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M'cay of blue Hatorth

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M'cay of blue Hatorth

M ' C A Y
Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice.
Pull down your pants and slide on the ice.
--Major Sidney Freedman, M*A*S*H*


RETIRE INFO: retire psychology grandson, adopt Hatchworth
NAME: M'cay (Mulcahey)
GENDER: male, but kind of fluid. Not really fixed in one place, but doesn't go far, either
PRONOUNS: he/him/his, they/them/their
ORIENTATION: demiromantic pansexual, but painfully awkward about it

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2737
AGE: thirty-three as of Winter 2770
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: rider, mind healer, heart healer, designated big brother guy, kisser of boo-boos, untangler of conundrums
WING: Healer's Wing

EYES: blue
HAIR: dark brown, curly in the 'boy-next-door' way
HEIGHT AND BUILD: six feet and three inches, built like someone was using a lean blueprint and forgot to eliminate the softness
PLAY-BY: John Francis Daley
tw child abuse mention
M'cay looks like a younger brother who accidentally grew up attractive. He's got dark blue eyes and dark curly hair. Sometimes he tries to grow a beard in order to look older, but he never gets far enough to decide whether or not he really looks good with one. The problem is that in addition to cherubic cheeks and plush lips, M'cay is blessed with the most adorable dimples known to mankind. They give him an unintentionally darling look, but they also ruin his attempts at growing a beard. Someone always comments how he shouldn't cover those dimples, and he gives way.

Posture is self-respect, or so was beaten into him at a young age. M'cay carries himself very properly. His posture is good, and he dresses well, just a little bit above his station. Not flashy - all of his clothes are well cared for, but worn. He doesn't indulge in new clothes often, and when in doubt, M'cay trends towards soft, dark colors. They're non-threatening, which is good for his state of mind. In all things material, actually, M'cay prefers softer over harder, and will actively seek materials that are comforting.

PERSONALITY: You know that quote about how when things go bad, look for the helpers? That's M'cay. He's highly empathic, and has a difficult time seeing people in pain or distress. Unlike some, though, who will completely shut down, M'cay is a helper. He specialized in mindhealing, first to help himself, and later to help others. He finds it satisfying to help others untangle deep seated problems and give names to unfamiliar feelings.

Being so involved in other people's lives doesn't always leave him a lot of time to devote to his own interests. At least, that's what he'll say if pressed. M'cay is not smooth or suave when it comes to interpersonal relationships of his own, and has a tendency to stammer and his words blank out when anyone shows interest in him. In his own words, he lacks self confidence and conviction of his own level of attractiveness. And unlike many issues he can identify, M'cay might never actually grow out of that.

That's okay, though. With a background like his, M'cay is very uncomfortable with the idea of having a significant other, or having children. He's had more positive role models since, but the fear - the very reasonable fear - remains.

FAMILY: His birth parents are abusive holders who were branded holdless for their crimes against not only him, but several other children entrusted to their care.
Foster mother -Zeara of bronze Zearask and garnet Zeask, and all the attendant siblings and foster siblings that entails
Uncle/foster father - R'gan of white Bluth
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: ...none? None. As is good and proper.
Child Abuse
Bad Parenting

Mulcahey was born the unfortunate second son to a pair of holders. Unfortunate because their first son died of fever while he was gestating, and his parents blamed him. They might have been good people, once, but Mulcahey never knew them as anything other than the bringers of terror. The couple used to look after several other children in addition to their own. After the death of their first son, even these other children were not safe. Things came to a head when the father savagely beat another holder's daughter for the simple crime of having a bad day. Both mother and father were put on trial, and subsequently branded Holdless. Mulcahey never saw them again.

He was temporarily given to a guard from Lemos, visiting Nabol on detail. Zeara was a mother many times over already, but Mulcahey latched onto her bronze with such fervor that the hold granted her full custody. She took him back to Lemos, and arranged for a mindhealer to come attend her newest foster. He would be sixteen before he stopped needing Zearask close by to feel safe, but he always slept better when Zearask was near as he fell asleep. A few months after turning sixteen, he was formally Searched, and refused to go to the weyr. He was making good progress with his study of mind healing by then. Zeara did not force him, but she let him know that if he went, he could always come back.

And he did go, eventually. Mulcahey went to the weyr with his father's estranged brother, a white rider who wanted to do right by his kin. He didn't go with much time to Impress - he was already twenty-two.

Mulcahey became M'cay when the first egg of the Fantasies clutch hatched. Hatch Fever revealed an eager blue who danced along the line of candidates until he reached Mulcahey.

M'cay! You made it, I'm so happy I didn't think you would be here already! Were you very bored waiting for me? Did you miss me? How could you miss me, you hadn't met me yet! Oh, this is going to be so exciting!

The Fantasie group had a trio of closely bonded siblings - Hatorth, brown Espinneth, and new color garnet Taibabrith. And in the tradition of good siblings, two would team up against the third. Alliances were made and broken as easily as they breathed, and M'cay forgot that Taibabrith's color was odd. She was the third of her color in the clutch, after all, and nothing normalizes oddness like going through weyrling lessons.

Everything sort of fell apart after Keramerth caught Serapheth. Well, no, things fell apart when Kallia was poisoned, Danse perished in Threadfall, and Tuckal took command. M'cay had watched Fort become less and less stable under Tuckal's leadership, and decided that he needed to transfer out. Before Tuckal became the second coming of Golre. He went to High Reaches, while Kats and Espinneth went to Semaca.
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  • Early Spring 2766 - M'cay is one of the noncombatants of the weyr when things come to blows between rebels and the leadership. He takes it upon himself to shelter the youth of the weyr, including his newest foster brother Luke.
  • Late Spring 2766 - Hatorth wins a green flight! Several blues answer green Wintrath's challenge, but only Hatorth is deemed worthy.
  • later 2766 - Hatorth makes a friend when he gets into a riddle contest with brown Kasshuth. M'cay and D'ia enjoy their dragons' antics while discussing a rumor. He later discovers that they had the same weyrling mentor.
  • Summer 2770 - What a nightmare. In addition to the usual mindhealing of a Pass, now there's theft to be considered. M'cay thinks that while Schneizel pf bronze Damocleth probably was uninvolved in the actual physical stealing of the eggs from Fort Weyr, he likely masterminded it.
  • Fall 2770 - A gold is born. High Reaches finally has some luck with getting a gold, though it's tempered by the flightless white who also hatched from the Nightwing clutch. He doesn't have much to do with Scryth's care, not being a physical healer, but he does become a mentor to Oscar of blue Currth, another Nightwing.
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NAME: Hatorth
BIRTHDATE Summer 2761 (Fantasie)
AGE: nine as of Winter 2770

LENGTH: thirty-three feet (33 ft)
HEIGHT: seven feet and three inches (7.25 ft)
WINGSPAN: forty-nine feet and six inches (49.5 ft)
COLOR: blue
HEX CODE: #07496c
FULL APPEARANCE: A blue on the smaller side, Hatorth is a short, stout little dragon. He is thickly built, like a good runnerbeast or a lean wher. His body is muscled and strong, even if he is shorter than he should be. He has a flat head with a rounded nose, not pointed. He looks almost rotund, the more pointed parts of how his body should be are instead rounded. He is a dark blue color, almost a midnight sort of shade. His markings go all along his underside, bright squares of blues marking out sections like he is a luminescent fish going all the way to his bright tail. He has light blue swirls on his nose, giving him the impression of having a mustache.

PERSONALITY: Hatorth is a profoundly good-natured dragon. He is very mellow, and quite calm. He does tend to get very excited about new things, however, and will have a hard time waiting his turn when it is time to try something new. Overall, he is very easygoing, and easy to get along with. He is very good at making friends, and has the knowledge to understand that not everyone will actually want to be friends with him. He does have occasional spurts of foolishness, his boundless optimism will probably get him into trouble some day.

To his rider, Hatorth extends his infinite good nature and cheer. Should he get in trouble, he will be sad for all of a minute, but understand that he did something wrong and learn from it quickly. He doesn't like being upset or sad, and likes to resolve problems as fast as he can. He does have a slightly more serious side, but it tends to be rare, and he shows it when doing work. He follows orders remarkably well, but would much rather be spending time exploring, or simply finding something more enjoyable than work to do. He will frequently team up with Taibabrith to tease and needle Espinneth.

VOICE: Hatorth's voice is somewhat flat, as if he is actually a kazoo given speech. He rarely raises his voice, and does not like to shout. He speaks weirdly, as if he puts the wrong emphasis on different syllables. He - in short - buzzes.


Clutch: The Every Bell Clutch (Fantasies)
Dam: Gold Imorith
Sire: Brown Kryzeth
Hatching Number: one of sixteen
Why: Psychology Grandson, meet Hatchworth!

Hatch Fever
On the smaller side, this egg isn't far from the center of the clutch. It is a soft brown color, with bright orange markings on the front in the shape of two eyebrows and a mustache. It has quite a comical and rather quirky air to it.
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