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Ivy of garnet Quinneth

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Ivy of garnet Quinneth

"Now, boys. Didn't your mommies teach you that's not the way to get a lady's attention?"


RETIRE INFO: Retire Ivy/Adopt Quinneth
NAME: Ivy ((Lilliviana))
GENDER: female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers
ORIENTATION: Demiromantic homosexual

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2746
AGE: twenty-four as of Winter 2770
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: rider, local plant expert, that red streak in the distance
WING: Nocturne

EYES: blue-gray
HAIR: brunette, kept short and wavy
HEIGHT AND BUILD: five feet and eight inches, not particularly curvy
PLAY-BY: Georgie Henley
FULL APPEARANCE: Ivy looks a little younger than she is, and that might always be the case. Her heart-shaped face, framed by short, wavy brown hair, looks as innocent as can be. The only indication of her nature comes in highly expressive eyebrows, and the dirt worn into her hands. She has a tendency towards browns and greens when it comes to her wardrobe, and she always seems to be sun-pinked. Freckles only go so far when she's out in the sun as often as she can manage. And being in the sun so much, you'd think she would have some sort of hat arrangement? Not so much. Ivy will end up with squint lines and wrinkles centered around her eyes long before the rest of her face, because her mouth certainly doesn't move enough.

PERSONALITY: Once upon a time, Ivy only wanted to be left alone to her work in the fields. She preferred the company of plants to anything or anyone else. If she cared for the title, she could have quickly become a formal journeyman. Nothing mattered but her work, and anyone who interfered with that work quickly found themselves on her bad side.

Which is not a great place to be, honestly. Ivy is smart, inventive, and crafty when it comes to revenge. She does not forgive slights easily, if ever. The best thing to do if her ire is roused is to wait until her work consumes her again. Which, with a dragon like Quinneth? Doesn't necessarily take long. There is always so much to do that things like revenge and anger use up too much energy. Ivy doesn't so much lose interest as she has a very long memory. Her retaliation can come months or Turns after the initial slight.

FAMILY: father deceased, mother estranged, two brothers, one sister

Lilliviana was born in a field, which sounds like hyperbole, given the rest of her life. Her mother was supposed to be on bedrest for the sevenday leading up to Lilliviana's delivery, but she couldn't be kept in bed. She was too far away from the hold proper to be transported once labor started in earnest, so it was a scary three hours for the field hands with her. One was a teenage girl, while the other a confirmed bachelor without a lick of healing sense.

This youngest of four quickly found her place in the fields, and grew more fond of her plants than anything else on Pern. Which included her human family, and that alienated them from her.

With Ivy's single minded determination, it was a wonder she ever made it to a weyr. After all, she raged eloquent when trying to repair fields damaged by dragon fire, and the less said about the inefficiency of tithes, the better. So how did Lilliviana come to Impress Quinneth?

When Semaca was ratified as a true weyr, Ivy was tempted to travel with promises of new plants to meet. (And if the phrasing was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek mockery, Ivy had no quarrel.) She wasn't even supposed to be on the Sands, except that a newly arrived rider saw that she was the appropriate age, and delivered her to the Sands.

Ivy hadn't done more than confirm her name with the candidate master when Stand Alone Psycho revealed a black and red harlequin garnet. She prowled the line of candidates for several minutes, completely distracting the entire Hollow from her twin. Finally, she stopped in front of Ivy. Come along, Ivy. Let chaos and joy follow in our wake!

A dragon hadn't ever figured into her plans for the future, but as she looked the hatchling over, something about her innate curiosity appealed to her. Yes, this would be a good match.

It was. Ivy's single-minded tendencies are balanced by Quinneth's free-spirited, live-in-the-moment philosophy. They complement each other in unexpected ways, making the most perfect partners in crime you could ask for. As graduation day approaches, Ivy plans to request a spot on Mazurka. As much of a joke as the squad leader has become recently, Mazurka holds the most promise to let her see as much of the vegetation the Southern continent has to offer as one dragon and one rider can see in a lifetime.

The thought that she might not get it has not occurred to either of them.
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  • Summer 2766 - After the horrifying realization that Mazurka Squad is led by Rigel of blue Cygneth, Ivy consults with assistant weyrlingmaster Naxen of blue Anitoth. She goes into the newly formed Nocturne Wing, instead.
  • Early Fall 2766 - Ivy and Quinneth survive their first Threadfall completely unscathed.
  • Winter 2766 - Although she rises so late, Quinneth is the first of her clutch to take to the air in Flight. She does not lay eggs, though she thoroughly enjoys herself.
  • Early Spring 2767 - Nocturne turns out to be a good wing for the pair, as neither Ivy nor Quinneth get so much as a scratch during Fall.
  • Summer 2767 - In an unprecedented move, Quinneth takes off after gold Nebulaeth in her maiden flight. She makes a good showing, but is knocked off course at the last minute.
  • Late Fall 2767 - Despite her poor showing in Flight, Ivy feels as though she and Quinneth may have redeemed themselves a little as they get complete the next Fall unharmed.
  • Early Spring 2768 - Oh yeah, Ivy and Quinneth are left undamaged in the season's Fall.
  • Early Fall 2768 - In what is becoming something of a running trend, Ivy and Quinneth are not hurt in any way, shape, or form during Threadfall.
  • Winter 2768 - In true Winter tradition, Quinneth takes Flight once more. No eggs come of it.
  • Late Summer 2769 - Ivy and Quinneth have quite the good record when it comes to Fall. Although, they are starting to wonder if they should be striving to distinguish themselves during the relatively short Falls flown by Semaca, rather than just doing their job and surviving them.
  • Late Spring 2770 - Nah. Ivy decides that she and Quinneth are doing just fine as they are, and do not need to try to distinguish themselves. Staying out of the infirmary is difficult enough, sometimes.
  • Early Winter 2770 - Quinneth once again takes off after Nebulaeth in Flight. She is a little more successful this time around, in that she manages to stay the course until Nebulaeth makes her choice, but that chocie is not her. That's okay. Quinneth knows her worth.
  • Early Spring 2771 - Quinneth is quite smug to report that she and Ivy are not injured during the first Fall of the Turn.
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Colored by ShopKey
Come along, Ivy. Let chaos and joy follow in our wake!


NAME: Quinneth
BIRTHDATE Late Spring 2765
AGE: five as of Winter 2770



Length: forty feet (40 ft)
Height: eleven feet (11 ft)
Wingspan: sixty-three feet (63)
Color: Garnet
Hex code: #720000

graciously done by Woky

Full Appearance: Tall, with broad wings and a coltish look about her, Quinneth is a lovely, well-balanced example of a garnet. She has a tendency to move with exaggerated movements, using her whole body to express herself, with swooping wings and clawing of the air. Yet, she has an excellent sense of proprioception and incredible spatial awareness, and essentially never bangs into anything; this innate sense of where she is in relation to other things will make her an asset on the battlefield or during Threadfall. Her crimson-and-maroon bicolored hide, combined with her movement, makes her a striking creature indeed.

Quinneth is harlequin-patterned, with alternation color blocks of maroon and blood-red, mirrored almost exactly down the length of her body. She bears pairs of diamond markings on her shoulders, thighs, forearms, and the crook of her wings, in the opposing color as the base tone. Two stars mark the undersides of her wings, with a third at the top corner of her wingsail, and a mask covers both eyes and the bridge of her nose, giving her an almost theatrical look. This dual-toned beauty is a truly a sight to behold!


Personality: Quinneth is a wild hearted garnet, set in the ways of living in the moment. She's strongly independent, believing she needs no one but her rider to live life to the fullest. She seems oddly resistant to compulsion, able to shrug off most of those who would try to control her. Her sense of morality is not always the best; while some have a strong sense of 'good' or 'bad', Quinneth lives for the shades of gray that can be found in any situation, finding beauty in disaster and pain in innocent acts.

She definitely seems a little 'broken' on the surface, but she's wickedly intelligent, and has great talent at outwitting and outcrafting her enemies. She uses her cleverness to keep herself entertained, often at the expense of those who would seek to mess with her; as such, she is very polarizing and either tends to love or hate the people and dragons around her. She is a little impulsive, loving to chase the ideas that race through her mind - her rider will be her voice of reason for the most part, and the only person she really listens to. She is not afraid of thread or violence, and is willing to engage both if it comes to protecting her chosen friends and family.

Voice: Quinneth has the sweet, high voice of a little girl with a bit of an rough edge to it.


Clutch: The Melodies and Muses Clutch
Dam: Garnet Caesurath (K'vothe)
Sire: Green Oshuth (Chalay)
Hatching Number: two of four (five)
Details: Quinneth was the first garnet to emerge from Stand Alone Psycho. She prowled the line of candidates for several minutes while her twin struggled to emerge from the other half of the shell.
Why: C'mon! Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn is classic.

Stand Alone Psycho
This one seems a handful, but spirit is not something to shy away from.
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