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Ginny of green Elencith

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Ginny of green Elencith




NAME: Ginny
GENDER: female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers

BIRTHDATE: Late Summer 2745
AGE: twenty-five Turns as of Late Summer 2770
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: youngest sister, rider, former spy, wingleader
WING: Minuet

EYES: blue
HAIR: red
HEIGHT AND BUILD: five feet and eight inches, tough
PLAY-BY: Bonnie Wright
FULL APPEARANCE: Ginny is a tiny powerhouse. Underestimate her at your own risk, because her petite frame can pack a punch. She's considered very pretty with her blue eyes and freckles, and carries herself like she knows that. She dresses the part of a pretty green rider - just a little more frivolous than her brown and blue riding brothers, though no less functional. She keeps her cosmetic use to a minimum, but she has a weakness for colored nails.

PERSONALITY: Just like Ginny is a lot of strength in a small package, she has a lot of personality for how small she is. She has far more energy than she looks like she should, and the stamina to keep going for days with minimum rest. She knows her own mind very well, and does not deliberate or agonize over her course of action.

She does have a tendency to become shy around people she likes. This often backfires on her, as it doesn't allow the people she is interested in to get to know her in ways that might make that interest mutual. Several Turns of effort have made it easier to be herself around attractive people, but she can get very quiet, very quickly, when unexpectedly confronted with someone she likes.

Her lively personality lends itself to accurate impressions of others. She can imitate well known people so accurately that she can convince others that someone is in the room who is not. In particular, she has a very accurate imitation of the weyrling master's assistant at Ista. A very distinctive 'hem hem'.

  • Mother -Molly, steward of Semaca
  • Father - Arthur
  • Brother - Bill
  • Brother - Charlie
  • Brother - Percy
  • Brother - Gred of blue Lyuuth
  • Brother - Forge of brown Onjuth
  • Brother - Ron

Ginny was born the youngest of seven, the only girl born to her parents. She was her parents' darling, with six brothers.

Ginny was not, officially, a candidate when the Brooms and Hoops clutch hatched. She was a couple months shy of fifteen when the first egg cracked, and should not have been on the Sands at all. But the candidate master had a soft spot for the vivacious teen, and she was allowed to watch the proceedings from the candidate master's side. This backfired on the old woman when the red Ten Points a Score hatched into the dottiest little green ever to grace Ista's sands.

Ginny? Are you Ginny? You look like my Ginny. I am your Elencith! We will be best friends!

And so Molly and Arthur's youngest was catapulted into the world of dragon riders before her time. The twins, Gred and Forge, Impressed at the same clutch, and they kept an eye on their little sister as they went through weyrling training. Not that she had much trouble. Ginny took to riding better than a duck to water, or a fire lizard to flight. She and Elencith were always at the top of their class, always practicing their latest skills.

Ginny and Elencith were part of one of Ista's high-flying wings from the moment they graduated. Two wingleaders asked her to join their wings, so she went with the higher altitude wing. That was where she met Luna and white Loveth. The other rider was roughly the same age, but a clutch behind Ginny. She was a trifle odd, but Ginny found that charming. She spent a great deal of time courting the whiterider.

When Emma requested spies to send to Semaca, to make sure it had not turned into another tragedy like Fort, Ginny wanted Luna to come with her. The whiterider insisted that she was needed at Ista. Ginny went instead with the twins, posing as regular transfers.

Her mission is to find out how Semaca's leadership fares, but Ginny is quickly falling in love with the Southern Continent. It's so similar to Ista, and yet not. There is desert, yes, but there is also jungle, and coast, and so much water. When Emma recalls the trio, Ginny may stay.
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  • sends letters to Emma regarding the potential tensions between Semaca and Benden
  • gets into a fist fight with Liyanel on the hatching sands
  • Emma recalls her spies to Ista - Ginny stays.
  • Late Summer 2770 - Promoted to wingleader of Minuet
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NAME: Elencith
BIRTHDATE Spring 2760
AGE: ten Turns as of Early Fall 2770



LENGTH: twenty-six feet
HEIGHT: seven feet
WINGSPAN: forty-two feet
COLOR: green
FULL APPEARANCE: What a spotty dotty thing! Elencith is a beautiful green, standing out for her bright hide and unique markings. Standing at an average height, most would consider her just another green if it were not for how incredibly bright she is. Her hide is a brilliant spring coloration that lightly fluxes from her body to her wings. As if that was not enough, her body is covered in small clusters of speckles and dots, like little nebulas and clouds of sparkle across her entire body. They are most heavily concentrated across her face, chest, and legs, but can be seen across her wing sails and down her tail just as easily as everywhere else.

PERSONALITY: Elencith is by far the beauty of the Triad, in both looks and personality. She is as sweet as fresh bubbly pies in everything she does, approaching friend and foe alike with a single-minded cheer that cannot be broken by anything short of outright violence. She loves making friends, and will go out of her way to get to know strangers in an effort to create a wider network of companions for herself and her rider. She is a very work-driven dragon, loving the feeling of completing something and having put in good, hard work on it. She loves to find little projects to entertain herself, such as helping with weyrlings in lessons or helping haul supplies for the lower caverns folks - things that spread happiness and good energy throughout those around her.

She is a very jumpy, flirty thing when it comes to her flights, focusing on the love of the chase and the joy that comes with it. She detests shows of violence and believes that people should speak with actions, not just words in all they do. She is excellent at helping those who need a boost, and will go out of her way to uplift and work through problems with her friends who might be struggling. She's very much a rider's girl - the bond she has with her bonded is inseparable and they share everything together. She just wants the world to be a brighter place, a place where all can thrive in happiness and prosperity.

Is that too much to ask?


Clutch: Brooms and Hoops (Quidditch)
Details: Elencith hatched from a very red egg. She had to go looking for Ginny, who was not offered as an official candidate for that clutch, though she was only a few months shy of fifteen.

Ten Points a Score

This egg is little and red. It looks as though it was pieced together from leather, and doesn't move much. Some speculate that it is a white, or will otherwise have a difficult time hatching.
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NAME: Glaurung
BIRTHDATE Early Spring 2771
AGE: newborn as of Early Spring 2771

SIZE: medium
COLOR: brown
HEX CODE: #bb894e

Glaurung looks like a ember given wings. From the top, he's a dark, burnt brown that gives way to a lighter, more yellow brown on his underside. His head is entirely dark, while his belly fairly glows, like a banked fire, and the only thing missing is a fine layer of ash. He's more on the medium side, all things considered.


It's a good thing Glaurung is not particularly given to sneakiness. He prefers to make his presence known with loud stompning and perfunctory wingbeats. He's a mobile, active fire lizard that won't watch something if he can jump on it instead. His favorite food turns out to be bugs, and he has been known to toss his extras in the coals of a banked fire to keep for later.
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