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Marketa of garnet Rozeth

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Marketa of garnet Rozeth



NAME: Marketa, or Keta for short
GENDER: female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers
ORIENTATION: Whoever Rozeth thinks she would look best next to?

BIRTHDATE: Fall, 2740
AGE: 27 as of 2767
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
WING: Moonshot

EYES: Brown, wide and thick lashed
HAIR: Brown, medium length, often brushed into soft waves or braided
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'8", middling all the things
PLAY-BY: Alicia Vikander
FULL APPEARANCE: Plain is a good choice of words for Keta. She is decidedly average in many ways. Little about her body to call attention to her. Her hair is a mousy sort of brown, and her eyes a woodsy sort. Complexion caught somewhere between olive and tan, neither one or the other. Features too bold to be cute, but lacking a certain something to be called beautiful. her face is long, nose blunt, and lips rather nice if you like a plump mouth. She never was very careful about her dress or upkeep. Often let her hair grow ragged, and was content to wear over mended hand-me-downs. Even when she joined the Weyr as a candidate and was allowed the choice of one new outfit, Keta did not pick anything overly nice. A sturdy set of pants and a blouse she thought would go well with anything. Usable. It is different now, of course. Keta dresses nicer and is no longer allowed to let her go the wind. Her clothes are always quality. They fit properly, and come in colors suited to her. Lots of creams and greens, with the right shades of blues and a few hints of red. Nothing garish, of course, or outrageous. And all helpfully picked out by Rozeth.

PERSONALITY: Marketa has always been a curious soul. Curious about people and places and things. But she has rarely followed the calling of her curiosity. The urge to know buried beneath the need to do. Best to remain ignorant and get her work done. Plus knowing never seemed to do anyone good, she noticed. Watching harpers and lordlings fret over things she could not imagine. Suffering from too much knowledge. A good steady worker, and a good steady friend. Keta always has a willing ear. Not likely to initiate conversation, but more than happy to help you carry one out. A little more bold now, with Rozeth living inside and beside her. With Rozeth she can talk about all the things she is curious about. Learn from her dragon's gossip. Understand that sometimes knowledge means more work. And sometimes that isn't a bad thing. Learning makes you more helpful, she is starting to see. But still she shies from it. She is a good wingrider now, why strive for more?

FAMILY: One mother, two fathers, and a couple siblings.
BIRTHPLACE: High Reaches Hold
HISTORY: A drudge girl, Marketa was born to a hold cook. Most of her child spent urging on spithounds, or turning them herself. Folding laundry and carrying baskets. Good useful things children are capable of. They lost her father to thread when Keta was ten, but her mother found a new husband. Another good man to make babies and raise them with. Keta was always grateful he treated her no different than the new squalling bundles he made with her mother. Even if he did make her attend lessons with the harper with much more vigor than her mother did. But he was also the one who advocated her going, when the search dragon came. She was little older than some of the others, and younger than one or two more. Her time would be shorted, for standing. And she was already apprenticed to a baker, betrothed to a nice smithboy. Eighteen and counting. But she could be more, he urged. So Marketa had gone. Hardly noticing during her second Turn as a candidate that her betrothal had been broken. How could he marry a girl never there? Marketa loved the Weyr, though, so she didn't cry but more than one night over it. It took years for her to Impress. Almost too old for other Weyrs, but High Reaches was still rebuilding so she had time. Extra time. Which she needed, or Rozeth needed, one or the other. It was sad, watching clutches and friends come and go. But she still loved the Weyr, filled her place in it. Helpful, useful. Free in a strange way. And then Rozeth came. Finally. Marketa had taken a chance, signed herself up for the candidate sharing program and took a chance with Fort's egg. She didn't really want to go to Fort, High Reaches was her home, but go she did, just in case. It was her last chance to try anyway. She would be too old for their Sands next Turn. Good thing she went, since her egg was there, shielding her dragon. Rozeth who was nothing at all like Keta. Rozeth who bullied and cajoled Marketa into dressing appropriately. Rozeth who always knew everything that was happening. Rozeth, a force to be reckoned with. Beautiful, beautiful Rozeth. It was amazing. Better and stranger than Keta had ever imagined. Harder too, weyrlinghood. But it was over in a flash. Knowledge drilled into their heads so they could survive. So Pern could survive. At least Rozeth made sure they looked good while doing it. And then their weyrlinghood was over, Keta asked to go back to High Reaches. Never having settled at Fort like she had there, even with Rozeth at her side.

  • Fall, 6768: Only a few minutes after the leading edge of the Fall reached High Reaches, Rozeth is hit from behind by an unnoticed clump of Thread. Her tail and haunches are scored (Major), but she's able to land safely.



NAME: Rozeth
BIRTHDATE Late Summer 2765
AGE: Two as of Early Spring 2767



LENGTH: 41ft
HEIGHT: 10.25ft
COLOR: Garnet
HEX CODE: #8947A4
FULL APPEARANCE: A garnet who looks like she was born of the night sky and a shooting star. She has a broad chest and strong legs and wings. It doesn't take much for her to bruise someone, and she likes it that way. She can stand against a charging wher and not topple. She is a deep purple all over, with parts of her wings a darker violet. Her markings are a light lavender, in swirls over her neck and strong block-like puzzle pieces over her sides, with mock-wings over her wingsails. Her front feet have streaks and dots of red on them, with red splashed over the very tips of her wings

PERSONALITY: Rozeth is sassy, prissy, and she takes nothing from no one. She holds her head high and has no problems talking shit about people around her. She is stubborn as a mule and only does what she likes to do, most of the time anyways. She isn't lazy, she just wants her world her way. She does not accept anyone talking about her people in a disparaging way. She doesn't have a problem talking back to pretty much everyone. Rozeth is also incredibly clever, picking out the best formations for threadfall or finding the best shortcut to win a race or deliver a letter. She should never be around small children, finding them annoying. To her rider, Rozeth is a friend who will sit and gossip about everyone and everything around her. Her human should always look their best, and she will raise some holy hell if they try to leave the weyr not looking like a presentable human being. Sure, she can't tie a ribbon, but she will try. Quite the fashionista she is, or tries to be. She has a good eye for aesthetics, which is weird. She doesn't think that anyone is better than her, and that includes, well, all of Pern.

Voice: Rozeth sounds like a prim and proper lady, using 'darling' a lot, even if it is pretty sarcastic.
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