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Padme of bronze Padmesk

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Padme of bronze Padmesk



There's a place they can go if they're tired of chains,
And our roads may be golden, or broken, or lost,
But we'll walk on them willingly, knowing the cost --
We won't take our place on the shelves.
It's better to fly and it's better to die


RETIRE INFO: Retire exact app, can re-use concept if Anakin still in play, adopt wher(s)
NAME: Padme
GENDER: female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers

BIRTHDATE: Spring 2733
AGE: thirty-seven as of Early Fall 2770
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: former lady, wher guard, mother
SQUAD: Weyr Guard

EYES: brown flecked with gold
HAIR: brown, naturally curly
HEIGHT AND BUILD: five foot three, slender and strong
PLAY-BY: Natalie Portman
At no more than five feet and three inches in height, Padme is the very image of a petite Lady. She makes a striking image with her tall weyrmate, and the uninitiated might be forgiven for thinking that she was no more than beauty. Because while she is beautiful, Padme is also strong and intelligent. She hides this strength in many layers of dresses, which seem to belong to an endless collection. Her naturally curly hair is subjected to a variety of dressings, most of which Padme handles herself. She rarely ventures into public without her hair neatly coiffed.

Appearance means a lot to Padme, it being the first vehicle of authority. She carries herself with confidence, the second mark of authority, so that it takes serious comparison to realize that, yes, she is short. So she spends quite a lot of time on her looks.

Padme is a Lady denied a Hold. She has never known anything other than service to her people, and has never wanted anything else. Her strengths lie in fighting for the greater good, and her primary motivation is to establish and maintain peace. She is a negotiator, and will settle to a compromise if need be. But that compromise should never be seen as weakness - it just means that she is willing to give a little if the giving will result in getting what she wants.

For some, family comes before all else. Padme's family molded her into a political tool, shaped her with intent for her future, and discarded her when she made a decision that risked their alliance. So for Padme, family comes after politics. She is a slightly absent mother, depending on creche workers to help her with the twins. But she consciously makes time for her children, and she tries to be as present as possible.

  • Nabol Blood
  • Sister-in-Law Ahsoka of garnet Ahsosk and white Ahsk - Early Spring 2743, Weyr Guard Lieutenant, Semaca Weyr
  • Son - Luke, Late Fall 2760, Leia's twin
  • Daughter - Leia, Late Fall 2760, Luke's twin
  • Daughter - Shmi, Early Spring 2767
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Anakin of blue Anask and brown Anakisk - Midsummer 2738, Weyr Guard, Semaca Weyr
Born to the Lord of Nabol and his lady, Padme was groomed to be a Lady Holder from a very young age. She was fostered to Benden Hold at the age of seven, and sent to Fort at thirteen to study under their Lady Ellaren. While she was there, she met a number of guardsmen and wherhandlers, including Wherhandler Quigon and Guardsman Kenobi. This is significant only because she also met their young protege, a boy named Anakin.

Nabol's Lord fell ill, and th e succession was called into question. Padme was officially made Heir to the Hold at the age of fifteen. She traveled back to her home Hold in order to stand at her father's side. Over the next decade, Padme studied to make the eventual transfer of power seamless. She got to know her Hold, and their weyr, in more detail than most of Pern thought to examine. It didn't take long before Padme was vehemently pacifistic, opposed to the violence that weyrfolk seemed to espouse.

Since she was the official Heir, Padme was never presented to dragon kind for their Searches, although she was permitted to Impress a fire lizard. Queen Amidala hatched in the late summer when Padme was twenty-one, a Very Proper Gold for the future Very Proper Lady. Given the destruction caused by their tithed weyr, Padme was quietly pleased that she was never tapped for the gold eggs that the queens laid. Her twenty-fifth birthday was a day of joyous celebration.

Her parents were very strict, and although Padme never doubted that they loved her, there was very little room for affection. She was a Legacy, part of a chain of power that wasn't supposed to have a personality. That's probably what made it so easy to fall in love with a former drudge five Turns her junior. And that love would, eventually, be Padme's downfall.

See, Nabol desired a better connection with Fort Hold. So it was suggested that Padme marry one of Fort's sons. Evander was chosen for the alliance, and Padme went with a small delegation to work out the fine details. But Evander was selfish, cold, and uninterested in anything that did not further his own pleasure. Padme disliked him from the first day, and used every excuse possible to spend time with Anakin, who was growing into a handsome young man with a crush on her. She much preferred Anakin's company to her suggested husband, and fought bitterly with her father about it.

Not long after the agreement fell through, Padme suffered a quick succession of blows that her reputation never truly recovered from. First, she was found in a compromising position with the soon-to-be-wherhandler. Next, her younger sister found a suitable mate and married him. As a result of these first two things, Padme was removed from the line of succession. That was both fortunate and unfortunate, given that their indiscretion lead to unforeseen developments.

It was fortunate for the Hold, because having an unmarried Heir with children did not speak well for her ability to produce children of the proper Blood. It was unfortunate for Padme, who found herself cut off from her family and pregnant.

Rejected and humiliated, Padme retreated to Igen Weyr, to serve under their Headwoman. She eventually could no longer deny that she was pregnant. At the usual interval, she gave birth to two babies, a boy and a girl. Not long after, Anakin Impressed a bronze wher. No one had a very good time that particular Turn.

All this meant that when Fort and High Reaches agreed to work with the other weyrs to populate the Summerlands, Padme jumped for the opportunity.

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  • Late Spring 2765 - Impressed to a bronze wher at the Land of Mists and Shadows clutch at Semaca Weyr. Egg was presented to another candidate, but Padmesk sought Padme as soon as he hatched. Padme burst into tears once the bond was formalized. The beginning of a beautiful partnership.
  • Early Summer 2765 - Advice from the visiting wherleader led Padme and Anakin to foster their children for the duration of wherlinghood. Leia went to live with Bail and Breha on a more consistent basis, while Luke left with Zeara to stay at High Reaches.
  • Late Summer 2765 - Padme formally requests Weyr Guard Captain Vella of green Vellask as her mentor.
  • Winter 2766 - Padme had a difficult time with Padmesk's first live kill. She spent the entire lesson giving herself a pep talk. Still didn't work great.
  • Early Summer 2766 - Graduation brings a renewed vigor to Padme and Anakin's relationship. Padme becomes pregnant with their third child almost immediately.
  • Late Winter 2766 - Pregnancy has never been terribly easy for Padme. She remembers everything she lost when she chose Anakin, and everything is bad for a while.
  • Spring 2767 - After an endless pregnancy, Padme gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. She is named Shmi in honor of Anakin's mother.
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Colored by ShopKey


NAME: Padmesk
BIRTHDATE Late Spring 2765
AGE: two Turns as of Early Summer 2767

LENGTH: sixteen feet
HEIGHT: five feet six inches
COLOR: bronze
HEX CODE: #98683F
FULL APPEARANCE: A wher unusually lean but not entirely tall as he should be, Padmesk either moves with a slow, casual gait or he is off like a shot. He gives ample warning before the latter. He's muscular and powerful, strong as steel and hard to throw off balance. He does have a delicate stomach, and will need care that he does not get sick. He is a myriad of light and dark browns, with a strange stripey pattern that makes him look like unpolished metal or maybe freshly hewn straw. Perhaps muddy rain is a better comparison. He is unusually graceful for a wher.

PERSONALITY: Padmesk is a wise and powerful creature, without being arrogant or power-crazed. He has a natural charisma to him; looks are not what they first appear to be, and while he does not seem all that impressive at first glance, this quickly changes once people have a chance to actually interact with him. There is a seemingly infinite amount of power to him, something that just naturally seeps from him in the way he moves and talks; many who think are wise enough to not interfere with this wher, and give him his space. He stands very strongly in his views; while it is not impossible to change his opinions, one must approach him with reason and logic. He does not follow zealotry or ego trips blindly.

That said, he is often kind and benevolent. He chooses to use his wisdom and power to help others, rewarding those who think and act out of selflessness instead of greed or power. He has a strong compulsion ability, but he rarely uses it unless to stop someone from harming another. With those that would seek to harm, he uses every wit he has to find ways of shutting them down. He wants to help people, and will offer his time to projects, issues, and friendships in order to build them up and assist in any way he can. He seems to have a natural affinity for ending up dirty, even though he does not mean to, and will be needing extra baths from time to time.

Voice: Padmesk does not speak very often, but when he does its in a rolling, soft voice.


Clutch: Land of Mist and Shadows
Dam: Gold Desansk
Sire: Brown Jerisk
Hatching Number: one of eight
Impression Number: one of nine
Details: Padmesk's egg was pushed to another candidate, but he sought Padme as soon as he was hatched.


Defiled Waters Egg
Actually, maybe this one gold. No sure.... Or red color. Why so calm? Should be more excite! No need always be serious, I know.
A very large, very red egg with a dark band and a bright gold spot. It seems to radiate power, but is also serene - an odd combination.
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NAME: Amidala
BIRTHDATE Late Summer 2754
AGE: thirteen as of Summer 2767

FULL APPEARANCE: Amidala is one of the pale queens, her color tending more towards rosy than gold. She glistens, though, and that squashes most notions that she might be a garnet. Also, she was hatched many Turns before the garnets appeared. Amidala is bulky, with a thick neck that supports a heavy, wedge-shaped head. Her wings are especially long to compensate, though they do not look it. For this reason, bronzes and browns underestimate her when she leads them on a Chase that lasts for hours.

PERSONALITY: Amidala might not be the largest gold on Pern, but she knows her due. She is a finicky creature who demands her proper due. When treated like a queen, she is calm and regal, and usually easy to deal with. Her temper has a short fuse, though, and she is quick to react when she or someone she loves is threatened. Which is pretty much just Padme. She might appreciate the effect other people have on her, but Amidala's loyalty is to Padme and Padme alone.
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