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Leon of Bronze Chopith

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Leon of Bronze Chopith

"For some, the darkness can be an abyss. For others, it can be a blessing."


RETIRE INFO: Character - Retire
NAME: Leon
PRONOUNS: Masculine
ORIENTATION: Homoromantic Pansexual

BIRTHDATE: Summer 2746
AGE: 21 as of 2767
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Dragonrider
WING: Firestorm Wing

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Blond
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'11" and Slim
PLAY-BY: Prince Leon of Nohr
FULL APPEARANCE: Despite the appearance of his armor, Leon has a very slim and petite physique. This is mostly from him spending time in the library. His skin is quite pale and his short blond hair is usually adorned with a headband on his head. He claims this keeps it in place. His skin is also quite smooth due to his skin regimen. When not wearing armor, he will be wearing a white tunic and black pants.

PERSONALITY: While an intelligent young man, Leon has several deep rooted anxieties when compared to his siblings. He refuses to admit this and will often have a cold exterior when speaking to others who are not his family. He secretly seeks attention from his older siblings, as to feel validated for his intelligence. However, it makes him force himself into standards he may not be able to fill. He has tendencies towards isolating himself from others, along with signs of mental illness, often neglecting himself while studying and reading of different techniques to prove he is more fitting than the rest of the dragonriders. The only one he seems comfortable admitting his flaws to is Chopith, who will often curl up around him if the other seems stressed. If he is around Xander, however, he will likely only sneer and speak sarcastically to the other, feeling nothing, but anger for him.

Garon of Bronze Garosk - Father
Xander of High Reaches Weyr - Older brother
Camilla of Blue Kamuith - Older sister
Elise - Younger sister
Corrin - Younger adopted sibling
Engenix - long lost sibling
BIRTHPLACE: Struggling Hold
HISTORY: TW: Child abuse and mental illness
Leon was born the middle child out of his other siblings and the pressure seemed to make him feel the weight at an early age. His brother always had to be perfect and Leon felt that.. if he wasn't perfect, he would be rejected by their father.

That was when Leon started to work on his academic skills. He would lock himself up in his room and even neglect his body to make sure he could be just as perfect as Xander.

When Camilla left, Leon felt the pressure swell to even higher levels. He began to isolate himself more and more from his siblings as he tried to become perfect for his family.

He hated it.

He hated his sister for abandoning him, Elise and Corrin.

What made it worse.. was him hating Xander for pushing her to leave. Did he only care about her? This caused a lot of mental stress to the other and made him feel only hatred from what had once been love for his older brother.

The next seven years made Leon feel more and more angry. Xander seemed distracted, always looking for a searchrider for.. something.

Did Xander really hate him so much that he wanted to leave? It wasn't his fault he was a freak, was it..?

These negative feelings kept forming, mostly as he seemed to stay stagnant while his siblings went on with their lives. The perfection he felt he had to maintain was cracking..

and it scared him.

However, he would never mention it to the other.

One day, he was taken to a hatching, something all candidates had to do. This took about three weeks after he came to the Weyr since his brother had pulled some strings so he could come as a candidate and not as a lord holder's son.

However, Leon doubt he would get a dragon. He had hurt his mind so many times and pushed himself to mental anguish that he did not expect for any sort of hatchling to accept him and choose to be his.

However, he did not expect for a hatchling like Chopith to come around. The dragon quickly grew attached to him, nudging at his side as if to tell him 'it's okay'. 'You're allowed to be in pain, but I want to help you'. No one else seemed to hear the dragon, so Leon realized it was telepathy.

Because of this, him and Chopith are closer than he is with any of his other siblings.

It did not even seem to matter to him that his brother was Weyrleader. If anything, it just drove him to wanting to be as good as he is. However, he did find some comfort in learning about Camilla becoming a Weyrlingmaster. He knew she was great with younger people and he was happy to watch her take on this job.
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NAME: Chopith (show-pith)
BIRTHDATE Late Winter 2765
AGE: nineteen months as of Summer 2767

LENGTH: 53 feet
HEIGHT: 13 feet
WINGSPAN: 79 feet
COLOR: bronze
HEX CODE: #787c58

A stunning bronze, Chopith is a perfect example of his color, at least in appearance. He is tall and sturdy, but he is fairly sickly. He is prone to catching illnesses, and his immune system is weak. He fights like the best of them, but he must be very careful in storms and cold weather. If there is a bug going around, he will probably catch it. He has a firestone allergy, and cannot digest it to produce flame. He is still a strong dragon, graceful and elegant. He is a strong, faded bronze all over, with his wingsails fading to a darker, more classical bronze color. He has pale, almost white-bronze swirls and markings down his sides, like someone composed music on him, culminating in a heart on his hips.

Chopith is... distant. There is something about him that seems disconnected from the world around him. He feels like he is constantly drifting, and that maybe he does not belong. He outwardly presents himself as noble, as pure and clear of mind and heart, but he does not believe his own words. He feels like a stranger on Pern, though he does not know what else he is supposed to be other than a dragon. That said, he has a very kind heart, and will stop to help pretty much anyone who asks him. His inability to chew firestone frequently leads him to believe he is weak and that he has no purpose.

To his rider, Chopith is a brother. He will protect them, fight for them, and he genuinely loves and cares for them. He wants the best for them, to show them the good in the world. Even if he doesn't see that the world is the place for him, he does want the best for it. He loves music. There is rarely a greater love than that, and he will sit listening to harpers for hours if he is allowed. Despite his doubts, Chopith is very ready to bring peace to the world. He will fight until he cannot anymore. He is very close to Cresceth, and though he will not admit it, he and Zalth understand one another in the worst ways.

Voice: Chopith's voice is deep and smooth, charming even, but there is a power in his voice, like a coming storm.
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NAME: Crescento
AGE: Newborn as of 2768

FULL APPEARANCE: Crescento has a bright blue body with darker blue stripes on their tail, legs and neck. They also have a stripe of dark blue on their face and two on their wings.

PERSONALITY: Crescento has a distinct interest in climbing into Leon's hair and pulling out his hairband. He is a very curious firelizard and enjoys running around and chasing anything he can find. This is seen sometimes as an annoyance to Chopith and Leon.
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