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Eolet of Garnet Ambreth

Tue Jun 26, 2018 1:52 pm

Eolet of Garnet Ambreth

"Behind every person in power is a person of power."


NAME: Eolet, called Eo by her sister. Still.
GENDER: Female-leaning fluid
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers preferred, for convenience's sake--after all, she is afab, so it's easier. That said, she's fine with any pronoun.
ORIENTATION: Aromantic bisexual, as far as I'm aware.

BIRTHDATE: Late fall, 2740
AGE: 26 as of 2766
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Weyrling, Apprentice Harper

EYES: Brown (amber-ish, disregard play-by for this)
HAIR: Medium-dark brown, lightens slightly in summer. Cropped short, disregard image.
HEIGHT AND BUILD: Slender, almost elegant build, standing at around 5'9"
PLAY-BY: Carly Rae Jepsen
FULL APPEARANCE: Eolet looks rather feminine, and although this is usually fine by her, it often gives her a sense of disdain at times. She'd much rather look androgynous, but she is, always, a relatively feminine person. At times, she'll even wear makeup, highlighting her eyes with khol, tinting her lips, and adding some color to her cheeks. Her clothing style is practical, made to suit the day's tasks, rather than anything resembling actual fashion. She doesn't put much effort into any particular style of dress, though she avoids outfits with skirts--they get in the way, regardless of what she is trying to do. She rarely wishes to appear exceptionally masculine, regardless of her feelings on gender, and doesn't especially mind if people mistake her for a woman. Usually, at least--there are exceptions to that. She is relatively pale, but doesn't have her sister's freckles, nor the youthful appearance. Her eyes, however, are the same amber-hued shade of brown, though they have a more piercing, less warm quality to them, with a chill unseen in her sister's.

Her hair, cropped short in a neat, simple style, is brown. Although it lightens to a more medium hue in the summer, it usually seems more dark than light. She is a person of careful precision in all that she does, and it shows in her hairstyle, her clothing, and the straight-backed, confident manner she carries herself in. Despite the firm, assured, and almost militaristic movements of her body, her build is elegant and slender, and she appears to be incapable physically. Of course, physical ability isn't her strong suit, so to speak--but she still makes a habit of being more capable than she appears. Still, her forte is in flexibility and movement, rather than strength or durability.

PERSONALITY: cold, emotionless, manipulative, has a lot of contacts (usually via blackmail or bribery, sometimes similar aligned interests), scams and cons people out of money or into favors, ambitious, power-hungry, can be very cruel without caring, though often true cruelty doesn't suit her purposes, vaguely IDs as F out of convenience but fluid, not afraid to stab people in the back, planner, intelligent and clever, not very good at being social or getting along with others, very mysterious and closed off, chilly

Eolet is a very cold person. Don't expect much emotion from her, and even to her sister--who she has a small degree of care for, but still wouldn't hesitate to use--she is closed off and not affectionate in the slightest. She is rather emotionless, both in how she acts, and how she feels. Emotions are inconvenient and impractical, after all, so she shuts those out of her life to the point where nothing seems to affect her. She can sometimes feel mild emotions--disappointment, frustration, largely if her schemes don't go according to plan--but never does she let them impact her actions. She is very much in control, and hardly ever lets herself express any type of emotion.

For that matter, she doesn't let herself express anything about herself, not even simply how she's feeling. She's quite closed off to others, and seems rather mysterious. Even the most mundane details will either remain hidden from all, or begrudgingly shared, if necessary. As a result of her quiet ways, unwillingness to share, and chilly exterior (and interior), she is not very good at getting along with others or being social in any regard, and may even be disliked in most groups, if not all. In fact, she can even be cruel, without caring about how she impacts people. However, cruelty often has consequences which do not suit her goals and purposes, so she often avoids acting on this side of her personality. Certainly, she doesn't understand people or emotions, beyond knowing that a certain action may harm another, and thinks others foolish for their feelings. She thinks most, if not all, are beneath her, though she may eventually find a rival or ally that she is able to feel otherwise about. Naturally, she is cautious, especially about her plans, and takes few large risks, except when necessary. One may even call her paranoid, in many ways.

Scheming and manipulative, Eolet sees people as pawns, to move towards attaining various plots. Naturally, she is not very good at social manipulation, so she prefers methods such as quiet, subtle blackmail or bribery, though she has often connected with similarly-minded people, with similar goals. That said, she is not afraid to stab anyone in the back--not even her own sister. Often, she will scam or con people, either out of money, or into favors. As a result, she has many contacts and people who owe her favors that she can call on, should she need them. Of course, she frequently needs them, as she is quite ambitious and power-hungry.

Despite often seeming female, and not correcting those who call her otherwise, she feels more fluid in her gender. Still, adhering to her assigned gender is convenient and doesn't cause her problems, so she is quite willing to do so. Almost everything she does is based out of practical, cutthroat ambition, even how she presents herself and consciously identifies. Eolet is a planner, ready for almost anything and always mentally several steps ahead in any number of plans. She is intelligent and clever, but although she plans for several possibilities, she is not particularly flexible. If something happens that she has not accounted for, it takes her a while to commit to a new course of action, though she can think quickly and respond appropriately to the situation itself...usually.

FAMILY: Eosorin (father), Aelet (mother), Eletsoria (younger twin, fraternal)
BIRTHPLACE: a minor hold near Fort Hold
TW: Suicide mention, mental illness
Eosorin and Aelet were a pair of drudges in a minor hold, not far from Fort Hold. Despite the hold not having healers available, Aelet survived the birth of twins Eletsoria and Eolet, who were fraternal. That being said, they had quite the resemblance, and were quite close, always spending their childhood together, despite the personality differences. Eletsoria is the younger, by a larger margin than would normally be expected, and was a slightly more difficult birth. In their youth, they were called Sori and Eo. Some childhood friends would still call Eletsoria Sori, but Eletsoria was the only one to continue calling her sibling Eo.

Eolet, like Eletsoria, focused less on friendship, and more on her interests--but her interests always included manipulating and controlling others, though never with physical force. At a young age, this included convincing others (through whatever means) to give her their bubbly pie, or do her chores for her. Eletsoria was safe from this, but Eolet began amassing "favors" and "contacts," or at least showed the propensity to do so, from a young age. Eletsoria had no glasses growing up, so Eolet often had to help her sister avoid minor obstacles, where needed. Her family was relatively poor, even poverty-stricken, but despite this, she had a normal childhood, with a loving family. They lived under a lord holder who used the hold's wealth on himself, leaving little for poor families such as hers.

Both of her parents were illiterate, but they insisted that their children learn to read. Perhaps Eolet and Eletsoria could pick up a craft, despite the fact that the children were more interested in trying to help their parents. Still, Eolet and Eletsoria were taught by an older mentor, Irasinn, and the two did learn to read. In fact, they loved reading, and read whatever they could get their hands on. Eletsoria almost died of a serious disease at a young age, at which point Eolet considered becoming a healer, but eventually chose being a harper apprentice, to learn about history and gain information--plus, harpers were well-liked, weren't they? Considering it happened so soon after Eletsoria's recovery, it was an odd choice, but she made it nonetheless, officially apprenticing to the hold's harper, unlike her sister, who simply learned the basics of her "craft" without the official title.

Still, apprenticing didn't rake in the big bucks, so Eolet stole, slowly, largely from the lord holder, and the mysterious income, small enough to escape notice, was hardly mentioned. She also helped Eletsoria's "fortunes" come true, by arranging "fortuitous" events, interactions, or situations to occur. Eletsoria became more and more depressed as they entered their tweens, and when Eletsoria overdosed on fellis, Eolet was there, watching over her twin, to be sure Eletsoria survived. Eletsoria's emotions, and her later detachment from the event, confused Eolet--if you were so upset as to do something so weak, and had such strong, strange emotions, why would you later regard it so casually?

At the age of 15, Eolet was caught stealing money, and was banished rather than simply branded, largely because she cashed in on a few owed favors from contacts. Most notably, she had someone bring forth blackmail they had on the lord holder, about some questionable practices, and promise to keep quiet for Eolet's freedom. As a result, she fled to High Reaches Weyr, which was sufficiently far from their hold. For three turns, Eolet worked behind the scenes, trying to gain information and blackmail on various people in the Weyr, paying spies, etc. With the mad gold in charge, and the chaos, panic, and unrest at the weyr, it was relatively easy, though occasionally filled with barriers.

For three turns, she kept in contact with her sister, writing letters. Eolet encoded secret messages, at first--things she didn't want their parents, or any interceptors, to know--but Eletsoria's responses gave, predictably, no indication that she'd understood the implications, so Eolet stopped hinting at things. It was frustrating--Eolet thought that, given their shared past and similarities, certain details and implications would be obvious. Maybe it was she that missed out on a secret message, though, for Eletsoria managed to take her completely by surprise (a rare event) when she showed up at High Reaches, when they were 18. While Eolet's connections let her have some privilege, even under the mad queen's rule, Eletsoria struggled, as a candidate, so when many fled to Fort Weyr, the pair joined them.

It was likely not the best choice to go to Fort, as it was still part of conflict, and was even attacked. However, it was likely an even worse decision to return to High Reaches so soon after Golre's passing--almost immediately after, in fact. Still, it turned out well for them, until '64, when Eletsoria got sick with the plague. She was terrified, as she was fearful of illness, and almost died again. After Eletsoria recovered, Eolet told her it was time to get some glasses, and she showed up one day with a glasscrafter who specialized in glasses. Eletsoria didn't ask how she knew the man, and Eolet didn't share--but truth is, she had blackmailed him by threatening to expose his affair to his wife. Eletsoria just let Eolet do her shady businesses, and get those weird favors from others.

  • Impresses Ambreth (Spring 2767)
Tue Jun 26, 2018 1:56 pm



NAME: Ambreth
BIRTHDATE Spring 2767 [Operas Weyrling]
AGE: <1 as of Spring 2767


RUNS/FLIGHTS: 1-4 (Please select how many times your dragon/wher will rise or chase. These do not have to be on-screen! )

LENGTH: 42 ft
HEIGHT: 11 ft
COLOR: Garnet
FULL APPEARANCE: Ambreth's hide is a subtle riot of garnet hues. Her baseline tone is a soft indigo tone rife with blue-purples roiling across her body. Her legs and lower tail contrast this color sharply in a red so deep it's almost black, making her look as if she's been dipped into a pool of blood, with a choker of the stuff at her beautifully curved throat. To compliment the soft color of her body, there are soft folds and billows of magenta that drape like velvet across her wingsails and down her chest and hindquarters. She is built to perfection, with a beautiful balance in wings to body ratio and a healthy, sleek weight to her frame. Despite this, she will complain of wanting to be more beautiful, wanting to change things about herself to make herself more perfect in every way she can.

PERSONALITY: Ambreth is, in a word, spoiled. She comes from good stock and she knows what it means to be perfect, at least as far as she is concerned. She is a demanding, petulant child who always is looking to follow whatever is the most popular currently - clothing, colors, it doesn't matter. If it is a trend, she wants to be a part of it. She will try to inflict this upon her rider as well. She is very uncaring to what others think on the surface, finding herself to be superior and therefore right in all regards. She expects the world on a silver platter to her and her bond.

She knows she is beautiful and will try to use this to her advantage every chance she gets. Looking for a weyrmate? She's perfect! In trouble? She's too pretty for punishment! She is a wicked thing with a taste for indulgence and excess, which her rider will have to work hard to reign in. She is constantly looking for attention, wanting to be in the spotlight. She wants to be the most popular, the most loved, and the most seen, and will do everything in her power to remain seen by others.

Her voice is high, haughty, and expectant of everyone around her.

A match made in hell. Perfection.

Genetic Truths Clutch
Terminath's Last Clutch

Egg: Thirsty for More
Class: Operas
Inspiration: Amber Sweet from Repo! The Genetic Opera
Info: I can sense the doom of a dark omen brewing...
This egg is comparable to its sibling, with a bright violet hue across its surface. Dark blue swirls surround it. It feels greedy and hungry for...for what?
Dam: Gold Terminath of Saarna
Sire: Brown Casvath of Amuro
Number: Hatched and Impressed third out of nine
Details: Her egg did not want to wait, and rolled around and collided with another egg, causing Ambreth's egg to crack. She looked very cute, until she squalled loudly, stalking over to Eolet and immediately sulking.

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