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Weiss of Garnet Glyphith

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Weiss of Garnet Glyphith

Weiss of Garnet Glyphith
"Just remember to keep proper form." - Weiss Schnee (RWBY)


NAME: Weiss
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: Feminine Pronouns
ORIENTATION: Demiromantic Bisexual

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2751
AGE: 19 as of Early Spring 2770
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Dragonrider
WING: Moonshot Wing

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blond
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 4'11" and Lithe
PLAY-BY: Weiss Schnee (RWBY)
FULL APPEARANCE: Weiss is a petite figure, with pale skin and blue eyes. She has long blond hair she usually keeps in a braid that goes down to past her waist, but she will occasionally wear it without braiding her hair. She wears a small silver clip on the back of her head to keep her hair in place and has two earrings of a red stone. Her main outfit contains a dark blue coat that covers her shoulders and arms and a silver dress that goes to her knees. On her waist, she has a couple of light grey belts and small purses that contain supplies for emergencies. She also wears grey boots that go to her knees. On her left eye, there is a scar that goes from her eyebrow to mid cheek from an injury that occurred before joining the Weyr.

PERSONALITY: At first, Weiss is very cold and strict to other people. This usually causes friction between her and other people due to her appearance of dislike. Along with this, she can be seen as arrogant due to her intellect and the confidence she has in her skills. This causes her to be distant from most people as a result. However, once people get to know her and spend time, they find out she holds a great deal of trust and, while she sounds mean when she criticizes someone, she meant it in a way to encourage them to improve. She is also dedicated to improving herself, as she knows she isn't perfect and while she can't be perfect, she can still always improve and help people.

Father: Jacques
Mother: Cotteti
Older Sister: Wint
Younger Brother: Whitley
HISTORY: TW: Violence
Weiss was born the middle child of a smith and his wife. Her father had wanted to create a legacy of smithers in the family and was ruthless in his training to become a master. He expected his children to be perfect and to follow his standards. For a good portion of Weiss's life, that was how it was and how she felt it would be.

At least.. until Wint had been searched. She had grown tired of her father's attitude and how he treated the members of her family. When she left to join the Telgar Weyr, her parents had a huge fight and it was revealed to Weiss and Whitley that Jacques had only married Cotteti to start a family legacy of smithing, not because he loved her. This caused a rift between her parents.. and with Weiss and Whitley.

Meanwhile, Wint sent her family letters about her training in the Weyr. While her father ignored the letters, Weiss grew fascinated about the Weyr her sister told her about and wanted to join her sister. When she turned fifteen, Winter had sent her a personal letter saying that she would be a perfect fit to become a candidate and that she would love if she moved to the Weyr. As a searcher had noticed Weiss and wanted her to become a candidate too (much to her father's displeasure), she decided to leave to the Weyr.

Her and her father had a nasty fight that night that ultimately led to Weiss leaving to join the Telgar Weyr.

She had a new motivation, after all. She worked hard to become a candidate and with each hatching, she waited to see if she had impressed a dragon. However.. there was no such luck.

For two years, she had come to the hatchings and left without a dragon.. It made her feel like she'd never be able to impress. That was until Glyphith's hatching took place.

Everyone had seemed surprise to see the garnet hatch and came to approach Weiss. As Glyphith spoke, it reminded Weiss a lot of her older sister and she broke down crying.

Not from sadness, but happiness.

Since then, the two have never once separated and Weiss feels pride as she works alongside her dragon and her older sister.

After they graduated, Weiss had told her sister she planned on going to High Reaches. While Wint was surprised, she encouraged her sister to go there. Weiss knew how dragonriders were viewed in the past for High Reaches Weyr, but she did not let it bother her.

After all, that was the past, and the past wasn't going to hold her back.
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Garnet Glyphith


NAME: Garnet Glyphith
BIRTHDATE Early Winter 2767
AGE: 2 as of Early Spring 2770


LENGTH: 35ft
HEIGHT: 8.75ft
WINGSPAN: 52.5ft
COLOR: Garnet
Glyphith is covered with a myriad of different shades of purple. They are sprinkled throughout her body and are akin to little specks of mica on her body. There are pale and dull purples as part of her main body and more pigmented colors are seen as the specks on her body. On her wings, she has collections of white specks that form two orb-like patterns.

Glyphith demands perfection! A diligent dragon, she follows the rules to the best of her abilities. She has a strong desire to show that she is a perfect example of a dragon despite her smaller height. She has great disdain for those who disobey rules and will often treat them harshly as a result.

To her rider, she is akin to an older sister. She cares deeply for them and encourages them to improve on their skills along with taking good care for themselves. While she expects them to follow the rules, they also want the other to just be the best person they can be.

Voice: Glyphith has a strong sounding voice that is often sharp-tongued.
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