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Kiokke of green Justicath

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Kiokke of green Justicath


Oh Ramona, if there was only some kind of future
And these cerulean skies
Something in our skies
Something in our blood
Something in our skies


NAME: Kiokke
GENDER: female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers
ORIENTATION: maybe? probably, even. just messy

BIRTHDATE: Late Spring 2739
AGE: thirty-two as of Early Spring 2771
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: rider, weyrling mentor
WING: Moonshot

EYES: black, dancing and sparkling
HAIR: black, sleek and silky
HEIGHT AND BUILD: six feet even, with curves from here to forever
PLAY-BY: Ashley Callingbull

Kiokke often looks the very picture of mischief itself. With her dancing black eyes that so rarely hold any sort of serious expression and her complete inability to remain still, Kiokke always has a sort of frenetic energy about her. She prefers to express this constant flow of energy with long, swishy skirts that sway as she walks, and long, flowy sleeves to better accentuate the graceful movements of her arms. In short, this greenrider dresses like a Lady, but moves like a dancer.

While some people move in such a way as to waste no movement, Kiokke will always choose grace and rhythm over economy and efficiency. Asking her to sit still is such an anathema to her very core that it's almost a dead giveaway that something is wrong. If she isn't fidgeting, she's probably injured or sick.


The first thing most people notice about Kiokke is that she is always moving. That's a good indicator of her vivacious personality. Cheerful and joyous, Kiokke takes pleasure in the small things sometimes. Successfully getting into one of her fancier dresses can be celebrated with a glass of wine, or some other small treat. How else to keep the momentum of success going, if she doesn't reward herself?

Kiokke likes to dance, and she likes to pull other people into the steps. Passing in the hall can turn into an impromptu twirl. The stereotype of greenriders is that they are flighty and cannot be tied down. Kiokke uses this stereotype as a shield, enjoying whatever passion happens to take her fancy. To back this up, she can have a very lewd sense of humor. Very little is sacred, and there is almost nothing so serious she cannot joke about it. This means that she loses some respect from the too-serious riders, but gains trust and rapport from many others.

FAMILY: Father - K'ron of bronze Bayoleth
Mother - Osilla of green Jaslyth
Foster Mother - Master Smith Siloi
bronzerider brother, K'lik Late Winter 2739 (Killik)
Brother Kip of green Amizuth, Late Summer 2745, Starfall, High Reaches (Kypheron)
daughter, Early Spring 2760
son, Late Fall 2765
daughter, Late Summer 2767
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: none currently, various past
BIRTHPLACE: Smithcrafthall

K'ron of bronze Bayoleth wanted a son, an heir to carry on his name and legacy. But when Osilla of green Jaslyth got pregnant, she refused to let him mold her child in any sort of image. In fact, she transferred to Telgar before giving birth, and sent her daughter off to a sister at the Smithcrafthall. About ten months later, Osilla gave birth to a second child, and this one she fostered at the hold.

Kiokke was far too much of a dancer to ever be happy with smithcrafting. She lacked the patience and precision to handle the tools of the trade, and her heart was never in that kind of work. So her foster mother never forced her to apprentice as a smith, and allowed her to pursue other passions. Kiokke never formally apprenticed as anything, but she picked up a wealth of knowledge of things like sewing, embroidery, dancing, singing, and teaching. But when she was searched at sixteen. her foster mother scoffed at the very notion. What did flighty Kiokke have to offer a weyr like Telgar?

Very little, as it turned out, and Kiokke went to Fort after a disastrous Gather led to a falling out with the Telgar candidate masters. Kiokke was banned from the Sand for a full Turn, until she gave birth to a daughter in the early spring of 2760. It was another long wait, until Kiokke stood for gold Keahith's first and only clutch. Things weren't looking good for Kiokke until after Keahith's bronze son savaged a candidate. While people were fussing over the blood, Starfall Reaper produced a large green. She delicately poked through the candidates until she came to Kiokke.

Thank Faranth you're here. There isn't a moment to lose, Kiokke, we have so much to accomplish.

Kiokke and Justicath initially joined Daylight Wing upon graduation, keeping themselves separate from Justicath's sister Romith, who had joined Aurora. They made it through many rough Falls, including the one that cost Fort so many pairs. The only Falls Kiokke had to sit out were the two that occurred while she was pregnant with her second child, a son that she delivered not long before Serapheth's Trailblazer clutch caused so much havoc. Kiokke was, in fact, in the infirmary for the aftermath of the carnage, and was one of the ones to witness Exiath's death.

Justicath's biggest offense in that whole debacle was that the poisoner was never brought to justice. It didn't seem to matter to her that people had died, even though Kiokke never looked at that clutch again the same way. Her trust in the might of metallic dragons was forever shaken.

One other Fall Kiokke and Justicath missed was the one that took place during the Early Fall of 2767. Kiokke was in the infirmary, delivering another daughter. High Reaches Weyr suffered horrific injuries in that Fall, including most of their midlevel wing. In the ensuing attempts to fill the leadership positions, Kiokke was asked to transfer. She agreed, because her wing was one of the most stable in the weyr, and went from the infirmary to being in charge of Moonshot Wing, with a garnet rider as her second. It's her first chance to spread her wings and take charge. Pity so much tragedy had to precede it.
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  • Early Spring 2768 - Her promotion was to be terribly short-lived. Kiokke came down with a fever in the spring, and passed it to her youngest not long after that. Kiokke's sevenday of rest turned into several months of caring for her child, and she gave up the position of wingleader to do so.
  • Early Summer 2768 - With her youngest healthy enough to begin weaning, Kiokke takes to the skies again as a fighting rider. She'd like to think she was gracious about giving up her rank to another green rider, but she's a little jealous, to be honest.
  • Early Fall 2768 - Her brief hiatus hasn't had a horibly degenerative effect on her fighting ability. Kiokke and Justicath are left uninjured in the Fall.
  • Spring 2769 - For the latest round of elections, Kiokke is surprised to see so many bronzeriders on the ballot. She doesn't bear the same ingrained distrust that so many in High Reaches have, and is not terribly unsettled to see the Council seat nearly all bronzes. It is unusual, though.
  • Late Summer 2769 - Once again, Kiokke and Justicath make it through the entire Fall without a single injury between them.
  • Spring 2770 - There aren't enough clutches gracing the Sands of High Reaches, but that doesn't mean it isn't a shock when a pair of eggs come out of nowhere. Relations with Kiokke's home weyr are strained, and she seriously considers whether or not she wants to continue to be affiliated with a weyr of egg thieves. There is a most compelling argument that former Weyrleader Schneizel orchestrated it, because his clutch from Telgar failed to produce a gold.
  • Late Spring 2770 - Their streak of good luck was to be short lived. Justicath suffers severe scores on both wings. They prevent her from making a controlled, safe landing, so garnet Coloth comes to her aid. The garnet pair manages to help Kiokke and Justicath land safely with no further injuries other than some very bad scrapes on Kiokke's right leg. Unfortunately, their helpers don't survive the ordeal, and Kiokke has to watch I'an and Coloth go between.
  • Fall 2770 - Ista donates a clutch to struggling High Reaches, including a gold egg that truly reveals a gold. Unlike many of her wingmates, it isn't the presence of a gold that unsettles Kiokke, but rather their reaction to her. It was uncomfortable enough when the hate and fear was theoretical, but even having lived with Serapheth and Nornth, Kiokke can't imagine someone's first reaction to a baby dragon being to kill them. The seeds are planted.
  • Early Spring 2771 - Seemingly in penance of the last time, Kiokke and Justicath make it through the next Fall without injuring either themselves or their wingmates. The damage is done, though, and Kiokke puts in for a stransfer to another weyr. She can't stay at High Reaches, with the guilt and the failures. She goes instead to Igen, where there can be a fresh start.
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Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.


NAME: Justicath
BIRTHDATE Summer 2762 (Cosmics)
AGE: eight as of Early Winter 2770




Length: thirty-three feet (33 ft)
Height: eight feet and three inches (8.25 ft)
Wingspan: fifty-two feet (52 ft)
Color: Green
Hex Code: #187620

Justicath is a massive green. She is a powerhouse of talent as well. On land, in the air, and swimming, she is a strong and fine green. Her senses are almost otherworldly, and she can sense the approach of people to a room, or dragons from Between. She is a pretty average green all over, her markings a bright, almost electric color. There are blocks around her eyes, like she is wearing extremely specialized jewelry, and she is rather proud of them. Her wings are speckled in faded blobs of color, from very bright to a more spring green, and her front toes fade into a bright green. Over her left hind leg is a swirl of smoke, giving her an added ethereal feel. Her wings are overly large, like a grand cape, and scarred from Thread.


Justicath is a dragon with her own rules and code of conduct and honor. A very strict code of honor. Everything has its place. Everything must go a certain way. It isn't traditionalism so much as a very rigid sense of right and wrong. Nothing is gray, it is only black and white. Justicath, however, does not follow orders if they go against her code of honor. She won't harm humans, and she won't harm dragons unless those dragons are doing something wrong, like harming humans. She will turn her back on her own siblings if her code says so, but she will not leave anyone behind.

With her rider, Justicath will try to hold them to her standards, but she will learn very quickly that she can't actually do that. She wants to see things their way, to see that yes, the world will not end if she does not ensure they stay with her code. She can also be extremely caring, and very kind. She likes to take care of her human, not quite maternal but very dutiful to their needs. She is not above pushing them to bed if they are ill. Romith, her sister, and her are always at odds, and she finds the other dragon too chaotic and too wild to be of any use.

Voice: Justicath's voice is always calm and serene, like a light harper's song.


Clutch: Cosmic Relay
Dam: Gold Keahith (Lanian)
Sire: Bronze Eoreanth (M'rnei)
Hatching Number: fourteen of twenty-one
Impression Number: fourteen of twenty-one
Details: Covered by the commotion of a mauling, Justicath picked Kiokke out of the remaining candidates. She made little fuss about Impressing.

Brilliant Shield
I approve.
A medium sized egg, this egg is bright and bold. It is a brilliant red, with the front displaying blocks of bright blue that almost seem to glow. Only a trick of the light, of course. This egg feels like honor, with a strict code to follow.
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