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"It's sad to know I'm done. But looking back, I've got a lot of great memories."


RETIRE INFO: Dragon - Adopt / Character - Retire
NAME: Glaidan, will accept any nickname you come up with
PRONOUNS: He/him/his
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual (he says, but he's actually bisexual)

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2710
AGE: 57 as of 2767
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Master Vinter and Wher Candidate

EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Short and fluffy looking 'salt-and-pepper' colored hair
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5"8, has fallen out of shape to a degree but is still generally in good fitness. Does not have a flat stomach for sure.
PLAY-BY: Robert de Niro
Glaidan has an oval shaped face, a large nose, and beige skin. His features have fallen over time with age and has his fair share of wrinkles, his most prominent being the laughter lines created by smiling often. To this day, he is unsure if he should grow a beard or not, and can be seen with anywhere from a minuscule amount of stubble to a bushy beard.

A few scars line Glaidan's body, nothing major or noticeable, a scratch here or there from an accident or two, a small burn mark on his right hand, but nothing big that make him stand out in a crowd. He often wears shirts that have collars, thinking that they make him look 'cool' and 'hip'.

Glaidan is witty old man with a golden heart at his center. A gentleman through and through, he respects all that treat him with the same respect and kindness. A party animal and a bit of a brawler from back in his youth, to this day he still has a bit of a 'wild' streak, looking for the most fun to get out of a situation merely for the stories he'll have to tell people when the end comes around. He may not be able to do the most daring of stunts anymore, but that doesn't mean that he wouldn't try.

A bit of a chatterbox when he gets going, Glaidan has a story for nearly every occasion and almost every possible situation. He knows when to keep shut, however, and is very understanding of others wanting him to be quiet when they just don't want to listen to him. He never really wants to cause any trouble and thinks that the smoothest way to have a good life is to cause as little problems as possible for as many people as possible. He's made it this far without causing much terror and he plans on keeping that going. He is also, by chance, a great listener. Sometimes the best stories aren't his own, and he loves hearing tales, be them happy or sad, from anyone willing to let him listen.

He is a sweetheart when it comes to his close friends or his family, trusting them with his life. As a grandfather, Glaidan knows his way around both the young and the old. If anyone he knows is in any family or relationship trouble or needs general help, he'd gladly offer himself as anything from a couple's counselor to a babysitter or anything in between (that wouldn't kill him) to aid them.

Father: Glasven (deceased)
Mother: Idanin (deceased)
Brother: Glavenin
Sister-In-Law: Maerrin
Niece: Malvei
Sister: Glaivan
Brother-In-Law: Herdremis
Nephew: Herdrevan
Wife: Taulla
Son: Taidan
Daughter-In-Law: Atore
Grandaughter: Taiore
Grandaughter: Atairan
Daughter: Glaila
Son-In-Law: Takaryan
Grandson: Glayran
Grandaughter: Karila
Grandson: Ryilan
Grandson: Talyan
Born the eldest child to a journeyman of the Vinter variety and his wife, Glaidan was raised to succeed where his father failed in never becoming a master Vinter, as were his brother and sister. The three grew up, each born one year after the other, in close company with each other, learning after one another and their father, as well as a few masters, until they had little more to learn from their small family means. Eventually, the three graduated from their time as apprentices and made it to the ranking of journeymen, as their father had.

Glaidan often went out with his surprisingly sizable mass of childhood friends (including his two younger siblings and his best friend Creste), partying the night away until he either blacked out or got bored and went home. Many times this would either end up with the group in trouble or in danger, shenanigans would often always ensue, and if they didn't? One of them would start cracking jokes as they found a place to sit down and chat with each other until they had nothing left to chat about. Stories were of value to his friends, not secrets or knowledge, fairy tales and experiences were worth their weight in gold. Eventually, the times where they had nothing to do became their time to figure out who could come up with the best story on the spot. While not good at it at first, Glaidan became very good at creating these stories for his friends and family. He eventually got married to one of the girls he knew, Taulla, a daughter of another Vinter and a journeywoman herself. The two were happy and enjoyed every moment they spent together, especially when they found out that she was pregnant. Their firstborn son came along without a hitch, and their daughter came two years later. The family grew up secure and happy, Glaidan's stories entertaining the kids until the stories until they turned into the teachings of how to be a Vinter.

Several years later, after many lessons under the masters themselves, Glaidan moved up to the level of Master Vinter. A proud man with a prouder family, he found himself enjoying his new position. As the decades passed by him and journeymen came and went, along with a good collection of grandkids, he became bored with his achievements. It got to a point where the same action over and over for years began to give him a headache. He needed a new place. Maybe he'd set up a little family-run brewery, maybe he would assimilate into weyr life, but he needed a change of pace. Taking his family and moving them to High Reaches weyr, he decided to build up a brewery to continue to sustain themselves.

After a few years, Glaidan became fascinated with the working of the weyr, always attending hatching after hatching. Watching the younger citizens match up with their dragons and whers, he realized that he would have loved to be a candidate in his youth, to have a dragon of his own would have been a wonderful thing. Yet, he was old, dragons were for the young and able. It completely slipped his mind that candidacy for whers had no age limit, and once he realized, he quickly became one. His wife may not have wanted him to do such a thing, in fact, she tried to bargain against him, but in the end, his thrill-seeking years came back to 'haunt' him, and he's up for one last kick at the can.

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Posts: 558
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NAME: Glaisk
BIRTHDATE Early Winter 2768
AGE: Newborn as of 2768

LENGTH: 14ft
HEIGHT: 5.75ft
HEX CODE: #b2b5db
An intimidating wher without any sort of fear. Glaisk is powerful, with a presence to them that quiets a room. They are a terrifying visage with a calm and sometimes intimidating gaze. A dark blue that is almost black, they have a very noticeable metallic sheen to them, becoming a pale-blue. Their markings are of a near-new moon, pale and almost white. One would would not be mocked for thinking they are just a large white. Their face, like so many, is a pale skull, and something about their usually calm gaze makes them a little more unsettling. This is fine, it is all fine.

A great calamity is coming. Whereas [Black Rider] is concerned about balance, Glaisk is concerned with only the harvest. Death is not an end, it is a job. This wher would do fine dealing with the dying, or handling bodies. There is only a harvest, they are no lordly being. No gold and no bronze, just a harvest, just a poor miller and all of humanity is their fields to reap. Or perhaps tend to. Glaisk is overall fairly easy to get along with, and hardly a malicious sort of wher. They are just a wher, one with a more stable vision.

To their handler, Glaisk is content to let them do whatever they please. They would rather be as non-invasive as possible in their lives. To work as they wish, to do as they wish, as long as the wher is permitted to do whatever. Meddling is a bitter intrusion and they will say as much. That said, this wher will have no problems biting the hand of their handler off, or attacking others if sufficiently provoked. They do not start fights, they finish them.

VOICE: The voice of an old ghost, Glaisk sounds whispy and as unsettling as the tomb.
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