bells clutch. M'love wonders how Faranth could have let this happen.
  • Late Summer 2766 - The Bells hatch, revealing garnet Astralaeth and green Kibeth. M'love and Skyloth become involved in their training. She and the garnet rider, D'ark of Masreith, begin their uncomfortable dance of weyrmates.
  • Early Spring 2767 - The Conclave held at High Reaches puts D'ark and M'love on edge. M'love takes a nasty tumble down some stairs, and D'ark decides it's high time he started protecting his weyrmate some more. He moves into her weyr.
  • Late Spring 2767 - Terminath's second clutch holds little of note for D'ark and M'love, except that she manages to surprise and please D'ark with her sartorial choice.
  • Late Summer 2767 - Masreith takes to the sky again, and M'love monopolizes D'ark's time while their dragons take to the air. Afterwards, she develops what she things might be morning sickness.
  • Early Fall 2767 - The worst Fall yet, M'love catches a tangle of Thread on the left side of her face. She loses all hearing in her left ear, and tries to break things off with her weyrmate while she's in the infirmary. Now that he's fighting for their relationship, too, nothing of the sort happens.
  • Late Fall 2767 - M'love's suspicions are validated when the healers confirm her pregnancy, and just as quickly dashed when a chance infection threatens her life enough to send her to the actual Healer's Hall.
  • Early Winter 2767 - Between the raging infection that tries to claim her and the aggressive medicines M'love is subjected to in a bid to save her life, M'love loses the baby. She's going through too much to properly mourn the lost opportunity, just as she is barely coherent enough for much of the season to miss her weyrmate.
  • Late Spring 2768 - It took too long, but M'love is finally released from her special posting at the Healer's Hall as being healthy enough to return to the weyr. She's lost a lot of weight, and is a little unsteady on her feet, but well on the road to making a full recovery. The score that started it all is still vivid and ugly, but no longer in danger of becoming infected.
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NAME: Skyloth
BIRTHDATE Early Summer 2764
AGE: four Turns as of Early Summer 2768

[spoiler=Ringing of the Bells]
Early Summer 2766
Dam: Garnet Masreith (D'ark)
Walker of the Ways - Green Kibeth
Sorrow's Passing - Garnet Astralaeth

LENGTH: thirty-eight feet
HEIGHT: nine feet and six inches
WINGSPAN: fifty-seven feet
HEX CODE: #559499
A long, lean, and theatrical dragon if there ever was one. Skyloth is dainty, but not delicate. He's all lean muscle and flexibility, with a fondness for standing with all his legs in one straight line, one right after another, and posing dramatically. His face is pointed and his tail is thin, and his wings are large but narrow. He is a soft, stormy-gray-blue all over, his spines a lighter blue - though still very pale and faded. His wings are glorious, bright checker patterns across the sails with the color fading from incredibly bold to a deep navy, with very faint ripples in color across his sails.

Skyloth is... dramatic. The world is a stage and he is definitely the star, right? That's how the world works? He's pretty sure that's how it works. He'll pose dramatically, wait for people to properly shower him with praise, and get upset when he doesn't feel like he is the center of attention. On the other hand, he's incredibly clever and can be very level-headed and even in stressful situations. When he buckles down and stops pretending that the world revolves around him, then he is a much more focused and effective dragon. He may be over the top and more than a little flamboyant, but when things really dig in, he's fairly reliable.

To his human, Skyloth retains that dramatic nature. He's over the top and there's no real way to make him stop unless his human gets mad. He's supportive at least, but he needs to be taught that he is not the star of the show, and he can't keep pretending he is. He's pretty close to Usurth, but Hyliath is not worth his time. He picks his friends carefully, and he enjoys spending time just being a dragon. Work is gross, but he'll do it with minimal complaints.

Voice: Skyloth's voice is on the deeper end of masculine, and very charming. He loves flowery language.
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Marigold, why do you have to destroy everything?


NAME: Marigold
BIRTHDATE Early Summer 2768
AGE: newborn as of Early Summer 2768

SIZE: Huge
COLOR: gold
FULL APPEARANCE: Marigold will be slow to reach her full growth, but that's hard to tell because she is big. Large. She's an oversized bit of shine, more on the orange side of the gold spectrum. Her markings come in black curls spread across her neck, the tips of her wings, and her tailforks.

PERSONALITY: Marigold doesn't necessarily need to be the center of attention, but she demands to be given her proper respect. If she feels like she has been slighted, she turns destructive. If she feels like her person has been slighted, she gets haughty and vengeful. When given her due, though, Marigold like an indolent feline. She likes to lounge and be pampered, as willing to be shoulder candy as she is to be admired.
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