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Euphemia of green Nivath

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Euphemia of green Nivath

"massacre princess"


NAME: Euphemia, Euphie, or Mia (Nivath ONLY)
GENDER: female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers

BIRTHDATE: Spring 2748
AGE: nineteen Turns as of Early Fall 2767
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPAT/ON: rider, apprentice healer, spare pair of hands, worrier
WING: Healer, field specialty

EYES: blue
HAIR: pink strawberry blonde
HEIGHT AND BUILD: five feet and seven inches; slender
PLAY-BY: Euphemia li Britannia

Euphie is more slender than anything else. She sort of gives the impression that she's taller than she actually is, between the high waists of her dresses that give her legs artificial length and the composed way she carries herself. She plays the part of Lord Holder's daughter very well, but it slowly exchanging her birthright for a new destiny.

Since Impressing, Euphemia has become more comfortable in trousers and boots. She still likes pastels, but is a little less finicky about her appearance. There was an incident, it was traumatizing, but the upshot is that Euphie the weyrling is better prepared to join the world than Euphemia the Lord Holder's daughter. Many riders, particularly female riders who claim no great height, wear boots with considerable heels. Euphie has an unfortunate tendency to lose her balance in heels, and has resigned herself to flat soled boots.

Euphemia is one of the pacifists. She maintains that she is an open minded individual, but the quickest way to shut her out of a conversation is for it to become contentious. She fully believes that the means to an end are just as important as the end itself, and that a problem is best tackled from within. If that means that she has to coach someone from the inside, so be it. If it means that she has to go inside, so be it.

Her heart is in the right place, even if that does mean that she is easily manipulated. Her optimism leads to naivety, and she has a tendency to take things at face value. That makes her less cynical than her more politically minded siblings, and much easier to manipulate. She makes friends easily, and doesn't like to lose them.

It is Nivath who is the more inquisitive of the two, but they frequently get caught up in a feedback loop of excitement, curiosity, and enthusiasm. That can make them a formidable force, especially since that kind of energy is contagious. Euphie does not take kindly to being knocked out of such a feedback loop.

Father - Lord Harel
Full sister - Cornelia of Garnet Guiloth, 29, High Reaches Weyr, Moonshot Wing
Half-brother - Schniezel of bronze Damocleth, 31, High Reaches Weyr, Firestorm Wing
Half-brother - Lelou, 19, High Reaches Weyr, candidate
Half sister - Nunally, 15, High Reaches Weyr, weyrfolk
BIRTHPLACE: High Reaches Hold

Euphemia was a fourth-born daughter of a lord of a minor hold under the protection of High Reaches. Lord Harel had an heir in Schneizel and a political alliance in Cornelia, so Euphemia and her older brother Lelou were considered 'back-up children'. She got along with all of her siblings, as well as siblings can be expected to get along, but if it could be said she was closest to any of them, she was closest to Cornelia and Lelou.

At seven, she was fostered out to Keroon. Even though Cornelia was the political alliance, Harel was not about to relinquish a chance at closer relations to other Holds. That was shortly before the hold suffered an accident, and Euphie never heard about the imprisonment of her siblings.

Among other things done at Keroon - friends, adventures, and such - Euphemia Impressed bronze Suzaku at twelve. It was fortunate that her bronze took a serious liking to her, because no one else could get him to do anything. He was sulky, and bitter, and Euphemia will not hear any bad words against him.

Three Turns later, she was Searched by a white dragon and xyr rider and taken to Igen Weyr to stand for one of Phantohith's clutches. She did not attach at that Hatching, but she did take to weyr life in a startlingly easy way. Even Suzaku preferred weyr life to Hold life. So much so that when the candidates were given the choice to transfer to the newly rebuilt High Reaches for a donated clutch, Euphie took the chance.

It was at High Reaches that Euphemia first heard of Lelou's imprisonment - after he had been set free. She had been warned that High Reaches Weyr was doing things differently. She didn't realize just how differently until she was settling into her routine as a candidate. They had a candidate master, yes, and even a weyrling master. But the Senior Weyrwoman? Well, that was a title given to a male greenrider, and that was more than a bit strange.

That made sense, though. For the spare daughter of a Lord Holder, who had seen more than a few people born into power that had no business being in power, it was an exhilarating thought. Euphemia asked many questions about this newly established hierarchy, and came to the conclusion that it could work. It was working.

Stories of the brutality of metallic dragons slowly filtered their way through the candidate barracks, and Euphie came to understand that metallic dragonkin - even a lone fire lizard like Suzaku - were viewed with suspicion. That they were the reason High Reaches had a different hierarchy than the other weyrs. She would spend a lot of time defending her bronze, who made no friends of his own, up until she Impressed at the donated Heroes of Time clutch.

The third egg to hatch, Great Fairy, burst to reveal a tangle of limbs, wings, and forked tail. The green inside took her time untangling herself, and then blundered her way across the Sands. She ran into two girls before finally Impressing to Euphemia.

The worst thing that can be said about her weyrling experience, so far, was the day she tried to feed Nivath before she woke up properly. Both green and girl ended up covered with blood and guts, and the worst part was that there was no telling if the blood in her hair belonged to the unfortunate herdbeast, or Euphie. That was a bad day.

Cornelia's transfer delighted Euphie, who was unaware of the political maneuvering that her elder siblings engaged in as easily as breathing. Euphemia is far more trusting than any of her siblings, except perhaps Nunally. She doesn't know that Cornelia is there to keep an eye on Lelou, and may ask her sister to be her mentor.
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  • Summer 2765 - Euphemia is the first on the scene after Azana is killed. She doesn't deal well with blood, and is escorted to her sister's weyr to be wrapped in blankets. Later, she builds a small cairn of stones in an attempt to assuage her fear that if someone could get to Azana, anyone could be a target. It doesn't work as well as she hopes.
  • Winter 2765 - Euphie spent a lot of time on the fire heights. Sometimes, she had company. One such encounter was with Lozen of garnet Ariath.
  • Winter 2765 - After the chaos and bloodshed of Fort's Trailblazer hatching, High Reaches made sure to have plenty of healers on the Sands. Euphie was one of them, along with her wingsecond C'ly of brown Takedath.
  • Spring 2766 - While trying to help another rider pair, Euphie and Nivath both suffer nasty scores. They manage to help the other rider, but become patients themselves.
  • Transfer to Semaca
  • Euphemism pt 2
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NAME: Nivath
BIRTHDATE Early Summer 2764 [Heroes]
AGE:three Turns as of Early Fall 2767



LENGTH: twenty-five feet
HEIGHT: six feet
WINGSPAN: forty feet
COLOR: Green
HEX CODE: #8eb68c
FULL APPEARANCE: Nivath is a dragon who probably could glow if she tried hard enough. Her body is delicate and slender, save for a very round face and wide wings. She can be quite a ball of dragon, and hopefully people don't trip on her. Even when she is fully grown, she is remarkable at tucking down into a smaller ball. She is a pale green all over, like someone left her out in the sun too long. She has bright, super-bold markings. Her face is covered up to her eyes, the color fading down her neck. The same color dots down her hips and along her spines before becoming three thick bands over her tail and once more fading into dots before the end of her tail is covered in that same bold green.

PERSONALITY: Nivath is a very chipper and helpful soul. She is full of energy - bright, bubbly, and hardworking. She is a being who believes in giving your all, never tiring out or quitting when in the middle of something. She seems to be always cheerful and never seems to tire, always inquiring into learning more or continuing to work on something with no real sense of time. She loves adventure, being willing to chase a quest or mission to the ends of the earth to complete it, and she refuses to give up on her friends, especially her bonded, because she has unending faith in them.

Nivath is undoubtedly someone who believes in giving her all, with a low tolerance for quitting or giving up. She'll never approach something like this negatively; instead, she simply will pester and talk at someone until they decide to give it another try, insisting they can do it. She gets very energetic, saying things such as 'Hey, hey, hey!" or "Listen here!" when she feels she has something to share. While she is not the brightest dragon, she is full on enthusiasm and heart, and will always be on your side to help support and uplift those whom she has bonded with or gotten to know.

VOICE: Nivath has a sort of bright, piercing voice, the kind that sticks in one's head and is recognizable by volume and pitch almost instantly.


Clutch: Heroes of Time
Dam: Gold Vilkenth (Taliri)
Sire: Bronze Virenth (Z'ir)
Hatching Number: three of thirteen fourteen
Impression Number: three of fourteen
Details: Nivath burst out of her egg, still in a tangled pile of limbs, wings, and tail. Neither quiet nor graceful, she bumped into two girl candidates before Impressing.


The Great Fairy Egg

Look! Oh, who is that pretty lady? Such a lovely little thing.
An egg that didn't wander into the uncanny valley at all. There is such a bright... pinkness to it, but it is quite friendly, if a little insistent that it needs attention.
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NAME: Suzaku
BIRTHDATE Summer 2760
AGE: seven Turns as of Early Fall 2767


COLOR: bronze

Suzaku is a strong, large bronze. He is at the upper limits for bronze fire lizards, rivaling smaller golds. He has plenty of stamina, and the strength to back it up. With a wide wingspan and long tail, he has quite the edge in flights for pretty much any color lizard.

His coloring, too, is bold. It is a very 'in-your-face' shade of bronze, marred only by a dark yellow - nearly gold - marking on the right side of his neck. Euphemia insists that it's a fleur-de-lis, although no one else can really get close enough to tell. Suzaku doles out nips and bites with alarming alacrity.


Precious Bitter Bitchlord

One would think, with such an impressive appearance, Suzaku would be less of a precious bitter bitchlord. He only likes Euphemia, and even the rest of her family is subject to hateful suspicion. Unsurprisingly, he doesn't make friends. No, not 'not easily'. At all. Suzaku is a loner. He should be charismatic, but between the lack of other dragonkin during his infancy and Euphemia's lack of experience with dragons, he doesn't have much trust. Other dragonkin are on a case-by-case basis, and he seems to like precisely two dragons in the weyr - green Nivath and white Beimath. No one quite knows why.
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