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Zeara of bronze Zearask and garnet Zeask

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Zeara of bronze Zearask and garnet Zeask


Life doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints,
it takes and it takes and it takes


RETIRE INFO: Retire Zeara and Zearask, can adopt Zeask if wanted
NAME: Zeara
GENDER: female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers, although she also likes 'sir'
ORIENTATION: more or less a hand wiggle, with a non-committal shrug. She likes what she likes.

BIRTHDATE: Late Spring 2702
AGE: sixty-eight as of Early Winter 2770
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Senior Wherleader, whermom, squadleader
SQUAD: Sunburst; leader


EYES: brown
HAIR: more gray than brown, usually pinned up
HEIGHT AND BUILD: five feet and one inch; solid but soft
PLAY-BY: Carrie Fisher (may she rest in peace)
Age has turned Zeara's brown hair mostly gray, but she still wears it to her hips. It is usually pinned up in various braids and buns, and sometimes bears adornment. For someone so practical in nature, she spends an astounding amount of time on her hair.

Zeara takes pride in her appearance, and it shows. Her clothes are well cared for, wrinkles neatly pressed out and holes tidily patched. She has a steady hand with a needle, and even her patches barely show. She seldom wears Gather finery, preferring practical garments with sturdy boots. Even when dealing with wherlings (who deal with an extraordinary amount of blood), she seems to possess some supernatural ability to keep her clothes clean.

In her youth, Zeara had quite the trim, svelte figure. In the intervening Turns, childbirth and time have waged their own wars on her body. She looks less imposing now, in her aged Turns, although her personality is not any less formidable. She has also not lost much of her strength.

It's hard to tell sometimes, particularly by flickering firelight or dull glows, but Zeara has light brown predator eyes. They are bordered by squint lines, and generally cosmetic free unless she has to make a daylight appearance. Then, and only then, she utilizes thick kohl to protect her eyes.


Nearly forty Turns as a Hold Guard have left their mark on Zeara's personality. She is very much a perfectionist, demanding that tasks be done correctly and in a timely manner. The way she carries herself proves that she will brook no argument from anyone, and that her orders are to be obeyed. This, combined with her rank as a bronze handler, and her general demeanor of competence, ensures that she is frequently obeyed without question.

A stickler for detail, Zeara outlines her expectations for her charges very clearly, and woe betide the person who cuts corners! She won't follow behind someone to redo a task done poorly, but there isn't a task she requires of others that she hasn't already done a hundred times. Everything she does is carefully calculated, and each movement is designed to waste no energy.

Her primary motivation is to share her knowledge. She is no mothering gold, but the wherhandlers under her care will find it profitable to be taken under her teaching. With more Turns of experience under her belt than many other handlers have lived, she holds plenty of wisdom to pass to her younger peers.

And with a reputation stretching back many Turns of being a Guard, one thing is certain. Life with Zeara is anything but boring.


FAMILY: several children, several grandchildren, several former significant others, several foster children
among them are:
Lovers, past and presentChildren
Foster Children
  • foster son - M'cay of blue Hatorth - Winter 2737, High Reaches Weyr, Healer's Wing, mindhealer specialty
  • foster grandnephew - Luke, foster child, surrogate nephew of Obiwan - 2760
  • foster grandniece - Leia, surrogate niece of Obiwan - 2760

  • granddaughter - Filigrace, daughter of Ferorate
  • grandson - Zortane, son of Z'zae - 2758
  • foster granddaughter - Braefen, foster daughter of Z'zae - 2759
  • granddaughter - Arraza, daughter of Z'zae - 2763
  • grandson - Brazol, son of Z'zae - 2766
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: none just now
BIRTHPLACE: Southern Boll

Zeara was born to two Holders whose names have been lost in a Hold fire that ravaged Lemos. Though far from the only survivor, Zeara was one of a few infants who could not be placed with her immediate family following the fire. No one quite knew whose child she was, or if she even belonged to the Hold proper. Certainly, no one stepped forward to claim the child.

Despite this gap in knowledge, some of those who rescued Lemos took Zeara with them back to Southern Boll, where she was chosen by Hold Steward Arank and Master Weaver Liopole. As one of Arank's foster daughters, Zeara learned much about the mundane tasks of running a Hold. From in-Hold squabbles to the formal tithes, Zeara had always thought that she might run a small cothold of her own. Maybe even a larger one. The idea that she might step into her foster-father's shoes had always been a privately held belief.

That was a dream that lasted until she was fifteen, when she was formally Searched for a clutch on Fort's Sands. Her parents packed her off to the weyr with a promise to come see her on the day of the Hatching. Hatching came and went, and Zeara was without a partner. Arank and Liopole convinced her to stay at the weyr for just a little bit longer, to see more of the world than their Hold.

Zeara stayed at the weyr for the next two Turns, before being dismissed from candidacy for improper behavior. She went to Lemos instead of Boll, having made friends whose parents could find a place for her. It took another Turn, but Zeara was training as a Guard by the age of eighteen. She was bright, quick, and a promising future captain. Until Yari.

Yari was the handler for gold Yarisk, and was - unusually enough - not a guard at all, but the married middle daugher of the Steward. She hand-picked candidates for Yarisk's latest clutch, and Zeara was one of them. One of the lucky ones, as it turned out. Zeara's presentation to the queen was rewarded with an egg. A strangely familiar shade of green-blue, Zeara thought her mid-sized egg would hold nothing higher than brown.

Zearask was a surprise. Bronze and big and gorgeous, he was perfectly matched to Zeara's new ambition. Upon graduating from wherling training, the pair was made full Hold Guards. (2722)

Bronze and woman spent the next forty Turns as Guards in Lemos Hold. Along the way, Zearask sired many clutches - gold and green - while Zeara had several children. She climbed the ranks until she coordinated several fighting forces of whers. She proved herself a strategist and an opportunist.

But in the Turn 2762, four Turns after the Tenth Pass started and less than a Turn after the war of the weyrs, Zeara stepped down from her position, and transferred to High Reaches Weyr. She cited personal reasons as to the transfer, but those who knew her speculated that it was the death of her youngest son that prompted the change.

High Reaches more or less welcomed her and her experience, although many were confused when she did not seek to recreate her rank in this new place. Instead, she has thrown herself into the rebuilding efforts.
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  • Early Spring 2765 - Nominated, and eventually elected Wherleader at High Reaches. While reluctant to take power again, being the voice of many appeals to Zeara in a better way than being in charge did. First action with the Weyr Council involved decisions about populating the south.
  • Late Spring 2765 - Zeara is part of a task force sent to put out fires in the border lands between High Reaches and Fort. While coordinating efforts with other wher handlers, she reconnects with her daughter Rey, long thought to be dead. Many tears are had all around.
  • Summer 2765 - During a visit to Semaca, Zearask manages to win a conveniently timed gold run, siring the first Semaca-bred wher clutch. Zeara takes some time to mentor the bronze wherling Padme, along with checking in with the members of her family that transferred to Semaca. She and Zearask return to High Reaches with a foster son - Luke.
  • Late Summer 2765 - The Hatching of the Trailblazers Clutch reveals unrest within Fort. Zeara attends in support of her newly found daughter Rey, and connects with her son Aga'ren, child Ferorate, and once-lover Fartoo. Rey Impresses blue Nuth, and all hell breaks loose on the sands.
  • Early Fall 2765 - Though neither Zeara nor Zearask are harmed by Thread, a chance stumble made Zearask step on Zeara's foot in the direct aftermath. She now has a broken foot to deal with, on top of the unrest in Pern. Her foster son becomes quite the broody queen. They attend the Gather thrown by Lord Vellaren, where Zeara unexpectedly Impresses a male garnet! Wher and human are both confused by the addition to their bond.
  • Early Spring 2766 - Threadfall is rough. Zearask took a nasty tumble down a steep drop and hit his head on a rock. He broke his jaw, which will take months to heal. He had difficulty eating, and lost a lot of weight.
  • Spring 2766 - Revolt! A bronzerider usurped the Council and threw them in cells. Zeara spent several days behind bars before being freed by her child Ferorate. In the aftermath, she called for a new election, citing that they all missed something if so many were unhappy. To Zeara's surprise and confusion, she was elected Wherleader again, this time as Senior, with two junior wherleaders.
  • Early Fall 2766 - Zeara and Zearask are both quite disturbed to find that one of the whers under their care has abandoned their eggs to the mercy of the wher. They wish to find the mother, not to scold her, but to see where they could have supported her. Zearask adopted the clutch along with gold Elysk, watching over the two eggs until they both hatch white.
  • Early Spring 2767 - When Elysk takes off on her own Run, Zearask follows. So does Zeask, but he's mostly interested in pestering the other Chasers than actually making a move for the gold. Zearak sires three eggs with Elysk, all of whom hatch healthy.
  • Late Fall 2767 - Perhaps Zeara should take trivial injuries with more grace, but she's still rather embarrassed when wind messes her hair up during Fall. Being a comeptent squadleader means that she has to look like that the rest of the day because she won't take a break to fix it.

    [*} Early Fall 2768 - One would think age would have brought enough experience that Zeara would know her limits. No such luck. She overdoes it while looking for burrows, and is very sore for the next couple of days.
  • Spring 2768 - Defeat at last. Zeara actually takes herself out of the new Turn's elections in favor of helping her child Ferorate move from Fort Hold back to Ruatha in the wake of Lord Vellaren's marriage to a blue handler. She is not gone long enough to be deposed as squad leader, but she accepts the change in wherleader status with both grace and aplomb.
  • Late Winter 2768 - A visit with her some of her children gives Zeara yet another new bond in the form of blue Galore. Mother and offspring are all very entertained by the fact that many of Zeara's children have blue fire lizards.
  • Late Summer 2769 - Bad luck plagues even the most experienced of pairs, and Zearask might have been due for some. He manages to fall down an embankment during Fall, and breaks a few ribs. This prevents him from joining Elysk's next Run, and the gold picks a green brave enough to join her Run. Although both eggs hatch strong and healthy, it is the beginning of a rift between Elyron and Elysk.
  • Spring 2770 - High Reaches in turmoil. The weyr demands the resignation of the current Council when Senior Weyrleader Schneizel is accused of masterminding the theft of a garnet clutch from Fort. In the ensuing elections, Zeara finds herself back in the position of Senior Wherleader. That certainly didn't take long! It seems that High Reaches appreciates her experience and steady hand.
  • Late Spring 2770 - While trying to clean up the burrow that killed at least one wher, both Zearask and Zeask get caught when the ground shifts again. Zearask suffered major scoring on his left flank and wing, while Zeask breaks his right hing leg when it gets pinned between two rocks. No one has a good time.
  • Summer 2770 - The first order of business of the newly elected Council appears to be a missive from Ista Weyr, who offer to send High Reaches their senior queen's next clutch. Zeara sides with the majority of the Council, who recognize the need to boost the weyr's numbers. The problem of the stolen eggs does not get solved. In addition, the rift that began the previous Turn reaches its natural conclusion. Zeask finds Elysk locked out of her quarters, and the trio find out that Elyron has rather suddenly transferred to Fort, taking Elyrosk and leaving Elysk. Zeara helps Elysk through the transition period, until she chooses a new handler from the ranks of the wher candidates.
  • Fall 2770 - In the aftermath of the donated gold egg actually revealing a gold on the beleaguered Sands, Senior Weyrleader Anaiya goes on sabbatical to Semaca. Seemingly unrelated, the weyr is filled to rumors about the effectiveness of the Council, given their inability to track down the culprit. Zeara refrains from pointing out that their avenue of inquiry was effectively incapacitated with the destruction of communication between High Reaches and Fort. They are simply unable to find out whether it was an inside job, whether it was done to frame High Reaches, or anything else that being able to jointly investigate with Fort might have revealed.
  • Early Spring 2771 - Most mortifyingly, Zeara manages to sneeze directly on one of her squad members. Zearask makes her bundle up extra well, and visit the Healers, just in case. Fortunately, it seems to be just that fleeting moment of bad luck rather than a precursor to actual illness.
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NAME: Zearask
BIRTHDATE Midsummer 2720
AGE: fifty as of Early Winter 2770
Abandoned Eggs - Early Fall 2766
adopted with Gold Elysk; eggs abandoned
Puzzling Travels - White Tsk
Purity's Sins - White Morisk

Scions of the Fae - Early Spring 2767
Dam: Gold Elysk (Elyron)
Briar Rose Kiss - Green Eletsorisk
Wind's True Song - Brown Hesk
Land and Sea - White Mahsk

LENGTH: fifteen feet and six inches (15.5 ft)
HEIGHT: five feet even (5 ft)
COLOR: bronze
HEX CODE: #D98719

Once upon a time, Zearask was one of the super bulky bronzes. His muscles were huge and powerful, intimidating in the wrong situation. After a series of Thread-related injuries, including a broken jaw, he has lost a considerable about of weight. His muscles are more wasted, less evident. Arthritis has settled into his joints, which is more evident now.

Zearask's orange-bronze color shades evenly across his body, with little variation. The exceptions lie around his large, photosensitive eyes, where he has a lighter bronze mask, and his right feet (front and back), which have black socks up to the ankle.


PERSONALITY: Less regimented than his handler, Zearask is a very fatherly bronze. He welcomes younger whers to come spend time with him, and is always willing to teach. If placed as a guardian, his charges would find a watchful gargoyle - effective, but not so long in imagination. He is very good at what he does, and his skills cover a wide variety of tasks. He does take pride in a job well done, and he attends every wherling graduation ceremony whether or not he'd actually mentored any of them.

However, his teaching duties and his work duties are very different aspects of his personality. When working, his attention is entirely given over to Zeara and his task. He might talk a young wher through an unfamiliar task, but his entire focus is on his handler.

VOICE: Imagine that some brave soul were to drop the' Mythbuster's Concerto in C4' down a very long mine shaft. Wait for the explosion. His voice is unfathomably deep, and booms even when speaking quietly.




NAME: Zeask
BIRTHDATE Early Fall 2765
AGE: five as of Early WInter 2770

LENGTH: fifteen feet (15 ft)
HEIGHT: four feet six inches (4.5 ft)
COLOR: Garnet; male
HEX CODE: #590C10

Zeask is a dusky raspberry color, fading into pale rose on the tips of the wings and into crimson on the tail. But don't be fooled: despite his classically garnet coloration, Zeask is very male. He is well-muscled, with a broad stride, and a heavy footfall. When he walks, his tail sways behind him, causing some problems when he's a young wher and still prone to knocking things over like a bull in a china shop. In markings, Zeask bears bulls-eye markings around the wrists of his wings, and a face-mask in lavender, giving him a distinctive face.


PERSONALITY: Chaos is the highlight of Zeask's life. He lives for the excitement and instability of it all! But he's not a bad wher, just one focused on dissecting apart the who and the why of everything. Zeask is very close with some of his siblings, but is at ends with Gulsk; they simply don't see eye to eye. The garnet has a deep love for adventures, especially going places he's never been before. It gives him a chance to see new things, and to further ask the questions that so constantly run through his mind - "Why is that thing?" "How is that thing?" He's a hyperactive little thing, always on the move and bumbling around to see whats going on where.

To his rider, he encourages behavior similar to his, and is oddly loyal, a trait he can not say for many else. He wants nothing more in the world than to find trouble and play in it; if its scholarly, he has little interest. He'll do exceptionally well in tracking and finding things, but does better when one of his siblings is nearby. He's a social creature, wanting to spend his time with other whers, but few will tolerate his shenanigans; those that are patient enough to do so, will gain a friend for life.


Clutch: Town of Halloween
Dam: unknown
Sire: unknown
Hatching Number: five of seven
Details: Lord Vellaren of Fort Hold passed out the eggs of a purchased wher clutch. Zeara was given an egg despite her injured condition (broken foot), and subsequently Impressed the male garnet inside.


Evil Henchman

This egg appears to have a skull and crossed bones - how ominous! It gives off a very arrogant and boisterous feeling.
"Tch! You are only an egg, little sharp-nose. Take care your arrogance doesn't ruin you."

Image || Image
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a land serene
a crystal moon


NAME: Galore
BIRTHDATE Early Winter 2769
AGE: one as of Early Winter 2770

SIZE: medium-small
COLOR: blue
FULL APPEARANCE: For all that Galore is on the smaller end of medium for fire lizards, he gives the impression of being somewhat larger. That's due to his light background color, which is a pale blue that wouldn't look terribly out of place in a grayscale painting. His powerful wings pop, though, as if they were part of a color study. The vibrant blue at the edges of his wings is echoed on his head, where he sports a brilliant blaze similar to a helmet, and what could be a very silly beard.

PERSONALITY: Galore is a lot. He is a lot to take in, he is a lot to deal with, and he is a lot of love. He isn't flamboyant, that's not the proper term. He doesn't flout himself. He's just very intense, and has a lot of energy to back up that intensity. Fortunately for his bonded person and her whers, Galore is not prone to moods. He has enthusiasm for all things, mischief in particular, and he quickly made a fast friend in Zeask.
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