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Tamatoa and Tomask

Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:24 pm

Tamatoa and Tomask

"Blindly chasing after glory will get you nothing in the end."


RETIRE INFO: Retire or Adopt if people are willing to keep the Tama/Maui shenanigans up IF I leave.
NAME: Tamatoa
PRONOUNS: he/him/his
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

BIRTHDATE: Late winter 2744
AGE: 22 as of late winter 2766
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: Blue Wherling
WING: N/A yet

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6' 6" and built like a brick wall
PLAY-BY: Guile from Street Fighter

Despite the intimidating countenance, from his brooding brow and aquiline nose to his shockingly blonde hair. Coupled with his powerful frame from turns spent as a teen working in the fields with the Cotholders in his Father's care; Tamatoa is not as mean as he looks by a long shot.

Unlike some people he could name he wears clothes made of material that while of fine make, are definitely working clothes. Though his habit of gravitating toward the sort of cloth that looks like patches of green wher hide sewn together occasionally confounds his father.

He does have suitable outfits for when at a Gather however. But asking him to get rid of his hefty boots. That let all present know they weigh a good two stone each from the thudding steps he takes, is a task only his mother manages on Gather time.


Outwardly he appears stonefaced and cold. But in actuality he grew from a kind and caring boy into a loyal, kind and protective man. Who just has some deepseated issues when it comes to those who would betray others for something so ephemeral and worthless as 'fame'. Especially if they betrayed or hurt family for a chance to stoke their own ego.

Something else that offends him on a deep level is any form of bully being allowed to do as they please. On the idea it's because they happen to be 'strong'. His feelings are that the strongest should protect those who are unable to defend themselves from being too young or injured/infirm. Even though he might fall under the last category. He strives to better himself and continue to do his best for others, whether that means becoming a protector against thread in the daylight or other threats in the night beside a wher.

FAMILY: Lord Teka Father, Biological and Lady Tefiti Biological mother along with a handful of blood siblings...and one adopted sibling that makes him punch walls
BIRTHPLACE: Minor Istan hold named Blazing Hold for how warmly its Lord Holder's family treats those who come to it.

Tamatoa was born into a high position, but seeing the young man; then a child one wouldn't know it. Considering even as a youth while certain people might try to curry favor in underhanded ways with those around them. He would be just as likely to be seen working the fields beside the cotholders. Particularly those who did not have sons or herd beasts to help till the land. Using it as a method to train himself and learn about the people that looked to his father to guide and protect them in times of trouble.

It was this propensity for helping others that led to his adopted 'brother in name' being found out by him. As his mother's necklace had gone missing when he was around 15, and he went to ask Maui if he'd seen it. Only to discover the elder sibling trying to stuff it in his belt pouch. A scuffle ensued, the younger Tamatoa trying to give as much as he was getting when his initial shout incurred Maui trying to shut him up.

This scuffle ended in Tama having a broken right leg that laid him up for a time. But for a few months at least the adopted wretch seemed to lay low and leave the necklace alone. That was what the trueborn son of Lord Teka was led to believe however. Among the rest of the Lord Holder's family. As Tama would later find due to his father publicly calling his adopted son out and then banishing him from the hold to a Weyr. It would take Tamatoa time and training to fully adapt to walking and helping others. Even with the faint limp he gained due to the cur that all but spat in his family's face.

But at the age of 22 he gave his younger brother an opening to step up as next in line for Lord holder. While Tama himself proclaimed his reasoning for following Maui to Semaca Weyr was to prove he was nowhere close to the good person he claimed to be. The young man had no urge for being a gloryhound he just wanted to show up the braggart who appeared to show his 'true' colors with the stunt he pulled on both Tamatoa himself and their mother through stealing her family heirloom.
Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:26 pm


NAME: Tomask
BIRTHDATE Season Spring
AGE: 1 as of 2767
LENGTH: 13.25 ft
HEIGHT: 4.75 ft
HEX CODE: #8dbece

Tomask is a handsome wher, there is no doubting that. His body is sleek, with a limber build and an easy gait. His body is a soft sky blue color from chest to tail, with cloudy hints of denim blue peeking out in patches over his hide. Around his eyes is a navy blue mask that makes his vivid eyes stand out in sharp contrast, especially when his emotions are heavy and the hues are bright. A very pale icy blue looks as though its been splattered over him with a paint brush, sitting above the other colors in contrast.

Tomask loves to share his attention with his adoring fanbase. No, seriously...he's very enigmatic, and easily makes friends. He is naturally flirty, but not in that awkward way; he's actually quite good at giving genuine compliments and making people feel special. When it comes to Runs, he tries to be seductive and alluring, and it works a decent amount of the time. That said, he's not just romantic; he's also snarky, a trait that amuses many who cross paths with this wher.

He can also be very flighty, and not always very reliable; as he says in his own words, "Brain too busy," and he leaves it at that. He does try to make an effort to remember important things, at least. He adores the ocean and loves swimming, even if he isn't very good at it. His temper can be all over the place, bouncing from hard to anger to sensitive and on edge at the drop of a hat. Despite this, he tries his hardest to be sweet tempered and friendly, for what is life without the people around to join you?

Voice: His voice is soft and luring, as though trying to tempt you. It is very beautiful to listen to.
Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:28 pm

Tala the Gold Flitter


Tala is a sweetheart with a mother hen streak. Who will occasionally scold and nip even people a great deal larger than herself if voices are raised in her presence.
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