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Risae of green Savanth

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Risae of green Savanth


"Hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams."


NAME: Risae
GENDER: female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers
ORIENTATION: aromantic demigreysexual

BIRTHDATE: Late Fall 2734
AGE: thirty-two as of Early Summer 2767
OCCUPATION: rider, figure of gossip, beleaguered older sister
WING: Minuet

EYES: blue
HAIR: brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: five feet eight inches, slim
PLAY-BY: Meghan Ory

The especially observant might tell Risae's mood from her appearance. When she is feeling vulnerable, she wears heavy cosmetics. Her long nearly-black hair is impeccably curled, and she will wear better quality clothing. Her long, sharp-tipped nose and plush lips will form the kind of sneer that nothing can pacify.

Those are the bad days.

But on good days, Risae wears her curly hair in a loose braid, tied off with a spare bit of ribbon. She genuinely prefers trousers to dresses, but she still likes long tunics. Those are the days her blue eyes shine, and the corners of her mouth might even tilt upwards against their perpetual frown.

PERSONALITY: Risae struggles with a lot of self-image issues. She was raised to be weyrwoman, which required certain personality traits that Risae just never had. So she wore a facade for a long time. So long, in fact, that she still has trouble parsing out what is her actual personality and feelings, and what she had to pretend. The overlap is disturbing.

She has a well-developed fawn response, always wanting to please people, but the presentation of it is twisted. Since she was supposed to be a leader, uncaring of the needs and wants of others, Risae began acting on the opposite of her urges. When she wanted to cry into somebody's shoulder, she would make them cry.

Since Impressing Savanth, Risae is happier. She will probably never be kind, but when she is genuinely happy, she is not cruel. She is still amused by even the crueler side of Savanth's pranks. There may always be that twisted conditioning that tells her that her place is above suffering, but Savanth's presence has already gone far towards fixing that.

  • Child Abuse parents to children, children to siblings
  • Emotional Neglect parents to children

Risae had the dubious honor of being the first child of Weyrwoman Laretta and bronzerider R'sil. She was the favorite, the future weyrwoman. She held the hopes of her parents, and would most certainly Impress gold! Risae was raised to be a child of privilege, guaranteed a gold as soon as she set foot on the Sands. How could this child fail?

Well, not quite. Risae was not a leader. Risae wanted to please everyone, and learned very quickly that she was not acceptable. Her parents were cruel in their expectations, and it twisted her view of herself. Being herself was taboo - all that mattered was what she was supposed to be. She had a standard to achieve and maintain. Individuality was dismissed. When Rilset was born, their parents put him into the same rigorous training. He would be a bronze rider!

So it went with every new child. Risae had to help mold her siblings into metallic riders, even as she began to despair. If she, and Luetta, and then Sido all Impressed golds, surely one of them would have to go to another weyr? How could there possibly be so many gold eggs meant for their family, when gold dragons were so few? Her siblings would remember Risae as being cruel, but there was no one she was more cruel to than herself.

Laretta finally died, weakened in childbirth and too sick to recover. Risae now had five siblings, three girls and two boys, and she hated them all. It didn't occur to her that their parents were the source of her unhappiness, and that if she worked with her siblings, instead of against them, they might all be happier.

Most of them.

Rilset Impressed bronze before Risae managed to get a gold, the first of the weyrwoman's children to continue the family tradition of metallic dragons. Risae was devastated, because now she was in disgrace. True, she was still within candidacy age limits, but time was running terribly short. And gold eggs were not guaranteed with every clutch. The only other one to manage the feat was Sido, and that event sent Risae into near total disgrace. As the eldest, she was supposed to Impress first. Just before she aged out of candidacy, Risae was one-upped once more, this time by a nobody. Nuuth's first gold daughter went to a liberal loudmouth of a candidate, one who had barely been allowed to Stand. Furious, because by now she was convinced that the only way she would ever be accepted was to Impress the next gold, Risae fled Benden.

She did not keep in touch with her family, and they had no way to contact her. Fire lizards were frowned upon, since their Impression was less prestigious. So when Setet appeared at her new home of High Reaches, she hid. That was easy enough - Risae had no status that required her to interact with dragon riders. She never so much as learned his dragon's name, though he had Impressed at the same clutch as Sido. No word ever came of Luetta, so Risae assumed she had aged out.

Risae had never intended to Impress at High Reaches. She just wanted to be away from her family. Even the location was an accident, after a chance dalliance at a Gather led her north. She was Aged Out, a disgrace to her very name. But she was late to the Hatching Grounds when the weyr turned into bystanders for garnet Avellareth's clutch. She entered the Sands, intent on getting into the stands to watch the lucky bastards get their dragons. It was tradition, by now, and Risae had almost mastered the bile that rose in her throat each time a candidate walked away with a dragon.

Green Savanth greeted her not two steps into the Grounds, having left every candidate standing in favor of Benden's failure. Risae spent the next several hours in tears. For the first time in her life, she was seen on her own merits. More importantly, she was loved for them.

Weyrlinghood is not easy. Laretta and R'sil fed their children only fantasies of Impressing metallic in a traditional weyr. Risae has had a lot of long-held beliefs dispelled in some violent ways, and she is sometimes slow to catch up. But with time, and patience, Risae and Savanth have promise.

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  • Early Summer 2765 - Someone left a basket of fire lizard eggs in the weyrling commons! Risae Impressed blue Sapphire with the remnants of the previous night's dinner.
  • Fall 2765 - Weyrleader Kheris transferred to another weyr. Savanth mourned her mother, while Risae was horrified to hear the candidates for the new election. A Fort transfer, forcibly transferred at that, and a bronze rider. She tried talking to a garnet rider about it, only to find that the garnet rider and the bronze rider were siblings.
  • Early Winter 2765 - The weyrling master at High Reaches and the wingleaders she had to pick from convinced Risae to transfer to Semaca. She rode the crest of a wave of transfers, and became yet again the subject of gossip.
  • Late Winter 2765 - Savanth rose in her first Flight! She led a number of males, and eventually chose blue Kreith. Risae spent the entire time drunk, and pretty much refusing to admit she has a weyrmate. Savanth later laid a single-egg clutch.
  • Early Spring 2766 - As sometimes happens with greens, Savanth laid a late egg. By then, the sands at Semaca were quite crowded with eggs from five dragons laid out. Four of the dams, including Savanth, had to share the small Hollow.
  • Late Spring 2766 - Chaos reigns when the Defenders of Solus clutch hatches. Savanth's eggs reveal two beautiful male dragons - blue Bolduth and brown Wisketoth. Nuuth and Risae's sister Sido cause most of the fuss when they reject one of Nuuth's hatchlings. At the Hatching Feast later, Risae gets to know the two girls who Impressed to Savanth's children, and mildly wishes that Kheris could see this.
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NAME: Savanth
BIRTHDATE Early Fall 2764 (Knights)
AGE: four Turns as of Early Fall 2768



The Defenders of Solus Clutch - Late Spring 2766
sands shared with Gold Nuuth, Garnet Guiloth, and Garnet Xiometh
Sire - Blue Kreith (Wes)
Combat Rhythm - Brown Wisketoth
Walking Stump - Blue Bolduth


LENGTH: thirty feet
HEIGHT: seven feet six inches
WINGSPAN: forty-five feet
COLOR: Green
HEX CODE: #4B7602
FULL APPEARANCE: Savanth is a very pretty medium grass green that covers her body from head to toe. A lighter yellow-green seems to burst into markings on her paws, head, and tail tips; two sun-like starburst markings also cover her wing sails, appearing to almost glow brilliantly. Her colors, while not the loudest, do seem to get your attention and keep it as they dance over her frame. She is built solidly, a sturdy yet elegant little creature who is graced with a strong frame, strong wings, and a strong ability to perform well in whatever she is likely to pursue. Willowy but well-built, Savanth is a dragon for all things, who is ready to take on the world one lively step at a time.

PERSONALITY: Savanth is much like her sister in that she is young at heart but strong at core. She is a creature of empathy, being able to read people very well and know exactly what to say to them in any given situation. This is a trick she's learned to use when she needs to get something or needs a situation to go a certain way; she's calculating, but she rarely uses this for her own gain. Instead, she tries to use it to diffuse situations and create better environments. She's playful, but has a cruel streak to her humor. She never really intends to hurt people with it; more, she's a trickster and loves to push buttons. She has a sensitive streak to her, but often hides it, uncertain of it and sometimes seeing it to be a weakness she has to protect from others who could abuse it.

She is eager to please those she finds worthy of her friendship and loyalty, and will go to great lengths for them. However, it takes time and evidence that it is worth her putting herself on the line before she will go out of her way to do something for others. Although she comes across as young and sweet, she has a core of steel, and with it comes a resolve that is unshakable. When she sets her mind to something, she cannot be taken from the path, and will follow through on it to the ends of the earth. She is excellent at weaving together illusions on things like how she is feeling or how things are going, never revealing her truest thoughts to any but her rider and closest allies.

Voice: Savanth's voice is sweet yet stern, loving yet unyielding.


Clutch: The Dark Kingdom [Knights]
Dam: Garnet Avellareth
Sire: Blue Nyaeth
Hatching Number: two of five
Impression Number: two of five
Details: Savanth initially seemed more concerned with drying herself than Impressing. She took her time picking a rider, first admiring the lot of them, and then weaving her way through candidates. She finally headed out of the Sands, searching for Risae, who was late.


Sunshine Daisy

Never forget, my precious one, that mischief must be tempered with kindness, and that kindness is no weakness
This egg is close in size to the first, though slightly bigger. It is a brilliant shade of green over its entirety, and has a playful feel, with an edge to it.
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BIRTHDATE Early Summer 2765
AGE: two as of Early Summer 2767

COLOR: blue
HEX CODE: #09426b
FULL APPEARANCE: Sapphire got his name from his brilliant color. He looks like he belongs on the shoulder of some Master Harper, being so close to the proper shade of Harper blue. His wings are lighter than the rest of his body.

PERSONALITY: He's beautiful, and he knows it. Sapphire loves nothing quite so much as being fussed over. This means he takes pretty easily to training, as long as he gets adequate attention. He makes a good ally, because he prefers to get Risae or Savanth's attention over strangers.
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