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Thursday of gold Thursk

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Thursday of gold Thursk

"burden me, i'm just a beast, afterall"


NAME: Thursday
GENDER: male
PRONOUNS: he/him/his

BIRTHDATE: Spring. 2739
AGE: 29 as of 2768
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: wherhandler, squad second
WING: Sunburst

EYES: brown
HAIR: black
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'9", stacked
FULL APPEARANCE: Thursday is a big boy. He has always been a big boy. A huge baby, a massive toddler and man-sized before he hit puberty, which was when he got really big. His size is most definitely what people first notice about Thursday and probably the only thing they remember about him after walking away. He's tall and well muscled. Need a draybeast dragged somewhere it doesn't want to go? Ask Thursday. Need to clean under your sleeping dragon? Ask Thursday. He's like a walking, talking set of muscles.

Beyond that, Thursday has a pretty forgettable face. He is neither strikingly handsome nor strikingly hideous. He's pretty average in the looks department. His nose is crooked from being punched in it more than a couple times (people always want to test their mettle against the giant), and his lip has a permanent crease of a scar where it always pops open when hit. His jaw is strong, his brows heavy, forehead wide and his eyes are a nice shade of middling brown. His hair is black and long. Long enough to be tied back and still fall well past his shoulders.

He has large hands, bigger feet and a smile a mile wide. It is probably his best feature and a strange mixture of friendliness and shyness all in one.

PERSONALITY: Thursday is a pretty simple soul. He likes the simple things in life, good food, good friends and a warm place to rest his body at night. These are things he has had, for the most part, his entire life at High Reaches. While there has been a lot of corruption and drama in recent Turns, Thursday still found most of his basic wants and needs met. He had food and a bed, and always a friend in his brother, Endeavour.

He's stood on the sands a few times, certain parties having thought he would make a good bronzerider and bidding doer, but no dragon has ever took a liking to Thursday, and once it was safe to voice his opinion on the matter, he asked to be left off the sands. He's never possessed an interest in flying a dragon of any color. He likes it on the ground. It is a good, steady sort of place to be.

While a bit of a giant, Thursday doesn't seem to fit into any categories usually applied to be of his size. He's neither a bully nor a gentle giant. He's just Thursday. He has his tempers and has been in plenty of fights, some he's started and some he's finished. He doesn't particularly thrive on the violence, but he's also not going to let anyone push him around. Or his family and friends. He is a bit defensive you could say. People of plenty to say and plenty of ignorance and Thursday doesn't tolerate it well, shutting it down the only way he knows how. With his fists.

Endeavour - brother
Father and Sister at Fort.
HISTORY: Thursday was born and raised in the Weyr. He spent most of his time in the creche or doing typical weyrbrat shenanigans. And looking after his siblings. Especially Endeavour. The brothers have always been pretty inseparable, even when Thursday was actively trying to separate himself. However, Thursday's attempts to 'find himself' usually found him right back at Endeavour's side. It was a curious game and come and go, close and distant. Thursday wanted to be more than a brother, but a brother was what he was, and he happened to be a loving and protective one.

Thursday didn't take much notice to his father and sister leaving for Fort Weyr. He was more concerned with being where Endeavour was. Plus he was already comfortable at High Reaches. It was his birthplace and his home. So he stayed when the other's left.

Really, other than fist fights and forced Standing, Thursday's life was pretty boring. He kept mostly to himself and spent a lot of his time doing whatever chores he was asked to around the lower caverns. He became a jack of all trades and master of none, never taking any formal training. He sort of drifted through life looking after Endeavour and making himself useful. And trying not to be in fights. But those sort of happened anyway.

The only thing that really perked his interest was the offer to try for a wher clutch. Whers. Wher reminded Thursday of himself. Big, ungainly, often over looked and underestimated. Thursday liked whers. Trying for a wher sounded loads better than trying for a dragon. So he did. And failed. But that was okay. There would be wher clutches to come, surely!

  • Fall, 6768: Thursday mistakenly triggers his flamethrower at a bad time, burning Thursk's left foreleg and chest (Major).

* * *



NAME: Thursk
BIRTHDATE Early Spring, 2764
AGE: 4 as of 2768

[Whers/Dragons only]


LENGTH: 17 ft
HEIGHT: 6.5 ft
FULL APPEARANCE: Thursk is a massively built gold, as large and fearsome as her mother. Her body is built with thick, ropy muscles running through her limbs and torso, with large wings settled across her back. Her hide is a dull, almost bronze color, like antiqued metal. It shimmers dully, as if there is fire beneath her hide. The outside of her wings fade into a very dark shade of gold. Thick stripes and waves seem to cover the inside of her wings and down her tail, while her legs fade into an almost gray tone of gold. A thick stripe of color covers her right eye, standing out against her paler hide.

PERSONALITY: Thursk has a personality as big as her frame. She is fierce, protective, and not afraid to be loud when necessary. She is the sort of wher who believes in the good of the Whers, and to a lesser degree, Dragons and Fire Lizards. To her, politics are boring, dangerous, and while words can solve some issues, action is preferred and will actually manage to get things done. She works for the good of those below her, her 'herd' or 'flock' as she'll often call them, getting to know as many as she can and be well acquainted with them all.

While not overall a violent wher, she is not afraid to harm in defense of other whers, as well as their riders. If someone threatens her, she is quick to act, but never out of anger or emotional response. She is extremely well thought, although words are not necessarily easy for her; she tends to speak sparingly, unless it is to other whers. She is very much a leader, willing to take risks and think outside the box, and an advocate for change and rights for whers to the best of her ability.

Voice: Thursk has a very deep but feminine tone to her voice, with the ability to LOUDLY speak to others when she feels its necessary.

Why me? They are both big! Thursday is a creature of simple needs, and Thursk is a driven creature who needs to remember to relax. They will balance each other so well!
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