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O'tlan of green Kadiith

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O'tlan of green Kadiith

O ' T L A N

you either believe in yourself, or you don't


RETIRE INFO: Retire both
NAME: O'tlan (captain)
GENDER: male
PRONOUNS: he/him/his
ORIENTATION: biromantic polyamorous bisexual

BIRTHDATE: Spring 2726
AGE: forty-four Turns as of Winter 2770
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: explorer, adventurer, voice of reason, dad!figure
SQUAD: Mazurka


EYES: an uncomfortable shade of bright blue
HAIR: brassy blond, starting to go gray
HEIGHT AND BUILD: six feet and two inches, muscle-bound
PLAY-BY: Chris Pine

You'd think that a man standing six feet and two inches in height might be intimidating. Add in the heavy muscles, the confidence, and to those who hadn't met him before, O'tlan would be a scary individual. But this green rider does not carry himself with much importance. He walks quietly, and dresses in colors not designed to catch the eye, browns and tans mostly. While he looks good in blue, and stunning in gold, he does not like to stand out.

Despite the brassy blond, gravity-defying hair, the stubbly beard coming in an early gray, and a plush mouth more inclined to grin than frown, his most prominent feature remains his eyes. They are intensely blue, both inviting and intimidating. He has an impenetrable grin, more shield than humor, that nevertheless serves the dual purpose of making him seem at ease and under the radar. No one questions a sunny disposition, particularly not when accompanied with light quips and teasing one-liners.

PERSONALITY: O'tlan is a quiet man with good ideas. He likes his privacy, but he also likes to spend time with other riders. He has always presented a bold, confident face to the rest of the world. Only a few, trusted individuals know more than the facade he presents. Given his well-known history, it's understandable that he would play things close to the vest.

He has a bit of experience under his belt, and that means that he is a little steadier than many people think a green rider should be. Of course, as soon as people start dismissing his rank, he dismisses them. There are reasons Ista's Pride remade himself at High Reaches, and colorism is one of them.

When it comes to lovers, other people are welcome in his bed up to the point where he has to make a choice between a lover, and his dragon. He has little patience for coloristic lovers, those who qualify his existence by the color his dragon happened to be shelled. They might earn his bed for the flight, but it's quite rare for someone to keep his attention.

FAMILY: Mother - Lady of Ista Hold
Father - W'kik of bronze Hriseth, Ista Weyr deceased
a plethora of half-siblings, including the heir to Ista Hold and a few riders
the remaining Colossi, and their dragons
Former weyrmate - Z'zae of blue Ryloth - Summer 2731, Semaca Weyr, Pavane Squad
Son - Zortane, 2758
Weyrhealer Chalay of green Oshuth
Guard Captain Vella of green Vellask and magma Vesk

2726 - Childhood
one to twelve

When the Lady of Ista Hold gave birth to her first son, no one truly expected the results. There were whispers and rumors during her pregnancy, but no one came right out to say that this was not the Lord's get. It wasn't until one of the bronze riders from Ista publicly claimed the child as his own that the truth came out. Ortilan was removed from the line of succession, and fostered between Hold and Weyr until he wasn't quite sure which was his actual home.

2736 - foster

Eventually, little Ortilan would just say that he came from Ista Island. He spent his childhood traveling between weyr and hold, neither parent willing to relinquish their claim to the other. He spent a Turn, his ninth, fostered to Igen Weyr, but that quickly ended when the weyr's latest clutch yielded unexpected results. No one knew how to categorize one of the hatchlings, and neither the Lady of Ista Hold nor Bronzerider W'kik of Ista Weyr wanted their son anywhere near that chaos.

Without a fire lizard of his own, the friendships Ista's child had made in Igen faded away. Despite a few attempts, no one was willing to let such controversial child Impress a fire lizard. Ortilan came to understand that until managed to get away from Ista, he would never be his own person. Just the mistake his parents made.

2738 - Adolescence
twelve to fifteen

After the experiment with fostering, his parents argued over whether or not he should Stand as a candidate when the time came. His father was convinced that he would follow in the family tradition, and Impress at least as high as brown. His mother - constantly pregnant to her Lord, yet somehow able to keep tabs on even adventurous Ortilan - wanted him to foster out again, to another Hold.

In an attempt to settle the argument, W'kik had one of the weyr's Search dragons lay claim on his son. Only someone paying rather close attention would have noticed that the brown 'Searched' the solemn child a few days before he officially came of age to be Searched. Properly fifteen by the time the queen Flew, he didn't attach at his first two clutches. Ortilan held the secret hope that he would be allowed to transfer to another weyr, if he didn't Impress soon. By that time, he hated the island and everyone on it. It seemed like everyone knew him, or of him, and had opinions on everything from his parentage to his lack of Impression.

2742 -Impression

The clutch that held his dragon was, itself, a controversial clutch. It was sired by a mutation, a great monstrosity of a male neither bronze nor brown, and black as night. In the chaos of the hatching, which included both a second mutation and a gold, O'tlan's Impression would be been completely unremarkable. His parents being who they were, that wasn't the case.

Because when he did Impress, finally, he disappointed both of his parents. Actually, his father completely disowned him on the spot, and was transferred to another weyr - Benden - for the duration of his son's weyrlinghood. Instead of a fine bronze, or a sturdy brown - or even a blue, which would at least be male - attaching Ista's Pride, a dainty green had claimed him. She knew him as soon as she hatched, and laid imperial claim on the gangly sixteen-Turn-old.

O'tlan? Kadiith would like you to feed her. Why are you conflicted? Don't you like your Kadiith?

2742-2745 Weyrlinghood
sixteen to nineteen

W'kik had told his son stories of his weyrling class. O'tlan had always assumed he was just trying to make weyr life more enticing, because neither weyr nor hold had much appeal. He was proven wrong as he grew very close to the other riders in his class. They were a controversial bunch, from the petite, hidebound Kallia who attached Pern's newest gold to androgynous, vulgar Taz, who had the apparent misfortune to Impress a mutation. They were called the Colossi, and they banded together against a world out for their blood.

And with a batch of weyrlings that included silent Erro and flirtatious, unstable Kl'yne, something like being the result of a mistake could be overlooked. It was the first time O'tlan was seen as his own person, and he rather liked the sensation. He made friends, the easiest he'd ever made friends, and that would turn out the be a life-long bond.

Kaddy was one of the first greens of the clutch to Rise. She led seven males on a merry chase that nearly ended in a fist fight. O'tlan had grown into a much more attractive version of himself during lessons, and one of the riders of the losing males took offense to Kadiith's choice. He was a bronze rider, and it was in that moment that solidified Kadiith's immense dislike of bronzes. It wasn't bad enough that Hriseth hissed death threats whenever he saw her, but now one ruined her first Flight?

2746 - Rider

From that day forward, Kadiith despised most bronzes on sight. She never picked one for any Flight, and took umbrage whenever one would give her orders, unless it was another Colossi. Despite the cards being stacked against them, Kadiith and O'tlan rose through the ranks. They eventually became wingleaders themselves, taking the wing over from the retiring blue rider.

2752 - Transfer to Telgar Weyr

It took ten Turns for O'tlan and Kadiith to leave Ista Island. There was always some reason to delay a transfer, whether it was a new weyrmate or the distress of his fellow Collossi, but O'tlan hated Ista Island with a passion. They transferred to Telgar Weyr as a wingrider, giving up his rank in favor of leaving the island he hated so much.

The weyr welcomed him, a chromatic rider, in the wake of another clutch that yielded a mutation. No mutation had ever repeated itself, but many riders feared what these sport dragons might mean for Pern as a whole.

He made friends slowly, but many of those he met found him charming and trustworthy. It only took another two Turns before he became a wingsecond again, this time to a brown rider. There were always rumors that he had only been made a 'second because Kadiith chose the wingleader's brown in Flight more than once.

2755 - Armistice, Impression part two

The Interval War left no corner of Pern untouched. Telgar flooded with refugees, and the green pair were forced into battle. Both dragon and rider were reluctant to take lives, but their opponents seemed to have no such compunctions. Kadiith racked up an impressive kill rate, one that leaves her rider uncomfortable. His own kill rate is a little higher, and he was never severely wounded or maimed in the war.

W'kik of bronze Hriseth died in a High Reaches attack just before an armistice was reached.

O'tlan did not so much as shed a tear for the bronze rider's death. His mother sent him a message when she heard. He did not send a reply, being far too busy with his own affairs. Sixteen Turns after leaving his parents' influence, Ista's child had finally procured a fire lizard egg. (He noted privately it was ridiculous that, for a native of an area with an abnormally high population of fire lizards, he Impressed his own in a land-locked region.)

While many others had chosen their egg for size, hoping for a bronze or a gold, O'tlan aimed for cleverness. The egg he decided on had been passed over many times. It was relatively small, compared to others in its clutch, and had a flat, dull grey color that nearly promised a dud. The only variation was two dots of red on one side, and a slightly larger dot of blue on the other. Where it showed great promise is in its aura. When O'tlan touched it, as he bribed the mother gold to be allowed to do, it promised to never let him down.

A brown hatched from his egg, a damp little brown who creeled most piteously when food did not immediately appear. O'tlan rectified his mistake quickly, and stuffed his new friend round. He went without a name for nearly a month, until a chance conversation with one of Colossi brought him the perfect one - Triumvirate. Being a weighty name for a little lizard, it was promptly shortened to 'Tri'.

2757 - Transfer to Fort Weyr

Many riders transferred weyrs in search of more opportunities, or to follow a new weyrmate. O'tlan left Telgar to get away from his weyrmate.

It started well enough; a brown caught Kadiith. The riders got along, and kept seeing each other. All was well, until the next time Kadiith Flew, and was caught by a blue. Weyrs were supposed to be less strict abut weyrmates, because dragons were often so finicky. Not so this rider, who had come from a Hold. The resulting fights led O'tlan to flee Telgar, straight to Fort.

He couldn't know, at that time, that he was only the first of his clutch to transfer to the oldest weyr.

2758 - Tenth Pass begins

Time trudges on, even when humans would wish otherwise. The cosmos cares little for the squabbles of humans, even when those squabbles lead to death, chaos, and the unease of a plant. The Red Star began its deadly campaign on Pern, and O'tlan and Kadiith rose to meet the threat. They flew with Daylight Wing.

2760 - Chaos

For a Turn that held so many good things, it held things the world would always hold in contempt. A new mutation began in the fire lizards, the first to repeat itself, and spread. Whers caught the new mutation, garnet, a few months later. O'tlan, who rode a daughter of Pern's first mutation and was rather fascinated with them, was delighted with this self-replicating new color. Kadiith was less impressed, even when one of Imorith's clutches proved that dragons had the color, too.

Pern's dragons had another new trick to teach their humans, one that shook many hide-bound traditionalists to their bones. A bronze Impressed to a woman. O'tlan was in the stands, his forearm stuffed into his mouth to stifle his laughter. He was no stranger to flouting the rules, but this was even better than anything he'd done!

But best of all was when the Colossi came to join him in his new home. The circumstances leading to their arrival were tragic, certainly, but with Kallia and Imorith - send to help Fort get back on its feet - came Hecate and Cabadath, and most of the Colossi.

Fort filled up quite a bit, that Turn. Beside the clutches, and the Colossi, refugees fled High Reaches. Fled the Mad Golds, for all that Golre had declared her weyr 'peacekeepers'. One of these refugees was a tall, charming, and very cute brown rider. O'tlan made friends, and Kadiith got herself acquainted with the brown. During their time together - Kadiith chose him for her Flight twice in a row - O'tlan learned all about the knottiest weyr on Pern. Even compared to Ista, the High Reaches were a piece of work.

Spring 2762 - Transfer to High Reaches Weyr

By this point, O'tlan was no stranger to death. He'd caused it, he'd seen it, he'd escaped it several times. Death was a part of life, and he'd come to grips with it. Or so he'd thought.

Then Kallia was poisoned. Of his clutch siblings, she was the one he got along with the least. Her hidebound ways declared men unfit to ride female dragons, and they clashed over that view. He claimed that it was the dragon's choice, but both weyrwoman and queen were disdainful of greens in general. It was the nastiest way one of his clutch had died.

The Colossi scattered in the wake of her death. Many returned to Ista, while some stayed at Fort. O'tlan transferred, for the third time.

After the war lead by High Reaches, and the death of the Mad Golds, Fort sent chromatic riders to High Reaches to lead. O'tlan was one of the greenriders who went. He was uneasy about the location, but welcomed a brand new chance to remake himself. At High Reaches, he could be both respected and a greenrider. Not the mistake of Ista Island.

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  • Early Spring 2765 - Kadiith is scored along the trailing edge of her left wing when an unseen clump of Thread grazes it. O'tlan visits some of the Colossi at Fort for a few days, and picks out a canine puppy from the many litters.
  • Late Spring 2765 - O'tlan and Kadiith transfer to Semaca Weyr, where they are made wingsecond again.
  • Late Summer 2765 - Weyrleader K'vothe of garnet Caesurath transfers to Igen Weyr, leaving O'tlan in charge of Semaca. He appoints his own wingsecond, much to Kaddy's disgust.
  • Early Fall 2765 - Someone leaves a gold egg on Semaca's Sands. O'tlan tries to make sense of the chaos, and is very glad that he has a good candidate master and weyrling master. He misses the actual hatching of the egg while visiting the Northern weyrs to persuade them to sign a document promising that the egg is not theirs. He arrives in time to see the gold hatching Impress to a non-binary candidate, and is delighted. Stress and delight mix until he is an incoherent mess of laughter. Everyone wonders what is wrong with him.
  • Late Fall 2765 - Upon the suggestion of Weyrlingmaster Khinarae, and the request of Liyanel aerself, O'tlan mentors Semaca's weyrling gold. Someone sparks a rumor that O'tlan is trying to turn Liyanel into Kallia, and brings up one of O'tlan's least favorite memories - Ista's Pride. O'tlan misses his clutchmates and Hecate bitterly. Kadiith takes to the sky in Flight, and picks brown Espinneth.
  • Early Winter 2765 - O'tlan is delighted to discover that Semaca has very mild winters.
  • Late Winter 2765 - Barely a full season after the last one, another mystery egg is deposited on Semaca's Sands. Kadiith adopts it, and strikes a ground-breaking truce with bronze Tangleth to protect it. This is the first time Kadiith has cooperated with a bronze that was not one of the Colossi outside of official duties. Her egg hatches into a blue, who Impresses O'tlan's Steward. O'tlan has a headache.
  • Late Winter 2765 - Less than a month later, several dragons take to the skies in quick succession. Five dragons lay eggs at Semaca - four stay to brood them. O'tlan is facing a very unnerving situation.
  • Early Spring 2766 - It got worse. O'tlan attempted to scout out the incoming Thread from the top of a tree. One of the branches gave way under him, and he fell out of a tree, breaking his left arm. Kadiith will not let him live it down. Her mood improved considerably when O'tlan appointed Mick and vibranium Libertath her wingseconds. Thing get even better when Z'zae of blue Ryloth gives birth to a son. O'tlan resolves to be a better father than his own.
  • Late Spring 2766 - O'tlan has a headache. In the course of half a season, Fort unearths a secret clutcher from Benden, Semaca recieves a refugee telling of a tyrannical regime. The Defenders of Sol clutch hatches into chaos when their refugee Impresses one of gold Nuuth's children. Between a near-queen battle when Nuuth and Nebulaeth butted heads, the perpetual crisis of being criminally understaffed, and the foolhardy behavior of several Semacan dragons, O'tlan narrowly avoids War. The fifth mother, green Kasheth, attends the hatching in time for Na'ri to have a heart attack.
  • Early Summer 2766 - Junior Weyrwoman Sido demands that O'tlan turn over the refugee-turned-weyrling. O'tlan refuses, and insists that he will only bend to a Conclave of all weyrs. Letters get nasty, but no one calls the Conclave.
  • Late Summer 2766 - Politics never get any easier. O'tlan agrees to allow Blaze and Nornth to weather Serapheth's Flight at Semaca. Nornth and Nebulaeth take a dislike to each other, and Kadiith can do little to intervene. Fortunately, the gold riders take a liking to each other, and there are no fights. Guard Captain Vella does not murder O'tlan for inflicting yet another gold on her thinly stretched forces.
  • Early Fall 2766 - There have been rumors about dragons returned from the dead. O'tlan fears he will become one of them when he approves a transfer for Alayna of gold Wyzeth, Benden's secret clutcher. Instead, he and Alayna discover the truth behind the rumors when they discover a small group of riders thought lost to Thread. Among them are Semaca greenrider Elend of green Antoth, and Hecate of Almandine Cabadath. O'tlan is overjoyed to find the Colossi's father figure.
  • Winter 2767 - O'tlan grows close to his weyrhealer, Chalay of green Oshuth, and Guard Captain Vella of green Vellask and magma Vesk.
  • Early Spring 2767 - Finally, a Conclave is called. O'tlan goes as the sole Semacan delegate, accompanied by Alayna of gold Wyzeth as witness against Benden, and Hecate of almandine Cabadath. Despite attacks on his character from Sido, O'tlan is successful in his quest to lever sanctions against Benden.
  • Late Fall 2767 - Despite a successful Conclave and a smoothly running weyr, O'tlan stepped down from his position both as Semaca's weyrleader and Minuet's wingleader to return to an island he hated. His hatred of Ista Island did not override the fact that his presence had been requested by someone he did not want to refuse.
  • Early Winter 2767 through Early Spring 2768 -
  • Late Spring 2768 -
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My dearest one, my darling dear
Your mighty words astound me
But I have no need of mighty deeds
When I feel your arms around me

-- "For the Dancing and the Dreaming", John Powell


NAME: Kadiith (Kaddy) from the Vulcan 'kaiidth', the philosphy of 'what is, is'
BIRTHDATE Winter 2742
AGE: twenty-seven as of Early Fall 2770



Lonely Heart - Winter 2765
Adopted With: Bronze Tangleth (Flynn)
Cerebral Warp - Blue Talineth (female blue)


LENGTH: twenty-seven feet (27 ft)
HEIGHT: seven feet (7 ft)
WINGSPAN: forty-one feet (41 ft)
COLOR: green
Proportionally, Kadiith is very dainty. She isn't quite tiny, for a green, but she is most definitely on the smaller end of the spectrum. It can be quite the mind bender to picture this dainty green with her muscle-bound rider. The reality is, of course, that even a very small green can dwarf a large human, but people seldom remember that. Kadiith doesn't generally mind. Her O'tlan fits her perfectly.

Her conformation is perfect. She would tend towards chubbiness in less active times, but in this time and place she runs at a very healthy weight. Up close, she has even more muscles than her rider. Her lush green hide is sleek over graceful muscles, neither excessively fat nor disgracefully bony. In color, she maintains mostly a dark green that is nearly blue, but for a few graceful curves of light yellow along her ribs.



Without a doubt, Kadiith's most defining trait is her pragmatism. She has lived long enough - by now - to have at least tangential experience in confronting just about anything (as far as she's concerned). Even if she does not know how a situation is likely to play out, Kadiith is a very fast thinker. Being quick on the wing is only an asset when it comes to Threadfall. Whatever the most practical solution is, that is what she will do. Concepts like 'sleek' escape her, as do short cuts and alternate practices.

This means that she is not a very philosophical dragon. She is not interested in 'might', or 'better than that' conjectures. Engaging in this type of thinking is likely to make her dismiss someone. What she has yet to consider is that dismissing those who think differently drastically denies her the opportunity to learn.

Voice: Kaddy has a low, rich mind voice. It frequently seems like she knows something the rest of the conversation does not, and what she knows amuses her. She speaks with the confidence that she is always right, and bluffs almost instantly when she is proved wrong.
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NAME: Triumvirate
BIRTHDATE Late Summer 2755
AGE: fifteen as of Early Fall 2770

COLOR: Brown
Tri is a brown of light coloring. His body does not deviate from the same light shade, similar to the sands of Igen, or the Hatching Sands. There are hints and teases of yellow along his wingsails, and a perfect dot of off-white on his left forepaw. The only other place his color deviates is a threadscore scar on his right flank.

Unlike the other two in his bond, Tri is a thin, lithe creature. He has no more muscle than he absolutely needs, and he tends towards bony despite attempts to fatten him up. For all that it's hard to believe, there exists a fire lizard who is not in love with food. Shocker, right?

As if to balance the falsely sunny O'tlan and the viciously pragmatic Kadiith, Triumvirate is a happy-go-lucky excuse for a brown. He follows only the most rudimentary training commands, when he feels like it, but he is not rash. He does not play pranks, though he will distract riders long enough for his brethren to prepare one. Where his human is rarely actually in a good mood, there is little that can shake Tri from his perpetual good mood.

O'tlan says that is because Tri isn't the smartest lizard in the clutch. He could be right, because it often takes the brown a few tries to understand what is being asked of him. Once he does, his contrary nature takes over, and he may or may not obey. His antics bring a genuine smile to O'tlan's soul, and even pragmatic Kadiith is no match for Tri when he's being charming.




NAME: Enterprise
BIRTHDATE Late Summer 2767
AGE: three as of Late Fall 2770

COLOR: Pearl (unique)

Pink. Enterprise is many different shades of pink thrown together and lacquered with something to make them shine. Somehow, though, she can't be mistaken for a garnet. It might have to do with the pearlescent sheen that gave her the designation 'Pearl', or maybe it's just that no garnet has ever been so many shades at once. Either way, Enterprise is proudly unique.

PERSONALITY: Bold as the day is long, Enterprise has no fear of the unknown. She's the first on the scene of something new, and has to be coaxed away at the end of it all.
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NAME: Genesis
SPECIES: canine
BREED: herder
SEX: female
BIRTHDATE Late Winter 2764
AGE: just under two Turns as of Early Fall 2767

COLOR: black, grey, white, brown - blue eyes

As an adolescent just over one Turn of age, Genesis is still awkward. She is growing into her paws, but the rest of her is gawky Still predominately white and grey, she is speckled with black and splotched with tan. O'tlan has been convinced that herding canines need to work, so her weight is evening out. She carries a little extra, though. He still likes to spoil her.

Genesis has a strong prey drive, pouncing on anything that moves and following whatever looks interesting. She is an active baby, always struggling out of any restraints to get on with her next adventure. When not hunting everything that moves, Genesis likes to wash her human's fire lizard, and when sleeping, she likes to be snuggled in her human's bed.
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