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Jacek of Garnet Rinisath

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Jacek of Garnet Rinisath

Jacek of Garnet Rinisath
"OOOOOOOHHH~ Bitch, I'm fab-u-lous~!"
Michaela Says (Michaela Going Crazy 1)

TW: Homophobia


NAME: Jacek
PRONOUNS: Masculine

BIRTHDATE: Summer 2747
AGE: 23 as of Late Spring 2771
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
WING: Moonshot Wing

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blond
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'2" and Slightly Muscular
PLAY-BY: Baldr/Baldo (Tales of The Rays)
Jacek is slightly muscular, with long dark blond hair. He will often have his hair in a long ponytail, no matter the occasion. He will often wear less form-fitting clothes, preferring the feel of baggier clothes as they let him feel more free. He is fond of bright colors as well, and enjoys accessorizing both himself and his dragon.

To say Jacek is a protective older brother, that would be an understatement. He is incredibly protective of those he cares for, especially Edsel and Rinisath. He will even sleep outside in Rinisath's weyr if there is a thunderstorm, as a way to comfort the garnet dragon. If anyone insults Rinisath or Edsel, he will not hesitate to punch their lights out. He will do anything to ensure they're happy, even at risk for himself and his own personal health and happiness.

Jacek usually appears very cheerful. He will often have a smile on his face and will often playfully tease his friends over the littlest things. He lacks the social awareness that he is making people awkward with how cheerful and friendly he can be at times.

He is also vain. He greatly enjoys dressing up himself and Rinisath. In fact, he cares so much about how he looks that he will often go to traveling markets and spend a lot of money on items for the two of them. He just loves making his dragon feel pretty and he loves to feel just as pretty as his adorable little garnet. Even as a child, Edsel would refer to him as being proud as a wherrie.

He prefers to live in the moment, rather than plan for the long term. Because of this, he is very laid back and calm.

Edsel (little brother)
Jacek didn't honestly care much for his childhood. He was born during the Invernal War, but as his hold had not been involved, he only knows stories and songs from the harpers who sang it. He lived a decent young childhood, even if he didn't agree with his father about a lot of things. His father was very adamant about his opinions, including his homophobia. Even as a child, Jacek would argue with him about those views.

When Jacek was five, his younger brother, Edsel was born. He adored his little brother and would often recount the stories and songs the harpers had sang to the children of the weyr. He shared a close bond with his little brother, willing to defend him against anyone.

Jacek really hated the box his father wanted to put him in. He wanted both Edsel and Jacek to be traditional, strong holdmen. They had to marry the right women and had a lot of kids. Something about that just annoyed Jacek a good amount. However, when he was fifteen, he found a way out. A searchrider had come to the hold and decided he would be a good fit to become a candidate. His father was thrilled to the moon about him potentially becoming a dragonrider, so Jacek was able to use that was a means to get out of the life his father wanted him to have.

However, he didn't know how much it would affect Edsel when he left.

In 2762, Jacek arrived in High Reaches Weyr. He lived a pretty average candidate life, mostly focusing on studying so he could become a dragonrider and be exempt from his father's views. However, after two turns, he transferred to Fort Weyr for a hatching and would find himself impressing to an adorable garnet dragon. As soon as she put her claws on his knees and looked up at him, he knew she was the one. He adored Rinisath and wanted to make her smile, even helping soothe her fears when Benden riders attacked Serapheth later that turn.

Jacek didn't like that he couldn't do anything to help rescue them. Rinisath was still very young and he wanted to keep her safe. However, during this time, he began to think of Edsel. He missed him and decided to transfer to back to High Reaches, during the turn 2767.

He had arrived shortly after an anti-gold greenrider, known as Anaiya, was elected as weyrleader. He was a bit taken aback by this, as he had not been around when the council was handled. However, he understood why people preferred it this way. This was also along the time he realized he preferred men. He was admittedly a bit annoyed at it, mostly as he felt that his father would hate him and make Edsel hate him. However, he just decided to keep it a secret from his father.

Jacek worked hard for the weyr, becoming a searchrider in hopes of traveling to his old home and bringing Edsel to Fort. However, it would take three years before he could do this. During this time, some mysterious eggs, ready to hatch, appeared on the sands. From what he understood, they had been born in Fort and been stolen. He felt sorrow for the weyr he had met Rinisath, and some anger towards High Reaches. If it had not been for the council elections and the fact this was the weyr he first came to, he likely would have left High Reaches.

When Aldoeith was born, Jacek had a smile on his face. He approved of the gold hatching, as this meant a lot of good for High Reaches, even if others did not agree. Along with this, Aldoeith did not appear as hostile as Serapheth from his experience.

One day, shortly after Aldoeith had hatched, he finally got a chance to travel to his old home as a searchrider. He sought his brother out and was so happy to see how much he had grown. Rinisath seemed to adore him as much as Jacek did. He knew Edsel was nervous, but he was happy when his brother accepted his invitation to become a candidate at High Reaches.
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Garnet Rinisath


NAME: Rinisath
BIRTHDATE Early Fall 2764
AGE: Three as of Early Fall 2767


LENGTH: 33ft
COLOR: Garnet
FULL APPEARANCE: A peppy little garnet, with emphasis on little! Rinisath is on the smaller side with a very petite frame. She looks like she had just will never lose her baby fat, a certain cuteness that will stay with her forever. She is a pale, bubblegum pink all over. Her face has elaborate pink markings, in a very light rose and a darker more flowery pink, like she has some elaborate jewelry over her headknobs and eye ridges. Her legs are also covered in various pinks, looking like gloves and boots. Her wing joints have a light pink circle across them, with darker, salmon-y pink ribbons that curl over the sails in elegant, graceful swirls.

PERSONALITY: Rinisath is a very upbeat little garnet. She is incredibly social and friendly, and loves reaching out to other people to make friends. She can be shy when she first comes into a new situation, but she warms up to people very quickly. She's a little bit vain, often looking up to all the female dragons she knows to admire their beauty and trying to find ways to look more pretty herself, such as accents to her straps or pretty things in her weyr. She is very particular about making sure she is well kept, and she has a deep adoration for other garnets, because reds and pinks are her very favorite colors and always will be! Somewhat of a romantic, she dreams of having the perfect Weyrmate and will often bug her rider with silly daydreams about finding a Weyrmate of their own.

She is somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to work, wanting to produce the best she can. She thrives on compliments and encouragement, and always strives to give her all to her rider and the Weyr at large. To her rider, she is very loving; she occasionally needs encouragement when she feels down, but she is very positive for the most part. She bickers in a friendly, loving manner with Usakinth quite often, but is very close with her sister. She loves to spend time outdoors watching the wild life, but is terrified of the thunder and lightning that come with big storms, instead cowering in her weyr until it passes.

Voice: Rinisath has a soft, little voice like that of a child, with occasional bouts of excited loudness.
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