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Ghys of green Ghysk

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Ghys of green Ghysk

"If you aren't here to help, then you don't need to be here."


RETIRE INFO: Retire Ghys, Adopt Ghysk
NAME: Ghys (hard 'g', 'gis')
GENDER: agender [DFAB]
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers
ORIENTATION: demiromantic asexual

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2729
AGE: forty as of Fall 2770
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: Wher Handler, wherling mentor
SQUAD: Weyr Guard

EYES: light green
HEIGHT AND BUILD: five foot seven
PLAY-BY: Bryce Dallas Howard

With deep-set eyes, a thin nose, and wide mouth, Ghys does not look like the kind of person you would want to cross. She can pull off an air of authority very easily, thanks to a perfected neutral expression and nearly unbreakable bearing. Her green eyes can turn from soft to piercing without warning. If a body part can be called stubborn, her jaw would qualify. It always seems to be set, as if something has displeased her. In reality, that is the result of some deep tissue injuries.

PERSONALITYPERSONALITY: Ghys prides herself on her intuition. She enjoys her ability to quickly sum up a situation, and decide what to do in a very short amount of time. Sometimes, that makes her impulsive, because she seldom seeks alternate input once she's decided something. But her intuition is generally pretty good. She does not brood on decisions, nor does she agonize over her available options.

Loyal and straight-forward Ghys abhors lying. She has a little bit of tact, but she prizes honesty above kindness. Her manner is a little insensitive, because the result is more important than the methods used to get there. Despite this, she is generally well-meaning, and will apologize if confronted.

  • Mother - Mathenerra of gold Mask and brown Thenerrsk deceased
  • Father - Master Vintner Ahense, would be mid-sixties fate unknown
  • Brother - Maherens, thirty-three, Nerat, crafter or handler
BIRTHPLACE: High Reaches Hold
Death, War-related trauma
Born to a dual-bonded handler and a crafter, Ghys was named after her mother's deceased sister, Regenra, and her father Ahense. She grew up with wher handlers as her primary caregivers and never learned to fear whers. At ten, her mother gave her a rudimentary bond with her two whers, gold Mask and brown Thenerrsk, to safeguard her. Of the two, Ghys got along better with action-oriented Thenerrsk than with plotting and strategist Mask.

The hold was not spared from Golre's bloodlust. Mathenerra and gold Mask were killed in a dragon raid - which weyr, Ghys doesn't know. She blooded a wounded Thenerrsk in the immediate aftermath of the raid, formalizing their connection. Thenerrsk took some time to think it over, and eventually renamed himself 'Neryssk'. The riders who visited the hold made it clear to her that they were unhappy that she hadn't let her brother blood her mother's wher.

That didn't deter Ghys, who applied at several clutches for a second wher. Neryssk did not like being the only wher in a bond, and Ghys had always planned for a wher of her own. It took a number of Turns, and the hatching of a few mutations, but the time finally came.

Ghysk hatched first of her clutch, before the clutch mother had properly decided who would get that crucial first egg. Ghys decided for the gold when she slashed her forearm and held it out to the green. Neryssk had a lecture for his handler, who was twenty-six gorram Turns, you should know better, Child-of-my-line, but Ghysk quickly won him over.

Five Turns later, Ghys made arrangements to transfer to Fort Hold. Peace had been declared, but High Reaches held too many memories for herself and Neryssk. So she bought a cart-runner to bring her things, and so Ghysk would not have to walk the entire way as egg-laden as she would become on the trip. Two days before she left, a dragon from High Reaches arrived at the hold. This wasn't a rare event, given the strangle-hold Golre kept on her territories, but Ghys got into an argument with the brown rider.

The rider left with broken ribs, and the dragon with torn wings. Neryssk never got back up.

Ghys fled the moment Neryssk's body was interred, and never looked back. High Reaches was soaked in the blood of her family, and she would never sleep there again. Her family was reduced to a single wher and a runner, and Ghys desperately needed a new start.

She had intended to transfer to Fort Hold, but without Neryssk, Ghys was left a little lost - both physically and mentally. The trio made it to Crom, where Ghys promptly ended up in the right time and place to Impress a fire lizard. Tiny and too smart for her own good, Indominus got her name from Ghysk, who very much likes the white.

Life was good. Ghys became a guard, then a mentor to younger wher-pairs. She could have been content there for many more Turns, but then the weyrs declared an impromptu truce in order to populate a new weyr. Her immediate supervisor suggested that she go down to help establish Semaca, and she didn't have any true objection.
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  • Summer 2765 - Shortly after the hatching of the donated Spirits clutch, Ghys is approached by new wherling Fitz of gold Fitsk with a request. She becomes his mentor, and schedules the delivery of a second runner.
  • Early Fall 2765 - Ghys' injuries are not healing well. They are chronic, but becoming a hindrance.
  • Winter 2765 - Wherleader Fartoo was pursuing a lead on whers betweening, and asked whers to try gliding. Ghysk managed a true glide when she switched to running on a flat surface.
  • Thread, various
  • Run
  • clutch; Anakisk
  • Proud Grandmama to the Survivors of the Sound clutch
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image from clutch art of the Unyielding Blaze clutch
This ruin whole day. World end. Goodbye.


NAME: Ghysk
BIRTHDATE Summer 2756
AGE: fourteen as of Fall 2770



The Unyielding Blaze Clutch - Early Spring 2768
Sire: Blue Errosk (Errol)
Serenitea - Brown Anakisk Grandkids

LENGTH: twelve feet (12 ft)
HEIGHT: four feet and three inches (4.25 ft)
COLOR: green
HEX CODE: #00482D
FULL APPEARANCE: Ghysk is on the smaller end of average for a green wher. She is not as heavily built as some of the males, but that makes her quicker and lighter on her feet during her Runs. Her color runs a dark, dark green all over. In shadow, she just about disappears. The only places that are not some shade of super dark green are on her underside, which is a lighter shade only in comparison to the rest of her. On the underside of her wingsails, too, she is a different hue.

But overall, Ghysk is smaller and darker than most greens.

PERSONALITY: There's nothing Ghysk likes better than to be in the thick of things. She craves company, as if she needs to be around others in order to recharge. It takes quite a lot to deplete her natural energy, but she's not the peppy kind of energetic. No cheers for her, but there should be a plan for everything, and everything will go according to that plan.

That's the idea, anyways.

Because her preference is for everything to go according to plan, Ghysk can be very blunt. She learns quickly, and remembers the little details - topics to avoid, or embarrassing things for taunting - much longer than Ghys would. All this makes her ultimately adaptable, for all she initially resists change. When a new variable is introduced, her plans can change to accommodate them. However, she is very suspicious of each new variable, because one small change requires a complete reworking of the plan. If Ghys were to wear the wrong shoes, that would be a crisis, but then the day would go on.
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NAME: Indominus
AGE: eleven as of Fall 2770


COLOR: white, female-identifying
HEX CODE: white
FULL APPEARANCE: There is no point in denying that Indominus is a white. She is a light gray color, dappled with a grey so very slightly darker that there is almost no point to the color difference. But it does its job- Indominus can be very hard to notice when she wants to be sneaky. She doesn't quite disappear in shadow, but if she doesn't move, she probably won't be noticed.

Her tail is short and thick, and her wings stubby. Over all, she is short and squat, not much for flying. But she sticks close to her human, and doesn't much need to fly.

PERSONALITY: Indominus is a plucky little white. She's more intelligent than she really has the right to be, and she seems to always be angry, as if the world personally offends her. Don't leave her alone with a puzzle, because she will pick it apart and probably eat a piece or two. That's both physical and metaphorical - Indominus can and will eat correspondence she takes a dislike to.



NAME: Megalosaur
BIRTHDATE Early Fall 2767
AGE: three as of Fall 2770

COLOR: gold
FULL APPEARANCE: Megalosaur, nicknamed Megs, is an orangey gold. She shimmers into a more yellow hue depending on how the light hits, but most people would agree that she is more orange than yellow. Her wings are somewhat oversized in comparison to her body, and she always seems to have a smug expression on her face.

PERSONALITY: Megs is a chompy little bugger. She doesn't have a whole lot of problem-solving skills thanks to her overbearing green and irritable white bondmates, so she solves her problems by biting them. This works fairly well for immediate problems such as where to get her next meal or how to dismiss someone or something that is bothering her. It works less well for the making of friends, the establishing of trust, and having a good time.
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NAME: Grace
BIRTHDATE Spring 2747
AGE: twenty-three Turns as of Fall 2770
STATUS: female


HEIGHT: eighteen hands (six feet , at the shoulder)
COLOR: chestnut
FULL APPEARANCE: Grace is a cart-bred runner. Her breed was created for size, strength, and ability, so she is massive. Standing just a few inches taller than Ghys at the shoulder, she outweighs most of the smaller whers. That bulk is mostly tied up in muscle and very solid bones, but Ghys has added a solid layer of fat to her working runner.

She is that medium shade of reddish-brown known as 'chestnut' in the runner world, with a full blaze marking her face. The feathery socks on her legs are a lighter shade of red, more palomino than chestnut. They match her mane and tail, both generally well kept and untangled.

PERSONALITYPERSONALITY: Some runners are sulky, some volatile. Grace is a placid mare, unbaffled by anything she encounters. She trusts her human, and is familiar enough with whers that even they do not bother her. In fact, she tends not to be very reactive at all, which can lure the people around her into a false sense of security. If provoked enough, Grace is capable of inflicting major damage. But she takes to work easily enough, now. That work is not as strenuous as it once was, and she spends most of her time with other runners. Her sheer size means that few other runners will mess with her.




NAME: Story
BIRTHDATE Spring 2753
AGE: seventeen Turns as of Early Fall 2770
STATUS: full male (stallion)


HEIGHT: 18.3 hands (six feet, one inch)
COLOR: bay
FULL APPEARANCE: Story is big and solid. He has muscles for days, balanced by highly feathered legs. Strong and very, very aware of how much space he takes up, Story looks as though he is wearing tragically unfashionable trousers. This feathering is black, leading into a lighter brown body. He has a high crest, and ears that are always swiveling to and fro.

PERSONALITY: For a large, strong runner, Story is a little skittish. He needs to be reassured many times before he is willing to take a leap of faith. Once he establishes trust in a single human or wher, they will have the easiest time convincing him to do his work, but it will never be easy. A gentle hand is primarily what Story needs, and a pragmatic harness mate.
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