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K'ora of Brown Tokugath

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K'ora of Brown Tokugath



"All the broken hearts in the world still beat
Let's not make it harder than it has to be
Ooooh, it's all the same thing
Girls chase boys chase girls"
-Ingrid Michaelson, Girls Chase Boys


NAME: K'ora; originally Kimora, enjoys being called Kim or Kimmy or Mora
GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNS: Feminine (she/her/hers)
ORIENTATION: Do I have to only like boys? What if I like girls too? Well, forsk you, I can like who I like.

BIRTHDATE: Late Summer 2740
AGE: 33 as of Late Spring 2773
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Assistant Weyrlingmaster, Wingrider
WING: Moonshot

EYES: Light Green
HAIR: Warm Brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5' 2" || plus-sized and proud as forsk
PLAY-BY: Melissa McCarthy
K'ora boasts nothing special in terms of her physical appearance; she makes up for that with her personality. 5' 2" in height is all K'ora was bestowed, but she never lets her relatively short stance stop her from achieving whatever she sets before herself. No matter how tall a person may be, they can always touch the clouds, should they try. K'ora is noticeably a round and plump sort of person, though firm muscle from Turns of riding have laced their way all over her body. K'ora isn't one to be underestimated simply by her appearance. K'ora has medium-toned brown hair, to fall in sleek waves to billow around her shoulders. Her eyes are a light green in color, like the newest buds of spring. When it comes to her wardrobe, K'ora prefers to make a statement. She loves bold colors and flowery designs, often pairing a loose shirt with these qualities with loose, breathable pants and sturdy, yet comfortable, shoes.

K'ora has a big attitude from the get-go. Sassy is her middle name, and she spares no expense, regardless of who she speaks to. This can get her into trouble at times, should someone she interacts with not care for her attitude - particularly with her superiors. But K'ora rarely cares what other people think of her. If they don't like her, that's their problem, and they just got no sense of humor. In possession of a colorful personality and an even more colorful vocabulary, K'ora is a bright and bold individual that lives to experience everything life has to offer. Something new and undiscovered and possibly dangerous? K'ora will be first in line to explore! Living by the phrase "it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission", she will stick her neck out for anyone in need of help, for she is a deeply compassionate and empathetic woman. K'ora is a person that can fill the room with her mere presence, simply by being such a loud and vibrant individual. Not only is she joyful, but she is very proud of herself. So what if she looks a bit different than other people? Friendly and welcoming to everyone she meets, it's hard to have a bad day when you meet K'ora.

Not only does K'ora have a big attitude, but she has a big mouth too. Gossip is one of her most glaring weaknesses; she can't help but share a juicy tidbit of gossip with her friends and comrades! There's little regard placed in just how this gossip might affect others, however. It's all fun times, right? Yet should gossip be floating about regarding K'ora herself...that's bad. Normally, K'ora wouldn't give a wherry's ass what other people think of her, but should rumors about her become the Weyr's hot topic, she can't deal. When she comes to discover she's been used in any way, shape, or form, K'ora can hold a serious grudge. There's nothing that makes her blood boil more than to be used or to watch others be used, particularly by those in power. Power should be used for the benefit of others, not to control or manipulate them. Should others abuse power they've been given, K'ora will pick a personal fight with them. K'ora has loudly declared herself a free spirit, and no-one will leash her to their will. There is no concept of personal space in this woman's mind. Absolutely none. Everyone's gotta love a big hug, right? Should people express discomfort or distress as a result of something K'ora did, she can become incredibly flustered and upset, desperate to fix whatever she did wrong.

K'ora is completely and utterly devoted to her life as a dragonrider, an Assistant Weyrlingmaster, and a mother. To be such a positive influence on developing young riders is her dream come true! Here, K'ora proves herself to be quite the motherly figure, quite patient and warm toward those in her charge. Unsurprisingly, she has the tendency to "adopt" wayward young souls that need a little extra guidance. Even the most troublesome pupils are tucked under her wing - perhaps they most of all. Yet K'ora isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Mistakes can be mended and lessons learned, but should her weyrlings misbehave, K'ora won't hesitate to properly teach them how young dragonriders should behave. It's hard to rouse her wrath, but its both quick to rear its head and equally quick to cool off. Kids mess up all the damn time, but it's her job to teach them and teach them right.

Family is perhaps the deepest part of what makes K'ora K'ora. Both her students and her daughters are her whole world. The usual sass directed toward her peers disappears when she interacts with her students, replaced by a warm, gentle teasing. K'ora, like any mama bear, will not tolerate anyone threatening harm to her cubs. When her kids - both her students and the children of her own body - are in danger, K'ora will dive to their rescue, willing to take any harm to them herself. Should a person(s) bring danger to her charges, K'ora will do whatever it takes to eliminate the threat before her, becoming singly focused on the danger; blind to all else around her, hitting it with everything she has. It is at this time that K'ora is at her most vicious state, sometimes drawing questions as to if this is the same K'ora everyone's known. She rarely thinks of the consequences her actions might bring, especially if she acts in defense or benefit of another, yet she will never hesitate to face the music. K'ora makes her bed, so she'll damn well lay in it. Never will she even consider trying to scrape blame onto others if she did wrong.

Kimmrel - common farmer - father - living
Olamora - housewife - mother - living
Siblings - several, all younger - all living - open ties!
Korine - Candidate - daughter - 16 - living - open tie!
Kimine (Kee-me-nay) - weyrbrat - daughter - 14 - living
BIRTHPLACE: River Bend, Minor Hold beholden to High Reaches Weyr
HISTORY: TW: bullying, minor depression
Kimora was born to humble beginnings, her parents a simple farmer and his dutiful wife. Kimora was the first of many children between them, followed by several siblings, all loved and doted on by eldest Kimora. Life was always busy on their small farm, and Kimora threw herself headfirst into both work and play. Exploring the regions near her home was a favorite pastime, along with tending to her young siblings. But some of the children of their neighbors weren't so kind. Kimora, even from a young age, had a love of food and a resulting problem with her weight. It became a source of ridicule for the other children to pick on, and Kimora wilted under their pointed fingers and cruel jeers. She felt hopeless and even ate less for some time. Then her family came to her aid. A teenaged Kimora soon realized that there was nothing wrong with being rounder or bigger than everyone else. In fact, she liked that about herself! She loved to be able to give big warm hugs and to wrap her arms around all her siblings at once. Kimora, age fourteen, embraced every bit of her big round self and stood up for herself, telling those kids where to stick it. They never bothered her again.

Kimora grew into a fine young woman, sticking close to her parents and siblings even as she approached adulthood. It was around this time that she, upon encouragement from her mother, began to experiment with relationships outside of her family: romantic ones. But every boy she went out with lacked that...spark that would catch her attention. Sure, she liked them well enough, but never in a long-term romantic manner. It was with girls that Kimora felt that connection, particularly the willowy Harper Apprentice next door. Kimora deeply enjoyed the company of the neighbor girl, but was never quite brave enough to say how she felt. In the end, the Apprentice Harper moved to Fort to pursue her career in Fort's Harperhall. Kimora was crushed, but moved on. Family was - and always will be - one of the most important aspects of her life. But something was missing. That something revealed itself to be adventure. Kimora, despite her deep ties to her family, wished to see the world and become something more. Opportunity quite literally knocked on her door in the form of a Searchrider from High Reaches. The green looked over all those of eligible age...and settled on Kimora! Delighted, the eighteen-Turn-old Kimora accepted the Search, packed her things, and said her goodbyes before departing for her new life as a Candidate.

Life in Candidacy proved to be exactly what Kimora had not expected. Golre had been reigning for many Turns now, and while there had been talk swirling about, Kimora never thought it could be true! Yet it was. Before her eyes, Candidates picked on each other and put each other down, where she assumed friendly camaraderie had once been the norm. Kimora was uncertain and frightened, to say the least, but she kept her head up and refused to succumb to the influences around her or to be harassed by her fellow Candidates. Kimora continued to Stand as normal, but did not Impress. Regardless of what those of High Reaches thought, Kimora remained open to all colors. Should a green or white wish to bond to her, Kimora would welcome them with arms open wide and tell everyone who looked down on them where to stick it. Kimora remained unattached by dragon or wher for many Turns, but she remained hopeful, even as the air of life under Golre grew ever more oppressive and dark. Then, joy! Golre had led one last ill-fated charge upon Fort and fell! No longer would they live in fearful desolation! Those of Fort arrived to pick up the shambles of Golre's reign, and Kimora was among the first to welcome them.

It was a mere two Turns after Golre's downfall that Kimora's life changed forever: she, at long last, Impressed. After witnessing the terrifying mauling of a fellow Candidate by a rather handsome brown, another one of the eggs cracked and split to reveal a second brown, big and rather dorky-looking...who proceeded to stroll lazily to Kimora. A masculine voice, full of enthusiasm, rang in her mind: Hey! Why are you looking so bothered? Tokugath here, stay here and we gotta make things right. You and me. Kimora embraced her brown close, letting the tears of joy fall freely to speckle his sandy hide. The long time of waiting all through Golre's reign of terror had been worth it; worth every struggle. Kimora shortened her name to K'ora and entered weyrling classes with her Tokugath with no small amount of pride. The lessons were well-learned and obstacle overcome and Tokugath grew to his adult size, and graduated into a fighting wing. At last, she was a dragonrider! Visits to her family were definitely frequent, when her duties allowed time away.

K'ora spent the next eleven Turns fighting Thread and making friends with those around her. Life with Tokugath was nothing but...what could she describe it as but perfection? The brown complimented her strong points, and she was always there to support him in his endeavors...and remind him that he didn't have to do everything all at once. Life was good. But what else did she do? K'ora brought two little bundles of joy into her world. The first of her two children was a daughter, born of flightlust, who K'ora named Korine. While she, as a rider, couldn't be as active of a mother as she wished, K'ora spent nearly every moment of her free time with little Korine all through her formative childhood Turns, trying to be as present as she possibly could for her daughter. K'ora and the sire of her daughter made a go of being weyrmates, but the two of them were simply fundamentally incompatible in some way. While K'ora and this rider ceased their relationship, they came together once more after a night of too much fun and bad decisions, as K'ora put it. It was at that time that her second daughter, Kimine, was conceived, and born nine months later. Just as she had with Korine, K'ora loved little Kimine dearly, spending all her available free time with her daughter.

Then her life changed yet again, and oh what a good change it was! The position of Assistant Weyrlingmaster needed to be filled, and Weyrlingmaster Camilla came to her! K'ora took a small amount of time to recover from her surprise and elation to consider the offer and the responsibilities in detail. Tokugath was delighted at the prospect, and K'ora couldn't deny her own excitement either. In the end, K'ora returned to Camilla with her answer: yes. K'ora would gladly step up to the role of Assistant Weyrlingmaster; to assist in the continued education and guidance of the coming generations of dragonriders.

  • Early Summer 2773: Green Oveceth rises and picks Tokugath of her chasers. A clutch of four eggs follows! [The Mischievous Students Clutch] K'ora is immensely proud of her brown. :D
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NAME: Tokugath
BIRTHDATE: Early Fall 2762
AGE: 11 as of Late Spring 2773

LENGTH: 47 ft.
HEIGHT: 11.75 ft.
WINGSPAN: 70.5 ft.
COLOR: Brown
HEX CODE: #A99559
A strong, well-built brown, Tokugath is a big dork. He is a sandy brown all over, with strong legs and powerful wings. While light on his feet, he is pretty slow in the air. His markings are a darker, almost chocolatey colored sort of brown. They trace around his legs like boots and gauntlets, and his entire left leg is colored as if he has a sleeve. His ridges are also a dark brown. On his back hips are gray-brown geometric shapes, like locking rings. He has bright, reddish-brown pops on his wings and right under his eyes on his cheeks, almost like he's blushing.

Tokugath is a bright, wide-eyed idealist. He is overflowing with love and confidence, and he will take on the burdens of others to the point of overworking himself with no hesitation. He's selfless, and believes that the world can be fixed through teamwork and affection. He is almost constantly a sunny dragon, and he and Tsumarith are quite close, even if Tsumarith doesn't really want to admit it in public. Tokugath loves to be around people, and loves to learn. He is pretty sure that he will always be able to handle the stress and strain of everyone around him.

To his rider, Tokugath will never want more than their support, but he's not gonna take any lies or manipulation. He doesn't quite understand that he needs to learn that it's okay to ask for help, and that he can't actually hold everyone's burdens on his own. He wants to do good, he genuinely wants to do good and protect everyone around him, but he can't always go on forever. He'll need help learning when to rest, and that it's okay to not be able to do everything at first. Everything takes time, and he'll learn that with a little help.

Voice: Tokugath has a bright, enthusiastic male voice. He is really prone to long speeches about how everyone should be friends.


The Mischievous Students Clutch
Early Summer 2773

Green Oveceth x Brown Tokugath

Blue Maoth
Moonstone Asberyth
Blue Almandith
Green Rhodoth
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