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Shouta of Brown Duoth

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Shouta of Brown Duoth

"There's no room for carelessness or holding back"


RETIRE INFO: Character-Retire, Dragon-Adopt
NAME: Shouta
ORIENTATION: Biromantic Demisexual

BIRTHDATE: Late Fall 2740
AGE: 29 as of 2769
OCCUPATION: Dragonrider
WING: Nocturne Wing

EYES: Gray
HAIR: Black
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'0", athletic build
PLAY-BY: Shouta
At first glance, Shouta can come off as unkempt. More often than not, he can be seen sporting the uneven stubble of a beard and mustache, but never the full thing. On occasion he can be found clean shaven, but its not a common occurrence. His hair is just past his shoulders, a mess of unorganized wavy black hair. He keeps himself clean, he just doesn't feel the need to go the extra mile with his hair at all.

His eyes are gray, and seem to have a permanent shadow under them. Contrary to the way he carries himself, slightly hunched over and looking barely awake, he isn't nearly as exhausted as he looks. Under his right eye he has a thin scar. It follows the curve of his cheekbone, and stops just before it reaches his ear

Shouta isn't the most social person on the planet. Speaking to others, he tends to come off as bored or sleepy (though that isn't always the case). He has a fairly monotone voice, and is blunt and to the point. While he doesn't necessarily isolate himself, he won't go out of his way to be part of a group. He'll keep to himself, or find a nice secluded spot to nap when he doesn't have work to do.

He is, however, a very dutiful person. He does what is asked of him without complaint, keeping his grievances (should he have any) to himself. If he has a job to do, it takes priority over whatever he may want to do with that time. This doesn't make him a pushover, however. He knows when to be stern, especially with younger people. He can come off as a bit intense and even scary, but it comes from a place of concern, and he hasn't quite mastered a firm, but calm guidance.

Shouta is also a good listener. Though he may not be anyone's first choice to vent to, he'll offer up an ear and give any advice he can. He won't say it out loud, but he secretly enjoys being able to help someone in need.

BIRTHPLACE: A modest cothold
As a child, Shouta didn't have much he was interested in. He didn't seem particularly fond of any particular career path, and many felt he did things out of obligation. In the end, a search dragon showed up and decided he had what it took to be a candidate. The rest of his cothold didn't see it in him, but they encouraged it none the less, hoping it would spark something in Shouta.

Working at a weyr was largely the same, at first. He didn't make much effort to get to know people, did his work, and went off on his own for his free time. The option to be a candidate for impression was the only thing that seemed to spark any interest in him. It took him a while to impress, and with good reason. Duoth wasn't a dragon to be handled lightly.

Though 22 when he impressed Duoth, Shouta took a while to become accustomed to his two very opposite sides. He could handle the calm Duoth, but the angry, aggressive one was more of a challenge. It didn't help that there was a bit of chaos surrounding Fort after the hatching. Once he got a handle of Duoth, he transferred to Semaca.

Semaca seemed like a good place for him. It was a lot quieter and less conflict involved than other Weyrs, even if they were a bunch of rebels. Nothing bad ever seemed to really happen there, until the flood. It took him by surprise, but in a way it strengthened his bond to the place. Now he had a reason to be there, something to help with. He wasn't a builder, but he and Duoth could still try to help in their own ways.
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NAME: Duoth
BIRTHDATE Early Winter 2761
AGE: 7 as of Summer 2769

LENGTH: 40ft
HEIGHT: 10ft
COLOR: Brown
HEX CODE: #7d6f4f
FULL APPEARANCE: Definitely a brown if there ever was one! Duoth looks almost like he was once pale and went out splashing in the mud and just stayed that way. There's swirls and stripes of a neutral brown across his back and tail, like he's been draped in reeds and carefully decorated. His underbelly and most of his wingsails are a pale, almost parchment brown. His feet, tail, nose, and wingtips are a dark, chocolaty brown, stripes flicking across his limbs and sails. He is a stocky brown with a strong, deep chest. His neck and back ridges are smaller than usual, more like nubs than ridges.

PERSONALITY: The creature of extremes arises. Duoth lives up to his name. There are two distinct sides to him and they are both on far ends of the spectrum. The brown is capable of being a totally calm and quiet creature with the patience of a saint or he is a loud and aggressive beast, raring for a fight or confrontation. There is little in between and far less clue as to when one side will emerge over the other. Despite his extreme aggression at times, however, Duoth is a gentle soul at heart and it is most shown to those close to him. He can be a bit slow at times and is likely to get confused when given any long or complicated directions. Speaking of direction, this is one dragon who does not possess an internal compass. When left to find his way alone he will often end up lost until he bumbles into the place he was trying to get to or gets help. This lack of internal direction may cause him to struggle when learning to go Between.

Voice: In terms of voice, Duoth is again a creature of extremes. A masculine tone will either be very quiet and relaxed or very loud and snarly depending on which side one is dealing with.
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