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Baze of garnet Owazesk and garnet Bazesk

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Baze of garnet Owazesk and garnet Bazesk



"I protected you."


RETIRE INFO: Retire exact app, concept can be reused if Chirrut is still in play; adopt whers
NAME: Baze
GENDER: male
PRONOUNS: he/him/his
ORIENTATION: Demisexual, stupid old married

BIRTHDATE: Spring 2702
AGE: sixty-eight as of Early Winter 2770
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: dragonless, father, grandfather, silent protector, wherhandler
SQUAD: Chopin

EYES: black
HAIR: black, left long and braided
HEIGHT AND BUILD: six feet four inches, built like a brick house
PLAY-BY: Jiang Wen

In short, Baze is Beefy.

He's tall, with broad shoulders and a build to go with them. He is shaped like a barrel, everything designed for power and strength rather than dexterity. His shoulders are wide, atop a thick middle. It's not fat, though.

Baze is a tank with Ears. His weyrmate claims that he grew his hair long to hide his prominent ears, but if that's true, then that's an awful lot of commitment. His hair, unbraided, reaches halfway down his back. Normally, it's braided in several spots. What isn't braided has an unusual natural curl to it.

PERSONALITY: With a weyrmate like Chirrut and a daughter like Z'zae, Baze errs on the side of caution. He prefers his role as back up, the muscle behind the threat. Not as vocal as his loquacious weyrmate, or as lithe as his daughter, Baze is quiet. He does not like to brag, unless it's on his family.

Somewhere along the way, Baze became Cynical. It happened before he lost his dragon, possibly even before he became a father. Baze believes only in what he can verify. Faith and trust are nebulous concepts; he trusts his hands, his body, his weyrmate. He has faith in nothing, trusts few.

FAMILY: Chirrut, Z'zae, grandchildren. Possibly a few other Flight kids?
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Chirrut (affectionately also known as 'fool')

[size=150]Trigger Warnings: Bullying, death, pregnancy issues[/size=150]

When Baze met Chirrut as a child, it was expected that Baze would be a good influence on Chirrut. After all, Baze was solid, dependable, and not very active. He was a studious boy, not an acrobat. But Chirrut grabbed hold of Baze and whisked him off on adventures. They were an unlikely pair, but were quick to claim each other as 'best friend'.

Alas, all such things must pass. Baze was set to dragon candidacy at fifteen, and Chirrut was pressed into wher candidacy at seventeen. They kept in touch with infrequent letters - hardly enough contact.

When Baze Impressed brown Malbuth, he was more or less a stripling. A quiet, studious boy with - it was said by the less kind candidates - less brain than muscle, Baze was not favored to Impress at all. Only the dragon who Searched him thought him worthy to Stand at all. The blue was proven right when the Seething Sands egg hatched a brown who made a beeline for Baze. After experimenting with a few name changes - B, B'ze, Ba, etc - Baze decided to keep his name intact. And so began the saga of Baze and Malbuth.

He reconnected with Chirrut, now of brown Chirrusk, once he and Malbuth graduated weyrlinghood. They became weyrmates quickly, despite their opposing schedules, and Baze couldn't be more content.

Until Malbuth Flew a green, and her rider became pregnant. She had no interest in being a mother, and didn't tell Baze. He heard about it, months later, as bit of tired gossip. The incident was small - she had every right to do as she did, but it set Baze to thinking. He presented the idea of children to his weyrmate.

Chirrut was friends with a bronze handler, Zeara of bronze Zearask, and when he mentioned something about wanting children, she offered to become a surrogate. As it turns out, Zeara has a Type, and Baze fit it to a T.

While the pregnancy progressed just fine, tragedy struck elsewhere. Someone poisoned a number of herdbeasts with something that didn't actually affect the animals, but which had a rather nasty effect on whatever ate the meat. Chirrusk and a number of other whers fell victim to this. Chirrut lost his parents, his vision, and his wher. He threw his efforts into getting ready for the baby. Baze turned down a promotion to wingsecond.

Fatherhood agreed with Baze, much as it did Chirrut. He was transferred to another weyr before Zerabazae was one, but he made sure to stay in contact with Zeara.

Their daughter was everything they had ever wanted, and more. Baze always thought that Zera would one day rise to Rank in the weyr, if she ever decided what she wanted to do.

Malbuth Chased often, and Baze usually spent the time with Chirrut. He was content to be a wingsecond, having accepted the promotion when his daughter was ten. He spent a great deal of time chasing over Zera, smoothing things over with the candidate master, and consoling her when she was banned from the Sands. Her rebellious streak delighted both Baze and Chirrut.

And then Malbuth took off after the junior queen of the weyr, and won.

Baze became Junior Weyrleader, and he convinced his daughter to Stand, one more time. This time, she Impressed, and Baze couldn't have been more proud.

Z'zae gave birth to a healthy son in 2757, and Baze found that being a grandfather was every bit as stressful as being a parent. But his daughter didn't have to go it alone after her weyrmate was chased out of the weyr, and Chirrut latched onto their grandson. Things were good, for a time. He became a grandfather twice over when Z'zae fostered another child, and Braefen was just as beloved as Zortane.

Baze and Malbuth had been scored before, but the third Fall of 2760 was unlike any other they had flown. Now wingleaders, they had to coordinate the rest of their wing. Malbuth popped between to rid himself of a stray piece of Thread. When he emerged, he came back in the wrong place. Baze fell, caught by Z'zae and Ryloth. Malbuth fled back to the cold sanctity of between.

After that? Nothing went right for several Turns. Baze was dragonless. Z'zae nearly died trying to deliver her second child. But Z'zae recovered, and she devised the plan that would ultimately lead to her fathers' second chance.

Z'zae led her fathers to Semaca. Baze went out of a quiet hopelessness, convinced by his weyrmate to give it a try. What did Baze have left in the world, besides his family? Chirrut found hope. Baze became Stressed.

Less than a Turn after the founding of Semaca, mere months after the transfer to follow his daughter, Baze's life turned upside down again. He had been out with his oldest grandchild, and the girl that might as well be his second oldest grandchild, Z'zae's foster daughter. But Semaca was a dangerous place, so even for something as simple as a nature walk required a guard.

They set off with Owain and his garnet Owask, on the very simple quest of finding three different shapes of leaves, and three interesting stones to bring back to the weyr. It was great fun, even for quiet Baze, until the spotted feline decided that it didn't like the look of them. The little group had strayed further than intended, and Owask didn't see the feline downwind of her until it had landed on Owain. Owask bit Baze's upper arm to restrain him before she leapt to grapple with the feline, getting his blood on her teeth.

In the aftermath, with Owain dead and the children delivered back to their mother, Baze and Owask regarded each other. Baze know grief. Baze help Owask - Owazesk - Baze help Owazesk grieve Owain. No one replace Owain. But Owazesk help Baze, too.

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  • Early Winter 2765 - Owazesk laid a single egg not long after she bonded to Baze. When it hardened, he and Z'zae collaborated to give it to Chirrut. It hatched into a unique, called Quartz.
  • Grandkid goes somewhere around here
  • Late Fall 2766 - Baze becomes a surprise wherling when garnet Temask decides that he would make a good handler for her first born. He Impresses garnet Bazesk to Chirrut's approval.
  • Chirsk?
  • Thread mishaps, including broken collarbone
  • Flood, joined Chopin
  • Owazesk clutch - mutation Goldstone Ollisk
  • Summer 2770 - A pair of fire lizard eggs are left in their shared room. Baze Impressed blue Jedha while Chirrut gained green Kyber.
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Owazesk mourn forever. No one replace Owain. No one replace Malbuth. But Owazesk not have to be alone. Baze not have to be alone.


NAME: Owazesk
BIRTHDATE Autumn 2761 (Journey)
AGE: nine Turns as of Early Summer 2770


RUNS: Three

Soul Sorrow
Heart Wound - Quartz Chirrusk

The Survivors of the Sound Clutch - Early Summer 2770
Sire: Brown Anakisk (Anakin)
The Emissary Egg - Blue Shisk
The Elegy Egg - White Risk
The Eclectic Egg - Goldstone Ollisk

LENGTH: thirteen feet and nine inches (13.75 ft)
HEIGHT: five feet (5 ft)
COLOR: Garnet
HEX CODE: #a93d3d
FULL APPEARANCE: Owazesk may not be the biggest garnet wher, but since there's so very few of them, she really can't complain. She's extremely bulky though, all solid muscle and the strength to knock blues around, when she gets to be full size, of course. She's not built for speed, but stamina, and could probably keep up with the small browns and bronzes on a flat run. Her nose is a little flat, and she could probably use it to carefully organize fine pieces of pottery if she was taught how to be careful. Her hide is a beautiful blend of colors, her top a pale pink that slowly fades to a rich dusty rose at her feet, making her look almost like a sunset.

PERSONALITY: Curious as a kitten, Owazesk wants to know everything about everything, and make sure that she learns as much as possible, even if her memory isn't terribly good. She will probably try to get into everything - bags, chests, under tables, into closets, anywhere that looks interesting and could be holding something fun - and there are lots of fun things to get into! She is a quick learner, capable of handling a wealth of information and learning complex routines and commands. She also loves to play games. Tag, chase the ball, anything active and getting her to move, she wants to play it even if she's not very good.

Owazesk is a loyal wher, but really only to her handler. She is distrustful of any outsiders to her little family, even to her other siblings sometimes. She won't let anyone push her little family around, no matter who they are. She isn't particularly stubborn, and won't throw a fuss over something she doesn't want to do, even if she might grump over it afterwards. Overall, she's a good-natured wher who wants her handler to be as happy and healthy as she is.

Voice: Owazesk's voice is gruff and gravely, not really ladylike at all. She doesn't know how to whisper very well, and may shout when she doesn't mean it.


Clutch: The Lost Travelers
Dam: Beryl Rickesk
Details: Lord Holder Evander considered himself snubbed when Rickesk did not give him one of her eggs. It was right after this hatching that Lady Ellaren attempted to kill him.


Last Footsteps

A medium sized egg, this one is carefully tended to. It is a dark, faded blue color, with the top of the egg colored in black. Curling over the front is a white path, with little set of white spots fading into nothing.



NAME: Bazesk
BIRTHDATE Late Fall 2766 (Treasure)
AGE: three Turns as of Late Summer 2770



LENGTH: thirteen feet (13 ft)
HEIGHT: five feet (6 ft)
COLOR: garnet
HEX CODE: #523868
FULL APPEARANCE: Bazesk looks delicate and full of whimsy. Her body is a soft lavender color, with pale lilac twists that cover her wings and the bulk of her body. Her pattern is very lacy, with hints of almost white peeking through the pattern here and there. Down her tail, thick ribbons of pink twirl and twist, right down to the very tips! A full mask of bright purple covers her face and ridges, almost blending into her softer colored body. In contrast to her lovely soft colors, her legs are all a deep indigo, as if she is wearing fancy boots. She is slender, much like a dancer, but she has a surprising thickness to her muscles, making her an excellent hunter.

Bazesk is a sweet and beautiful creature on the surface. She's playful, friendly, and open to meeting new people, as she treasures her time with people and loves to enjoy the company of her friends. She has a whimsy to her that makes most people think of laughter and fun - both things she greatly enjoys. She is kind and loving, with an innocent streak that makes most people think her naive and childlike. Most people misjudge her and overlook her, thinking her to be girly and twittery.

That could not be further from the truth.

Just because she is kind does not mean she is defenseless. There is a dark cunning to this wher, and she uses it to satisfy a deep hunger in her heart. It's not a malevolent streak; no, its more a primal hunger. She channels this feeling into hunting, something that no other rivals her at. She has a great talent for stalking and catching her prey, something that will greatly benefit wherever she is born. She is an excellent fighter, who will hone her skills to be able to take down any threat that bothers her family, friends, or home. Aside from this feral side to her, she has a soft spot for music, especially instrumental pieces.

Voice: She speaks in soft tones and great swells, a little dramatic but always pretty.


Clutch: Weathered Treasures
Dam: Garnet Temask
Sire: Blue Errosk
Hatching Number: one of three
Details: Baze had not been expecting a second wher when he attended the hatching, but the decision was made for him when Temask gave him the egg for her first born.


the Fantastic Whimsy egg

Do not lose sight of yourself. You are something wonderful.

A plain white egg with whimsical dancers floating across the shell. It feels soothing and fanciful to those who approach it. Image || Image
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NAME: Jedha
BIRTHDATE Late Summer 2770
AGE: newborn as of Late Summer 2770

SIZE: large
FULL APPEARANCE: In another world, Jedha would look like an ocean predator. He is a dark blue, mostly, with a lighter blue belly that gives some form of camouflage against the right kind of sky. The effect would be more striking in the water, but Jedha is a creature of sun and desert. He hates the water.

PERSONALITY: There is an ageless grace about Jedha. He moves with gravitas, like he knows exactly what effect he wants to have. For a large lizard, he is surprisingly quiet. The only time he'll offer anything but a tired, serene grace is when his green sister, Kyber, is in trouble.
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