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E'nyo of White Nohadoth

Wed Jun 27, 2018 6:27 am

E'nyo of White Nohadoth

"Flick a switch and open your third eye; you'd see that we should never be afraid to die."
-Muse, Uprising


NAME: E'nyo, previously Erenyo
GENDER: Female, cis
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2740
AGE: 26 as of 2766
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr, but at Fort frequently to see Molly, and elsewhere often because she likes being places!
OCCUPATION: Whiterider
WING: Minuet Wing

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
HEIGHT AND BUILD: Naturally curvy, muscular with a layer of fat. 5'5"
PLAY-BY: Art by yoccu
FULL APPEARANCE: E'nyo has a medium skin tone, not quite dark, but certainly not light either. She wears her straight hair cropped, a short mess of black. Her clothing choice tends to be simple and utilitarian, generally in earthy colors if that's what she can get her hands on. By her side, on a belt, she wears a (rather dull and nicked) knife. Despite its leather sheath, she does little to hide it. Her off-hand, the left, has a thick scar along the palm, resulting in reduced mobility.

In build, E'nyo is a relatively curvy woman, with a short waist, wide hips, and broad shoulders. Her natural body structure is emphasized with no small amount of softness, but not in the absence of powerful, lean muscle. E'nyo stands around 5'8", perhaps a bit taller, but she is certainly not a towering woman. Despite being in her mid twenties, E'nyo could pass for a few years younger. Her youthful appearance is largely due to her feminine, dainty facial features--soft, even muted, and small, perhaps pretty, but not quite beautiful. E'nyo has thin, delicately arched eyebrows; a small, slender nose; and pale lips, hardly full. Her eyes are a deep, warm brown, with flecks of amber.

She is naturally stealthy, able to sneak around without being noticed, and she is adequate at fighting. After all, such a thing might someday be necessary, and if it is, she wants to have that skill.

PERSONALITY: Humor, likes messing with people. Protective, loyal. Determined, stubborn. Leadership qualities. Wants to be the very best. Somewhat politically involved. Queen of taking things too far. Competitive. Show-off. Doesn't trust easily.

E'nyo is largely extroverted, and enjoys being with people. She's not especially friendly, though, as she prefers messing with people. Her sense of humor tends to put people off. Despite usually having a joke or two to crack, E'nyo has a very serious side, one that is cold, calculating, and harsh, that comes out in extreme stress. Sometimes her anger is fury, such as when a friend is in danger, but when it comes to other situations, she is cold and decisive. Certainly, E'nyo is protective and loyal, almost to an extreme. She is determined to do whatever she sets her mind to, and rarely abandons anything or anyone. Rigid and stubborn, she pursues even when it seems pointless to do so, and will never give up, partially out of pride, but partially out of dedication. In many ways, she can be a strong leader, and enjoys having some measure of control. Although a bit controlling and bossy, E'nyo has a lot of hangups about being responsible for others, even if she likes to take charge.

She is definitely willing to use force, extortion, coercion, blackmail, bribery...and a whole range of other sketchy things, just to accomplish her long as she doesn't hurt someone she actually cares about. According to E'nyo, the ends don't JUST justify the means--the means are entirely irrelevant and often necessary if one hopes to see true change. In the end, she tries to do her best in almost every aspect of life, though she may act as if she isn't motivated to do so, by the casual and laid-back attitude she usually portrays. She is not an egalitarian, despite her belief that she stands for freedom and equality; she feels as though those in power--the weyrleaders, the lord holders, and definitely most metallics--always abuse it, and those who lack power--the poor, disenfranchised, and holdless--should overthrow them. Certainly, she is an advocate for the weak, and a voice for the disenfranchised. She doesn't trust people--people, as a whole, are awful--so she's no longer willing to put her hide on the line to create social change for those who won't even be grateful or care. That said, she will do whatever it takes to protect those she cares about. She is fiercely loyal, and would give her life for certain people without needing to think about it.

Despite often acting calm, E'nyo is prone to getting carried away--and often takes things too far. E'nyo can be rather competitive, when it comes to it, and generally enjoys being the best at things. She views a lot of things as a competition of sorts, just with different stakes. Headstrong, E'nyo will butt heads with anyone who disagrees with her, because obviously, she's right about the thing. She can certainly be opinionated, and even gets defensive. It will take a lot of convincing for her to realize she's wrong, and she may not realize it anyways. Even if she does, that doesn't mean she'll ever admit to it, of course. While she has a tendency towards showing off, with big, obvious acts of courage, she can be quite cautious, particularly in certain situations. She doubts the intentions of others, and is even paranoid at times--courageous and overestimating her own skill (except for the parts she's insecure about, such as protecting or leading others), but certain that others are plotting against her. It is hard for her to get comfortable around others.

E'nyo is constantly teasing others, usually in a sarcastic, somewhat mocking manner. She's the type to make fun of your flaws, assuming that it won't hurt you. If she actually likes you, she'll be a bit less ruthless about it. Around those that she cares for, few as they may be, she will act surprisingly playful and teasing. Rather than simply dry sarcasm, she may act a little more goofy, teasing and possibly even playing pranks. She can be a bit mischievous, preferring chaotic environments and excitement. Fiercely protective and always willing and ready to throw down, E'nyo gets in a lot of fights and scuffles for others' sakes. Mess with someone she cares about? She'll kick your ass, she'll kick your dragon's ass, she'll kick her own ass. No ass goes unkicked. Overall, she can be a real jerk, but her intentions are often noble, to some degree, at least where her few loved ones are concerned. She has become angry and bitter over the years, though, and yearns for revenge against those who have wronged her.

FAMILY: Aenyera (mother), Kero (father) - Deceased
-Fostered in a cothold - foster family?
tw: Death
[A'lin profile]
Erenyo was born in 2740, well into the interval war, to a poor couple in Fort Hold. Her parents were older, and her father needed assistance walking. Erenyo often helped out from a young age. Her mother succumbed to an illness, due to poor conditions making recovery harder, when Erenyo was 12. Her father gave up on life without his beloved wife, and passed shortly after. Despite this, Erenyo loved her parents, and missed them dearly when they passed. She was sent to a nearby cothold, and although the family who tried to raise her was kind, Erenyo was not their child. It felt brutally evident--they'd always forget to bring her treats from gathers and markets, and she never received the love their birth children did. When she was 14, she ran away.

After this, Erenyo loved among a holdless group for several years, migrating with them, often living in abandoned cotholds or small cave systems. She eventually became a leader to some of them, and those she led broke off from the main group. She did her best for those she considered to be her 'people,' caring for them and providing for them--and learning to defend them, when needed. She had two close friends, and together they frequented the area in and around a minor hold. There was some "prejudice" (justified mistrust) towards them, as they were a group of vagrants. Although finally free from petty politics, squabbling, and wars, Erenyo hoped to take over or find something for her people to live in. She kept tabs on politics and current events, of course.

The new pass arrived, and thread came with it. Even with the war over, it didn't change the disagreements between Weyrs or Holds. It did, however, make the group less migratory, staying in an abandoned cave system near Fort. Shortly after, one of Erenyo's dearest friends, Possindai, surprised her by demanding, backed up by several others, that Erenyo leave, or face consequences. Possindai had seen Erenyo's role of leader and caregiver as one of power, and had slowly turned most of these holdless against Erenyo, misplacing their anger about their situation (holdless, sick, and often hungry) towards their leader. Erenyo refused, trying to call a bluff, but she was attacked as a result, with an improvised knife. Deflecting the attack with her hand, she received a nasty cut, which would get infected but eventually heal. Erenyo agreed to leave, but her other dear friend, Kalieri, wished to accompany her. Erenyo was left bitter, and still yearns for her revenge on Possindai, and the others who turned against her, regardless of the help and care she'd given them.

Shortly after leaving, a mixture of poor weather, illness, and malnutrition led to Kalieri's death. Erenyo tried to care for her, but her death, although painful, was still quick. Shortly after, Erenyo found a fire lizard egg, and Impressed to green Mid, at the age of 18. Since Fort Weyr and High Reaches Weyr both seemed unsafe, Erenyo eventually found her way to Igen Weyr. At first, she felt as though she would not be welcomed into the Weyr. Perhaps they would let her be a drudge, but what kind of life was that? She snuck into Igen's lower caverns, and made her home there for a short period of time, before she was discovered by a searchrider. The rider would have had her head, but his dragon insisted that she had search potential.

From 19 to 21, she was a candidate. During her candidacy, she was taught several skills, as her upbringing had left her illiterate and uneducated, beyond what she'd taught herself or learned to survive. She could read simple things by the time of Impression. The fateful hatching included the first female bronzerider that Erenyo had ever heard of, as well as a small white dragon, who deliberately chose Erenyo, and demanded to be fed immediately, because he was absolutely starving. She was shocked, and it was hard for her to have a dragon know her so intimately. It was a struggle at first, but she grew to be able to rely on him.

Despite disliking metallics, one of the weyrlings in her class was a female bronzerider. Of course, that was normally no cause for alarm--interesting, yes, but not alarm. The way others treated A'lin, though...that was unfair. E'nyo defended this metallic rider, even if it ostracized her. Perhaps by some accounts, the low-ranking whiterider shouldn't have spoken up, but she couldn't believe they were mistreating a metallic. She quickly befriended A'lin, and grouped her outside of the typical metallics. She wasn't going to let someone be picked on by that, especially not for who she happened to Impress. Why did male bronzeriders get to do whatever they wanted, but A'lin wasn't even allowed to Impress her own sharding dragon?

E'nyo grew to hate Igen with a passion, and was more than happy to transfer to the first available Weyr. A'lin transferred to Fort when E'nyo was around 23, and the whiterider followed, thinking it to be the best option. The peacekeeping aspect, especially, spoke to her, even if she was more chaotic and less generous, these days. Any weyr would have those who abused power--it was up to E'nyo to make sure they didn't harm the underprivileged. It was not to last, however. When E'nyo was around 24, the Titans left the Weyr, following a brown's unfair banishment by Serapheth. She spoke critically about the Weyr, and ended up fleeing to the Summerlands, and was taken in by the titans, to form Semaca. Since things have settled down at Fort Weyr, though, she often goes to visit A'lin.

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NAME: Nohadoth
BIRTHDATE Spring 2761 - Same clutch as Tasikheth (A'lin/Molly)
AGE: 5 as of 2766
Gender: Male

LENGTH: 28.75 feet
HEIGHT: 7 feet
WINGSPAN: 45 feet
COLOR: White
HEX CODE: #ffffff/white
FULL APPEARANCE: Nohadoth is mostly a stark white, with little in the ways of markings. His few markings appear as a marbling of grays on the white of his hide, giving him an appearance as if carved from marble. As far as size goes, he's on the larger end of the spectrum--not absurdly so, for a white, but certainly above average. Nohadoth tops out at nearly 29 feet in length, and around 7.25 in height. Notably, his wings are quite long, at just about 45 feet in length, giving him a good amount of maneuverability in the air. He's a little scrawny-looking, but stronger than he appears. His legs, long for the rest of his body, give him a lanky appearance. In terms of "grace," Nohadoth excels in the air--but is a bit clumsy on his feet. His tail and limbs are long and thin, he can't help it! He doesn't have much in terms of endurance, but can be quite quick. As far as facial features go, he is quite a handsome, if not generic, sort of dragon.

PERSONALITY: 50% cool and collected, 50% defensive and angry. Teasing, sarcastic, swears a lot. Rash, daredevil, reckless, impulsive. Rebellious, opinionated. Troublemaker, prankster, trickster. Caring. Emotionally closed off. Flirty. Daring. Romantic.

Overall, Nohadoth seems like a very relaxed, calm dragon at first. Sure, he likes teasing people, and is quite sarcastic, but he doesn't seem the type to have much of a temper. He swears like a sailor, but it rarely is an indicator of irritation. Surprisingly, he's rather quick to anger, but it is sudden, quick, and emotional--and comes out of nowhere. He can be quite defensive, and even vicious. The only thing that is guaranteed to make him fly into a true rage is if someone he cares about is threatened. While he generally seems cool and collected, he can be a bit rash and foolish at times, even when not angry. He's a daredevil, reckless and impulsive, but he'll act cool while doing crazy stunts.

Above all, Nohadoth is a rebel. He agrees with his bonded on her positions regarding revolution, and dislikes authority. He will always speak his mind, and is quite opinionated. While he doesn't hold grudges, he tends to butt heads quite frequently. He also enjoys causing trouble, and has a teasing, mischievous streak. He is rarely serious, and often sarcastic. While he enjoys playing pranks and messing with people, he rarely does anything malicious. He has a king heart, caring for people's well-being, but rarely shows it. He especially cares for children and animals. While he has a sensitive, caring side, it should be noted that he refuses to let people in or trust for quite a while.

Despite being asexual, Nohadoth loves to flirt with other dragons. He is unlikely to chase, but surprisingly, he may attempt to. Not for the mating bit, no--but if he ever actually falls for another dragon, despite his guarded exterior, he may want to woo them in the skies. He may also want to do something daring, or be intrigued by an interesting chase. He's surprisingly romantic, with a sensitive side, but he rarely lets those other than E'nyo see it. That said, any relationships of any kind will involve a lot of arguments and making up. He loves adventures.

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NAME: Mid, but also officially Midnight
BIRTHDATE Winter 2759
AGE: 7 as of Spring 2767

LENGTH: Very small
COLOR: Green
HEX CODE: #023504
FULL APPEARANCE: This fire lizard is absolutely tiny, even for a green. She doesn't even look fully grown, but has always been a bit of a runt. As far as fire lizards go, this one is not very pretty. She is scrawny, with visible ribs, and her maw looks somewhat crooked and uneven. Her color is pretty, at least--a soft green, fading into a deeper shade, flecked with nearly-white specks that are strangely reminiscent of stars in the night's sky, if you can get past the fact that the night's sky is green. Her night-sky appearance led to the name Midnight--however, Erenyo often called her “Mid,” and she took to the name so much that she doesn’t recognize Midnight as her name.

PERSONALITY: Mid is a bit forgetful, but boy, does she try to be a good, well-behaved fire lizard. She just gets a bit excited sometimes, and it totally slips her mind that Erenyo doesn’t like it when she sleeps in the furs after rolling around in the mud! She doesn’t try to be a troublesome one...that’s just how it works out. She can understand and do simple, short-term commands, but if asked to deliver a message, for example, she will entirely forget. Erenyo seems to overlook her fire lizard’s shortcomings, especially as Mid is a sweet and gentle creature. She's exceptionally kind, and loves shiny things. She might take shiny things that she finds that belong to someone else--after all, sometimes it's okay when she finds a shiny on the ground and keeps it, and what's the difference between that scrap of metal and your priceless ring? Of course, she's willing to share her shinies!
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