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"Snow is white beacuse its forgoten what color its suposed to be


NAME: Cecile C.C.
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers

BIRTHDATE: Summer of 2748
AGE: 19 as of 2768
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Apprentice Harper

EYES: Golden brown
HAIR: Blond
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5,6 - Average but thin
PLAY-BY: C.C. (Code Geass)
C.C. is a beautiful girl when it comes to looks. For while she is average in height and build she do feuter the curves and shapes of a young woman and the grace of a trained performer. Long pale blond hair reaches down to her waist and is cut in the front, leaving her with forhead covering bangs reaching just above her golden brown eyes.

Eyes which in just the right kind of bright light will look almost golden, rather than just a bright shade of brown.

Having no true preference for color or clothing C.C. can often be seen weary many styles and colors. Though tend to weary open cut dresses or long shirts with either tightly bound pants or shorts depending on the weather and the day's task. She is not one to wear complicated clothing for lessons or physical tasks revolving around candidacy. And while she prefers loss hair she will pull her hair into twin ponytails or just a single one to get it out of the way.

Cold - Apathetical - Selfish - Willful - Lonely

C.C. will to most appear cold and uncaring as if she is simply watching the world and not truly part of it. Some might interpret this as laziness but those who will soon learn otherwise as she is not one to do nothing as long as it furthers her goal and needs. In that way she is selfish, placing her own wishes and needs before others, at least as long as they are not someone of interest or a needed piece in her wants and needs. Even then they will still almost always come second.

With a tendency to do whatever she wants and have little care for the ones who is affected by her actions. Sometimes purposely using it to confuse or start embers of conflict simply because she can.

Though in truth, C.C. is lonely, having lost everyone who loved her she fears creating and losing connections just as much as making them. This has lead to an odd habit of talking to the air as if another person is there talking with her.

C.C. also has a somewhat obsessive need for spiced bread with cheese.

Master healer Istera (Foster mom) deceased
Jernyman Healer Aresta (Foster sister +3)

Born at healer hall and taken in by Master Healer Istera after her mothers wish to not raise the child for personal reasons. Istera offered to take the girl due to having known the mother in her own youth and despite having drifted apart wished to help her old freind. But also becuase she wanted a second child but had no interest in starting a relationship with a man.

Cecile was raised alongside Istera's own daughter Aresta who quickly became Cecile's best friend and closest companion. The two girls even raised a flitter together after finding a clutch abandoned, the small flitter bonds to Astera but to the girls, the flitter is just as much Cecile's as its Astera's. It is Istera who comes to give Cecile her nickname C.C. it's a "funny" mom's joke Cecilie dose not approve and it turns into somthing only used rarely by her mom

Cecile who seems to enjoy the company of others and the attention she gathers becomes an apprentice harper relatively late at 14 turns. It is within the haper hall she finds her first love in a female student who she has befriended but her feelings aren't returned and their friendships crumble due to the awkward situation that arises.
Due to the closeness of harper and Healer hall Cecile maintains a close relationship with her sister throughout their apprenticeship. Cecile doesn't make that many friends within the hall, and the few she makes are mainly older than her and slowly leave harper hall to join the holds. Leaving Cecile with a feeling of loss and abandonment every time a friend goes away and is swallowed up by a new life outside the hall.

But the biggest blow comes at her sister's rise to journeyman, her most trusted and beloved friend finally no longer an apprentice but the happiness is short-lived as Astera means to travel to Telgar hold to further her studies and work as a healer. Their mother agrees to the idea but Cecile is hurt by it feeling that her sister, her best friend is abandoning her. And of crouse their flitter, or rather Astera's flitter has to go with Astera.

Hurty and angry she doesn't say goodbye to her sister and focuses all her energy on her craft. With the fires near Fort the hold is flooded with outsiders and a lack of food rises. Barly into winter Istera falls sick, already weakened from the lack of food and overworking to help the refuges she passes away. Cecile is heartbroken and angry at the world, her sister, Istera's true daughter is nowhere to be found and the last person she loved is gone. Alone and bitter at the world she compelty adopts the name C.C. ignoring any communication with her actual name. Then she seeks to leave fort hold. Leave the pain behind, a bright blue search dragon makes that a reality. But the dragon also places a new fire in C.C's heart. Someone who will never leave or betray her, someone who will always love her. With the dream of a lifemate she enters candidacy and shortly into Candidacy at fort requests to be transferred to High Reach Weyr.

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What type of candidate is your character: Dragon

What color/s are you willing to impress to?: Would love to see her on one of the bigger dragon colors, preferably a bronze or a brown.
What color/s does your character want?: She is looking to impress.. to what she doesn't know yet...
Do you/your character have any personality preferences or concerns?: She wants a dragon who will love her and never leave her, though not one who is overly sugar sweet. I however like the idea of a dragon committed to her but i don't want them to be a puppy running in her heals. Maybe someone to rival her need for love with a mean streak, someone to push her to her edges to get her to do her absolute best (be it good or evil) rather she wants to or not.
Do you/your character have any other preferences or concerns?: it has to be a dragon.....
Why do you think these choice/s would be a good fit?:

Do you have any preferences about the conditions of your character’s impression?: X
Are you alright with your character getting hurt? What injury level is acceptable/what should be avoided?: C.C. is open to get hurt, minor injury such as small cuts, scratches, and bruises are fully open at any hatching.

Is there anything you will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept?: Green and Gold..... something sugary, puppy sweet personality wise.
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