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Shinku of Blue Cinnamith

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Shinku of Blue Cinnamith

Shinku of Blue Cinnimith
"Be careful, boys, this girl has claws~."


RETIRE INFO: Adopt - Dragon / Retire - Character
NAME: Shinku
GENDER: Female (designated male at birth)
PRONOUNS: Feminine
ORIENTATION: Demiromantic Heterosexual

BIRTHDATE: Spring 2751
AGE: 19 as of Late Summer 2770
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: Dragonrider
WING: Pavane Squad

EYES: Blue
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'2" and Average
PLAY-BY: Constance from Fire Emblem: Three Houses
FULL APPEARANCE: Shinku has a roundish face and often wears clothes that are very feminine in nature. Her favorite colors are blue and red, so she will often wear blue in her outfits. She often tries to make herself look more feminine, stuffing cloths down her shirt to make her chest larger.

PERSONALITY: Shinku was born as a guy and identifies as a woman. She does not like talking about her past, unless she mentions her little brother, and often tries to bring up the fact she is a woman. This also shows as she tries to make herself appear more feminine with pushing up her chest with her clothes and making herself appear curvier.

She is a normally cheerful, happy-go-lucky kind of person. She is usually with a wide smile on her face and a skip in her step. She loves to meet new people and is often very cheerful and friendly. She will always enjoy a good laugh and often loves to cheer people up.

However, she is very impulsive. She tends to rush into things without considering all of her options.. or any options at all. She tries to help others out and, because of this, she will often run into danger head-first. This is especially dangerous during her work. If she hears someone shouting, she will immediately dive to their rescue, even if there are signs of danger like the spotted cats. She also has little to no control when it comes to buying stuff. She sees something and immediately decides to buy it, for the most part.

Cassata - Mother (Disowned by Shinku)
Mustacciuoli - Father (Disowned by Shinku)
Akai - Half Brother
Ikai - Adoptive Father
Her father had moved to Ista Weyr from High Reaches Weyr when Golre had ruled the weyr. They were weyrfolks, but her father came from Ista Weyr and his mother still lived there. She had gotten very sick and, to be closer with her, he moved back home. Because of this, he shared some of the same views that a lot of people from High Reaches had at the time. He believed blues and greens were useless and the only colors that mattered were bronzes and golds. Shinku and her younger brother were subjected to these views. Akai had been born from another man, something his father was not to thrilled about, but he didn't care.

He had a child of his own, someone he viewed as much better than Akai. Shinku was always the 'perfect' child growing up. There was no abuse going on between her brother and her father, but Shinku could tell, and she was sure Akai could tell to, that her father preferred her. She was expected to impress a bronze, as her father told her multiple times growing up that 'bronzes are all that mattered'. These thoughts continued as she grew up and learned different skills she would use in life, such as cooking and sewing.

Around when Shinku entered candidacy, she began to question her gender identity. She had never been too comfortable being called a boy, but she began to greatly dislike it as she became older. Along with this, some of the other born as female candidates were already going through puberty. Shinku felt.. envy because she didn't look like them. She began to realize that.. she wanted to be a girl. She felt comfortable with feminine pronouns. She told her parents and brother this after a while, as she wanted to know herself.

Her father now boasted that she could impress a gold and be just like Golre. That honestly worried her. She never wanted to impress a gold, especially as she was not a leader type of person. However, that was not a concern for long. During Winter of 2766, she was at a hatching when a dark blue dragon hatched. He immediately moved to her and told her that they were meant to work together. Shinku was excited by this. Not only had she impressed a dragon, he was absolutely stunning! This was amazing!

However, this caused a big fight. Her father was not happy- at all. They had a huge fight that ended with Shinku deciding to disown him and her mother, who had taken his side. She has not seen them since that point, going out of her way to avoid both of them. In fact, as soon as Cinnimith was old enough, she transferred to Semaca Weyr. It was on another continent and thus, far away from her former parents.

There, she has remained since that day. She has made an attempt to try to convince Akai to come to the weyr, but it is up to him.
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Blue Cinnimith


NAME: Cinnimith
BIRTHDATE Winter 2766
AGE: Three as of Late Summer 2770

LENGTH: 32ft
HEX CODE: #101620
FULL APPEARANCE: Cinnimith is a gorgeous dark blue color for a good portion of his body. This allows for him to be harder to see while looking up at the night sky as he flies past. This is also helped by the array of stars all over his wings. When he is looked at from the side, he has a lacey blue pattern that changes from a medium purple-blue to a pale seafoam color. In this pattern, there are several spots of his dark blue color.

Cinnamith is a calm dragon. He likes to think things through and consider all options before moving. He is quite a slow dragon, when it comes to reacting. Sometimes, he doesn't notice something for a while before he finally takes notice. He is usually very peaceful and will only fight when he believes it is necessary, such as during thread fall or in case someone is in dire danger.

To his rider, Cinnamith is often her better half. He is much calmer than the inpulsive Shinku. He likes to think of ways to go about a situation and often makes an attempt to ground Shinku so she doesn't run out without him. He is very fond of her, regardless, and views her a bit like a little sister. He likes to refer to her as 'Chubby Cheeks' due to her round face.

Voice: Cinnamith speaks in a calm relaxing voice. He has a reserved nature as he speaks as well.
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