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Queenie of blue Lalrosk

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Queenie of blue Lalrosk


It's okay, honey. Lots of guys think what you was thinking when they first see me.


RETIRE INFO: Retire exact app, concept okay to reuse, adopt wher(s)
NAME: Queenie
GENDER: female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers
ORIENTATION: demisexual

BIRTHDATE: Late Spring 2743
AGE: twenty-seven as of Early Summer 2770
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: wherhandler, homemaker, unnoticed
SQUAD: Weyr Guard

EYES: blue
HAIR: bright blonde, kept in short ringlets
HEIGHT AND BUILD: five feet and seven inches, too thin and not curved at all
PLAY-BY: Alison Sudel
FULL APPEARANCE: If Pern had the concept of Trophy Wives, Queenie would fit that image. She's petite and has a love for very feminine clothing. Is it terribly practical to have skirts that flounce? No, but they feel very nice. She doesn't quite fill out her blouses, but with a radiant smile and a gentle voice, it's hard to hold that against her. That smile is edged with pain, the kind earned from a life well lived, and her blue eyes have a hint of desperation around them. Life has not always been good to Queenie, but she does her best to pretend it has.

PERSONALITY: Make the best of a bad situation. Queenie knows that life is not always going to be good, and that even the good moments have a sour edge to them. That doesn't matter, really. What good is life if you let it get you down all the time? Queenie has a deeply driven need to show life a thing or two. She is not easily discouraged. Bad things might happen, and there's nothing to be done about that. That doesn't mean that she has to show those bad things, or let them influence her behavior.

Queenie is determined to make the world a better place than she found it. She channels this into being a homemaker. Her baking skills are formidable, and she delights in welcoming and feeding guests. It was these skills that earmarked her out for a transfer down to Semaca Weyr. Circumstances, well, Queenie is doing the best she can. She's found a friend, and possibly even a potential beau, in an older whitehandler, Kowal. Relationships have not been a priority in Queenie's life, but after she and Lalrosk graduate? Who knows what might happen then.

FAMILY: one sister, Tina
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Kowal of white Kowalsk - pending


Queenie was not always called Queenie.

Okay, so that's not exactly a secret. What parent could be so dreadful as to give their daughter a name like that? The secret is that she was originally given the name 'Lalroleca' as a compromise when her mother and her uncle butted heads when it came to names. Lalroleca was her father's idea, but he immediately shortened it to Lally.

Lally got the name Queenie when the Hold children would play 'Weyr'. Her bright hair won her the role of gold dragon, and the nickname eventually stuck for good. She never outgrew it, and after a while, did didn't want to. Everyone she knew already knew her as Queenie, so why mess with success? That was the only name her husband ever used. Queenie was married off at nineteen, though she met her husband earlier. He was not a kind man, but he was good to her. Sickness took him three Turns into their marriage, leaving Queenie a childless widow. She floundered in the wake of her tragedy. In her quest to find something useful to do with her life, Queenie stumbled into candidacy. Dragons were too big and too bright, and the whole idea of being bonded to another living thing was scary. She attended a wher hatching, uncertain as to whether or not she even wanted a wher. Gold Thursk had a more concrete idea, as she rolled Sweet Summer Serenade to a wide-eyed blonde.
Queenie? I, Quesk is not going to work here. I'm sorry. Do you have anything else to work with?

Queenie gave up her long-unused birth name to christen Lalrosk, a sweetheart of a blue who did his best by her and by his classmates. High Reaches was not the easiest place to be, though, despite the efforts of Senior Wherleader Zeara and her junior. After a most unfortunate incident involving a bronze rider, too arrogant to understand what a bullying twat he was being, Queenie begged for an early transfer to Semaca. It was granted, under the condition that she finish her last few months of training under Semaca's wherlingmaster.

It's a good thing, too. Queenie quickly met Kowalsk, often nicknamed Kowalski, during one of Lalrosk's practice sessions. Quick behind the charming white was zer handler, Kowal. Queenie has not considered the merits of a relationship in a long time, but she has found a friend at least.
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Is okay. Will make right choice, together.


NAME: Lalrosk
BIRTHDATE Early Spring 2766
AGE: four Turns as of Early Summer 2770

LENGTH: twelve feet
HEIGHT: four feet and six inches
COLOR: blue
FULL APPEARANCE: Not the tallest blue but no less strong and steady, Lalrosk is genuinely a prime example of a blue wher. Strong, barrel-chested with heavy steps, Lalrosk is a hardy creature. Lalrosk is a pale, stormy blue with bright, lightning-blue cracks and crags all over him like a very elaborate map. Someone could probably plot out a hold on his hide! There are patches of darker, bolder blue under the 'lines', on his muzzle, tail, wings, and feet.

PERSONALITY: Lalrosk is a powerhouse of support and love. From the moment he's born, he'll reach out with compassion and strength to uplift others - its in his nature to do. He has a great sense of community and believes in the power of working together greatly. Much like his brother, he is wants to uplift, but finds other ways to do it. He's a watcher and a waiter - once he understands how some one works, he'll do everything he can to assist in that pursuit to help them improve and become a happier person. He thrives in an area of high communication and mutual success.

He has a deep love for music, and finds great a great passion for it. He'll want to be around it as much as he can! He's also highly empathetic, going out of his way to learn as much as people and dragons and whers as he can so he can help them in times of need and stress. He wants the world to be a good, bright place where everyone lives together well, and while he realizes not everyone will get along, he wants to do what he can to make it a place of peace and beauty nonetheless.

VOICE: Lalrosk is soft yet reassuring when he speaks.


Clutch: The Summer Serenades
Dam: Gold Thursk (Thursday)
Sire: Polyhalite Patisk (Patience)
Hatching Number: three of five
Impression Number: three of five
Details: Despite knowing exactly who he wanted, Lalrosk had a difficult time finding a name he liked until Queenie shared her long-unused childhood name.

Sweet Summer Egg

Thursk child happy child. Good wher. Good friend.
Small and green with summer grass waving across the shell and a small star, this egg seems loving and kind, with an upbeat feeling to it!
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