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Maple of Green Plesk

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Maple of Green Plesk

Maple of Green Plesk
"You must promise me that you will be loyal to your Weyr above all other things. What you want for yourself is nothing compared to the needs of your Weyr. Nothing, remember? Do you make that promise?" - Mapleshade, Crookedstar's Promise (edited for TPA)


NAME: Maple
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: Feminine
ORIENTATION: Demiromantic Bisexual

BIRTHDATE: Fall 2743
AGE: 27 as of Late Fall 2770
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Wherhandler
WING: Sunburst Squad

EYES: Brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'7" and slightly muscular
PLAY-BY: Leonie from Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Maple has short, somewhat choppy red hair that she will either keep around her shoulders or, in some cases, in a ponytail. She is a bit more muscular than the average of women her size. She will often wear neutral colors or browns in her outfits. Her brown eyes can be piercing when she looks at people.

Maple can be hot headed at times and rather selfish in personality. She feels entitled to certain things and when it comes crashing down, she can get angry and loud towards others. She also tends to find it easy to hate others based on what they do. She is not really a friendly person, often keeping to herself and flat-out ignoring others if they earn her scorn. Due to past events, it is very hard to become close with her. She will often lock people out soon after talking to them for the first time.

However, she also had a very loyal stance, even if she leaves her original weyr. She will still show loyalty to her former weyr and new weyr. She also believes whatever action the weyr takes is beneficial, regardless of what happens and the consequences. Because of this, she prefers transferring to a weyr that was allies with her previous weyr, thus why she decided to transfer to High Reaches Weyr when she left Ista Weyr. She is also incredibly loyal to her partners, going out of her way to make them happy. This, in turn, makes her world, metaphorically, crash around her when she is betrayed.

Despite that, she is a very loving mother. She cares greatly for her son and wants the best for him. She also has a strong maternal instinct towards children and rarely loses her temper around them. After all, they aren't the ones in trouble, at least to her.

Patch: Son
Maple had lived a pretty average life. She was born in Ista Weyr to a pair of wherhandlers. There was really nothing unique about her childhood that she can remember. She was taught to read and write at a young age by her parents, as they wanted her to be prepared as much as she could when she became a candidate. There was never really an option, at least to her parents, to not become a candidate, not that Maple had any opposition towards it.

She was fifteen when she met him. He was just a year older than her, but she fell in love instantly. She wanted to spend all of her time with him. There was no denying they shared a close bond, but he would often flirt with other candidates around their age. A lot of them believed he just wanted to get Maple jealous if he gave more attention to the others he flirted with. However, he did make a promise. He wanted to be weyrmates with her once they both graduated.

Oh, she adored that.

Around when she was nineteen, she was at a wher hatching and an egg was slid to her. Inside was a very aggressive young wher that would be later known as Plesk. Not only was she aggressive, she was incredibly loyal to Maple.

Upon graduation at twenty one, the two had become weyrmates. Maple was happy to be with him and, a year later, they ended up with their first child. He was a beautiful baby boy that Maple noted looked a lot like her. He was named Patch and the wherhandler felt happy.

Her life was perfect.

Too bad everything came crashing down.

Her weyrmate had swore he would remain loyal. However, he had become distant and, one day, while she was heading inside, she caught him and another woman in an unsavory position. She felt heartbroken and was enraged. After shouting at them (specifically her former weyrmate) and kicking them out, she sat alone while Patch, four years old at this point, tried to comfort her.

Plesk had wanted to chase after the man who hurt her handler's heart, but Maple stopped her. As angry as she was, she did not want harm to fall the man. However, she had decided to leave the weyr. Even if she had been loyal to Ista Weyr for a while, she did not want to stay at the same weyr as him.

As soon as she could, she transferred to High Reaches Weyr, a weyr that had been allies with her former weyr. Patch was excited to meet new friends, even though he still wanted to know where his father was. Why wasn't he there with them? After a while, he would learn that his father had hurt his mother very badly and that's why he wasn't with them anymore. Patch swore from then on to protect his mom.

When she had joined her new squad, she noticed another greenhandler, Viyan. Maple found herself close to the other, viewing her as a good friend while she still felt pain over what happened in Ista Weyr. After a couple of years of knowing her, Maple realized she was in love with her, the two becoming weyrmates shortly afterwards. She had arrived shortly after the disastrous Threadfall, where High Reaches Weyr was still recovering from many of their wings facing severe casualities. She was 24 at the time.

During this time, Anaiya was elected as Weyrleader. Maple wasn't too concerned with this, as she didn't really have any interest in politics. As a result, many green weyrlings from Telgar were abstained from firestone to help keep High Reaches's numbers up. She also didn't realize that two people were planning on trying to bring a gold clutch to High Reaches.

When two mysterious eggs appeared in the sands of High Reaches Weyr, she did not remark on it. There was no denying High Reaches needed more dragonriders. Who was she to ask where the eggs came from?

Along with this, she didn't care too much when the gold dragon, Aldoeith, was hatched. Golds were needed for a high population and for wings. Even if a lot of people from High Reaches didn't want the gold, Maple held her tongue.

Golds were as needed as greens.

  • July 28th, 2020: Plesk fought with Majimask and had her leg broken as a result. She is out of commission for two months as she recovers.
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Green Plesk


NAME: Plesk
AGE: 8 as of Late Fall 2770


LENGTH: 12.75ft
COLOR: Green
HEX CODE: #112B12
Plesk appears a bit heavier than most whers her size, but it's mostly due to the muscles she has accumulated over her years. Her deep green coat seems very fitting for hiding oneself in deep foliage to hunt, with lighter green markings that resemble leafage on her wings and body. Her wings are damaged, with rips and tears throughout them.

Feral is a good word that can be used to describe Plesk. She is very aggressive and she will not hesitate to attack and cause damage to those who get in her way. She finds the thrill of the hunt favorable than living in a weyr and will often go out hunting when she has the chance to. While she is bulky, she is quite fast and is able to catch up to prey if they begin running while she's stalking them. She is somewhat clumsy, often focusing more on finding prey than being mindful of her surroundings. Because of this, it is fairly often when she will step on branches or make noise.

To her handler, she is incredibly loyal. She is a one handler type of wher and would rather leave the weyr than be reimpressed to another. In fact, her handler is the one person she will listen to, often growling if someone she does not know well, or that Maple doesn't know well, gets too close to her. Otherwise, she tends to stay completely quiet, though she will often speak with Maple mentally.
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