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Jasph of blue Yorth

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Jasph of blue Yorth



RETIRE INFO: Retire Jasph, Adopt Yorth ;__;
NAME: Jaspherian / Jasph
PRONOUNS: he/him/his
ORIENTATION: Yes? Maybe? He'll be hiding over here... Probably pan.

BIRTHDATE: Summer, 2747
AGE: 18 as of 2765
LOCATION: High Reaches

EYES: Light Blue
HAIR: Black; short, if a bit shaggy on top, thick, sometimes spiky.
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'7", lanky.
PLAY-BY: aerak of never understand
FULL APPEARANCE: Jaspherian is delicate. There is no other way to describe him. His features are delicate, and his body is lean, almost waifish in appearance.

His face is soft angles. Upturned nose, lean cheeks and a carefully rounded, nearly pointed, chin. A cutting jaw line, and slicing dark eye brows. Wide, bright blue eyes, even if their color is not bold it is also not washed out. His ears are tall, sticking out of his dark hair at angles rather than round shells.

Narrow, bony hips. Slender limbs. Shoulders that are almost too wide for the rest of his body. The collar bones hollow and the shoulder blade sharp. His fingers are long and tapered. His toes long on long, narrow feet. Knees and elbows knobby, stomach flat, and flanks almost concave.

He looks as if a stiff wind would blow him right over. And it just might. He struggles with lifting heavy things, energy flagging half way through his chores. Breath often rasping. Skin flush with exertion or too much sun. He needs more of it, being a bit pale and wan, but the heat exhausts him and he is prone to burning.

PERSONALITY: Jaspherian is a nervous sort. He startles easy and does not enter dark rooms without first acquiring a glow basket. He prefers to keep strangers at a distance. Even non strangers. He often appears to be in varying stages of panic. Eyes a little wild and searching for escape.

He is very good at running away. He can even run away without actually running. A master at dodging questions and friendly gestures. Jaspherian often suffers from sudden remembrances. Places he has to be where you are not. Right. That. Moment.

He is shy. But it's not a painful shyness, at least not for him. Beneath his reticence is a sort of belligerence. As if he is daring you to take issue with his shyness. To call him out for blushing, or stuttering or running away. To find fault with him being him. To ask more from him than he is willing or able to give. Be it socially or physically.

Anderian - mother
Jaspher - father
BIRTHPLACE: Cothold near Tillek
HISTORY: Jaspherian is an only and much fussed over child. Sheltered and coddled and groomed. He was a sickly infant and slow to grow child. Never having as much energy or agility as other children his age. He was often listless and left following behind, or behind all together. Sitting, watching, resenting. So his parents strove to make up for his lack of friends and lack of ability.

It didn't do much to help him, when it came to the real world outside of their cothold.

He knew his stories and letters and numbers as he was taught by the Harper. But he never excelled, and rarely even tried, since his parents did not expect him to. Whatever he did not do, they would do for him. So he saw no point in trying to do more than the bare minimum.

Except in the kitchen. It was the only place Jaspherian was willing to put some work in. He enjoyed baking, especially. Though of course he hated the clean up afterward. His mother encouraged the interest, preferring that he be safe inside rather than outside where he was more likely to be hurt. Sun burned or stepped on or caught in Fall. He was and would be her only child and the urge to protect him was fierce. (And smothering)

Still. His future looked bleak. He might be able to find his place in a Hold's kitchen. The idea was frightening, however. Hold kitchen were busy and often crowded. Why could he not simply continue to cook in his mother's kitchen? His father pushed though, sending him up to the big Hold to practice beneath the real cooks there. He could not live at home forever and would need prospects.

It was after Threadfall that Jaspherian found a dragon breathing on him. He'd been caught at Tillek when the fall started, and recruited to ground duty. At which, he was terrible. The tanks were heavy, and his arm always wavered, making his flame unsteady. He had scorched and been scorched by himself and Thread char alike. Dirty, sweating and exhausted he did not know what to do - other than squeak - when the dragon settled near him and breathed smoky breath in his face.

Searched. Or something like that, the rider said to the quivering Jaspherian, who could only squeak some more. And cry, when he had to pack his things up and leave his mother's kitchen behind.

The Weyr was big and different and scary. Even a Turn later, which some Candidate training behind him, and delegated mostly to kitchen chores, Jas is still unsure of his place at High Reaches.

  • Late Winter, 2764: Jaspherian's mother sends him a firelizard egg since he failed to Impress at any hatching. In it is a unique firelizard he names Autumn Tuki.
  • Late Winter, 2765: Jasph Impresses to Blue Yorth, from the The Acta Est Fabula Clutch, sired on Gold Terminath by Bronze Damocleth.
  • Fall, 6768: Yorth and Suventh collide in mid-air, with neither certain whose fault it was. Suventh accidentally catches the trailing edge of Yorth's wing with her claws, cutting it quite badly (Moderate).

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NAME: Yorth
BIRTHDATE Late winter, 2765
AGE: 0 as of 2765

LENGTH: 35ft
HEIGHT: 8.75ft
WINGSPAN: 52.5ft
Zath's twin, Yorth is built pretty similarly. Except he runs like an absolute doof. Puts too much motion into it, and his movements always seem over-exaggerated, as if he is bothered that someone won't understand that he's talking if he doesn't wave one of his paws theatrically around. He does this while flying too. It is very important. He also likes to put one paw up by his headknob like he is talking into an earpiece whenever he speaks to Zath specifically. He is a very notable break of blues, with his entire underside being a pale, steely blue, and his topside being a deeper navy color. The edges are all lined with cracks of a lightning blue.

Whereas Zath is fairly reserved, Yorth is doofy. His train of thought tends to jump all over the place, and he has some strange theories about anything, but he is a very competent and clear-thinker even though he will probably say something that has no relevance to the conversation at hand. He is efficient in his own way. He is a smart investigator, and when he puts his mind to something he is incredibly persistent. He is just off. And odd. And doofy. He has no problem talking gruesome details. He cherishes his twin's opinion, frequently asking 'What do you think, Zath?' when he needs to see things from another angle.

To his rider, Yorth is... still kinda doofy. He means very well, but he can be annoying and his constant thought-jumping can be exhausting. He needs someone to even him out, and help him wind down when he goes too hard. He has a big heart, and he is incredibly resilient. Manipulation is wasted on him, he's either too weird or too stubborn to fall for it. He's a good dragon, he really is. He doesn't like fog, it makes him grumpy, and sometimes at night he mistakes whers for giant dogs and nothing scares him more than giant dogs.

Voice: Yorth sounds almost exactly like his twin, but he is much more chatty. He pauses at random times in sentences.

Why me?
: Well, either Yorth will follow along with Jaspherian's expert dodging skills, or keep him in one place because he must see all the things. Good luck!

Whistle Theme Egg

Hatching Post

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Tuki Hat


NAME: Tuki Hat (hat or tuki work fine as well)
BIRTHDATE Late Winter, 2764
AGE: 1 as of 2765

COLOR: Unique: Autumn
HEX CODE: #E86701
FULL APPEARANCE: Tuki the Hat is what Jaspherian has named, an Autumn (he thought his mother would like it). She looks like fall trees. Her colors are peppy. Oranges and yellows of various shades. Her feet and tail are an especially chipper yellow color. And there are certain points on her body that are very deep orange. But all across her body is a delicate pattern that looks just like the leaves of a tree. As if she rolled in paint covered leaves. Their veins etched into her hide in yellows and oranges. The points of their leaves making bold lines on her body.

She is about the size of a large green or small blue.

PERSONALITY: Tuki thinks she is a hat. She likes to drape herself across Jas's head. Her wings are often earmuffs, and his nose a chin rest. She is not too sure about Jaspherian. He is always knocking her askew by turning suddenly, or bolting. He also walks way too fast. And huffs and sweats too much. But he does keep her fed, so she can't say he's all bad. Sometimes he hugs her too tight at night. But she does like hugs. She is a rather friendly little creature. Making churring noises and just about everyone. Before Jas runs away.
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