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Sat Sep 01, 2018 9:16 pm


" I would like your honest opinion... if you would. "


RETIRE INFO: Retire, or adopt if needed.
NAME: Yeuske
PRONOUNS: he/him/his
ORIENTATION: Demiromantic Pansexual

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2750
AGE: 17 as of Winter 2767
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Apprentice Weaver / Candidate

EYES: Navy Blue
HAIR: Black, silky straight locks.
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'11", Slightly malnourished build.
PLAY-BY: Yusuke Kitagawa ( Persona 5 )

Yeuske is a nimble male in all semblance of the word. He has bony fingers, a thin face, slightly skeletal body and less muscle mass on every part of his body than his arms due to focus on his craft instead of anything else.

His hair is thin but silky, just slightly greasy and easily falls from the shapes he pushes it to. It goes mostly down his neck and tucks from one side of his forehead to behind his ear. Some external hair fibers have a faint blue-ish tint from the residual byproducts of dye fumes and helping dye his own threads himself, as blue is often his favored color to manage and his most chosen dye color, whether needed or not. However, small sections have noticeable tints of purple or red. Other colors aren't as likely to tint his hair due to the lesser potency of their colors, but occasionally very small sections or tips have hue only due to the dye having splattered on it and he was not quick enough to remove it. These spots do not last as long, unlike the blues, purples and reds, which stain fibers and even hair much more vividly. His focus on his Candidacy has caused the inner layers of his hair to fade slightly, even still.

Having thinner eyes with longer natural eyelashes, softer lips and more noticeable hips, he's very occasionally mistaken for a female until his deeper voice slips out. He's never exactly minded, only finding it a mild inconvenience when confusion like that happens.

He wears a white shirt he carefully wove himself, feigning pristine quality until closer views show stained spots from dyed fibers he's worked on without taking off the pieces. This leads to the bottoms of his sleeved to be rolled up just slightly since he found it less "visibly pleasing" to him for it to be tarnished too visibly. Incidentally, this was what he needed to avoid staining the ends of his sleeved as much, which he hasn't thought about at the time. Black threaded loops keep it together at the middle, hooking onto metallic clasps lined on his right side and curving into the clothing with feather fan patterns sewn with black to silver thread patterns carefully embroidered into the white fabric. His pants have small metal loops for hooking tools or other objects on, occasionally small blades, and he wears a thin, near-black poncho-ish top that goes down more to his waist when leaving his living area for any distance more than what can be easily returned from.


Though he seems calm and smoothly spoken, Yeuske can be rather excitable should something strike his fancy. Otherwise he can keep peacefully observing things around him without much interest. His life surrounds his creative interests and pursuing of protecting honesty over anything else, including his own being, which led to him broadening his personal potentials and specialties to practice anything that can help him achieve what he feels matters most in life.

He is inherantly rather dramatic when the mood strikes him, either in broad phrases or body positions that anyone would think looked either uncomfortable or oddly graceful. This isn't purposeful on his part however, he only speaks and acts in a way he finds expresses his emotion or tone properly for a situation. However, he ironically can never express his emotions more than mere words or thinly expressive facial expressions, no tears have shed from his eyes for anything under absolute emotional agony from either loss or betrayal. This leads him to be in-kept and internally motivated, representing his own thoughts through his creations.

FAMILY: Seyuri ( Mother, Journeyman, Deceased )
Koutta ( Father, Banished, Unknown )
Ichiryusai ( Mentor, Alive )
BIRTHPLACE: High Reaches Weyr

Seyuri, Yeuske's mother, was a well practiced Journeyman, working her way up to being a Master with a talent that made her work memorable to anyone who could see her more unique style of weaving. Her goal was an admirable one; to create gorgeous but useful pieces even when she was an apprentice, something that her Mentor nurtured and even learned from himself. As she grew older and became pregnant, or while she was raising her very young child, this never stopped her from pursuing her craft. However, by the time young Yeuske was about 3 years old, his mother perished during her work before she had grown well known for her talent at all.

Her mentor, Ichiryusai, took Yeuske in without much hesitation as soon as he happened to be able to, mostly by luck. He was quick to begin nurturing him, caring for him closely and inspiring him with pieces of work his mother had done without telling him who exactly had made them. This allowed the man to near force the child away from the others in favor of learning what he could. But he practically smothered the boy with only focusing on his inspiration, teaching him that anything else was unnecessary and unneeded. Instead of ranting about his frustrations, crying over his misery, attempting to get from others what he was jealous of, or even pursuing affections towards someone else, he was taught to take out emotions and desires with a needle and thread or on a weaving board to make something out of it to show the world. But he was not miserable this way. He was provided extra food and other objects for his work, praised for each piece and even taken in as Ichiryusai's apprentice once he became old enough and had enough talent that Ichiryusai could easily let him tend to things on his own instead of actively teaching him anything.

No, he more monitored his weaving progress, keeping him close and providing him with inspirational stimuli as needed from the world as he needed it so long as he kept practicing and producing his creations. Otherwise, he traded what his apprentice created under his own name often without even informing Yeuske, just as he had done before without care for anything that had happened to his apprentice. Only his own name instead. It helped him gain all sorts of comforts that he shared just enough of with Yeuske to keep him thriving and humble. He grew to have a rather picky palette for more expensive food (even if in small amounts) because of this.

His work was notably just as good as his mother's, though much more tuned and to refined emotional impact, that of which was very carefully nurtured and impacted into his artistic nature. Anything that struck his interest came first, but at a distance for him to properly gain interest from without tainting it. Close to his heart, far from his hands.

Even if he had been a very submissive boy and apprentice, there was a notch in Yeuske's mind that fueled a desire to break away from this. This fire was fuelled even more upon having been found worthy of being a Candidate, something that he quickly took much time out of his weaving and practice for. Ichiryusai was anything but happy about this, as Yeuske wasn't focusing on his apprenticeship as much as he wanted him to. Especially due to the distance now between them, his influence was more than a little lost, leading to a growing passive aggression for his student over the distance and lack of creations being sent to him. But there was little to no time for his craft anymore. Only times he used that were supposed to be for eating, or on what breaks he could get. Yeuske had tried to set himself as devoted he had to be in order to become a candidate worthy of Impressing a dragon and potentially becoming more than what he was raised to be. No longer only an apprentice weaver. What he was told would be his future. And he believed he was doing well to become greater.
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Sun Sep 02, 2018 12:31 am

What type of candidate is your character: Dual.

What color/s are you willing to impress to?:
Anything, he's willing to take the responsibility.
What color/s does your character want?:
He's inclined more towards the aesthetics of a white, but it's for no reason other than that. Otherwise, no.
Do you/your character have any personality preferences or concerns?:
Though he wouldn't be immediately inclined towards one with a brash or rough personality, I think that even one he wouldn't immediately prefer would be interesting to see alongside him. A contrast could help him learn to express himself more and be less cold, but one that matches him might help him feel more comfortable with how his behavior works.
Do you/your character have any other preferences or concerns?:
Yeuske's highest worry is that his won't allow him to create its likeness in his weavings or won't strike his inspiration, but the emotion he feels from having a success would probably be enough for a piece.
Why do you think these choice/s would be a good fit?:
Since he's not very emotionally open beyond his odd expression, I would love to see influence from his bond and vice versa with either something contrasting against him or melding well, mostly to see how his mentality develops from it. He's willing to tolerate a personality that grates him just because of the fact it's his. One that melds well with his personality could help him become settled in who he is, who he should be. Either way they could teach him something.

Do you have any preferences about the conditions of your character’s impression?:
No general preferences, as I feel like either initial failure or lack of such could have good potential.
Are you alright with your character getting hurt? What injury level is acceptable/what should be avoided?:
I'm perfectly alright with Yeuske getting hurt. He has a stubborn streak and a higher pain tolerance, so injury won't hinder him too badly if it does happen.

Is there anything you will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept?:
No, I'm interested in any potential for my character and would love to see what happens from there.
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