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Errol of blue Errosk

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Errol of blue Errosk



NAME: Errol
GENDER: Gender-fluid, identifies most often as female
PRONOUNS: she / her is fine

BIRTHDATE: Fall, 2744
AGE: 20 as of Spring, 2765
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: Wherhandler
WING: Mazurka Squad

EYES: Soft brown
HAIR: Warm browns to black, worn in locs
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'9", limber and long limbed
PLAY-BY: Zendaya
Errol is tall and lean. Strong but without a lot of developed muscle. Before she became a wherhandler her upper body was much stronger and well defined than it is now. But her legs are still strong and well muscles from all that walking.

Her skin is a warm terra-cotta color with deeper, ochre tones when she's been in the sun too long. She wears a lot of jewelry in her ears. Mostly the cuff sort that aren't likely to get ripped out during tumbles or scuffles or crawling through bushes. Her hair is warm tones of brown to dark black, which she wears in long dreadlocks to nearly her waist. She often weaves beads or other things into it.

Errol has a very loose gate. Her strides are long and limber and her arms swinging rather a lot. It can sometimes be a bit dangerous to walk to close to her. She and Errosk often bruise each other due to her swinging arms. Her mode of dress changes, but it is usually neutral colors. Tight trousers and heavy tunics with boots for working. But sometimes elaborate skirts or loose pants and vests.

Errol is an adventurer! And why not? The world is big and exciting. There are very few places Errol is not willing to go. Actually, there are probably no places Errol wouldn't be willing to go. It does not matter if they are near, far, frightening or beautiful. Errol has a wanderlust in her heart. Luckily for her she has a good partner in wandering now that she's got Errosk. And it fits well with her new job! Life is certainly looking good to Errol.

As an adventurer, Errol is very outgoing. Strangers are only friends you haven't fallen on yet! Errol could probably make besties with a rock. Especially if that rocked liked listening to stories about where Errol has been. And where Errol would like to go. Errosk is not as friendly, and definitely carries the majority of the pairs grump. Errol is rarely mad or upset. She is more likely to be hurt and sad than angry. Retreating rather than seeking revenge.

To the world, Errol probably seems very much the young lady. Though she isn't lady-like in the manner of hold-bred women. Her stride is always too long for heavy skirts, and her arms have quite the swing to them. But outwardly, she is a young woman. And most of the time Errol feels how she looks. But sometimes... sometimes she thinks maybe she could have been a man. Or even should have been. With broad shoulders and heavy muscles. A big, strong man.

On these days she is quieter. More introspective and introverted. She wears looser pants and vests over her tunics. Something in the way she carries herself changes. Errol doesn't talk about it much. She tried once with her father and he only worried all the harder. So she leaves it be. She's still Errol on these days. She's always herself. But on those days when she really gets to thinking about it, she is the quiet Errol who thinks about changes and differences and being big and strong.

And then other days its multicolored skirts and scarves! And fancy woven collars for Errosk. Sometimes capes that she makes out of scrap fabric. Short capes that drape off to one side of him, or hang over just one, stubby wing. Days when there is nothing better than being as pretty as possible.

Errana of green Cherith - mother
Olloskar - father - smith
Ollan - younger brother
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: does errosk count?
HISTORY: Errol is a weyrbrat through the through. She did have a closer relationship with her parents than some might, though she and her brother still spent most of their time in the creche. Olloskar, or Oskar as he was more commonly known, spent as much free time as he had with his children. He was busy with his smithwork, splitting time between Weyr and Hold, though once they were old enough he took his children with him when he could.

Errol really liked donning the heavy leathers and working with the fire-heated metal. Shaping hunks of ore into something useful like latches or belt buckles. Mostly she made crude things and tools that didn't need precise lines, but she still enjoyed the work and the weird camaraderie among the smiths. It was different than that of the dragonriders. More secretive but still friendly. And they were all so loud. Though Errol eventually figured out that it was because most of them suffered a measure of hearing loss due to their loud work environment.

Errol toyed with the idea of being a dragonrider, since her mother was. He brother was obsessed with them. But Errol was less sure. She liked dragons and was used to them. But she didn't think it was in her blood (even though it was in her blood). She stood once, at fifteen, mostly to make her mother happy, but didn't afterward. It felt wrong even if she could say why. Mostly she liked going to the forge with her father and wandering. Errol's feet were always taking her new places, even if they were only new to her.

Errol was helping her father at the forge when she overheard the talk. A wher clutch. They had heard some rumors of a big, giant gold wher who troubled the folks over at Fort, and sometimes left them gifts of eggs. And she was familiar-ish with whers. Less than she was with dragons. They lived at night, in the dark, and Errol wasn't allowed to wander then. Her father was terrified she'd be eaten by something, or fall in a pit and never return. But the Lord Holder had wher eggs. Too many wher eggs.

Now there was a thing. A new thing. A different thing. Errol liked the idea. And whers got to patrol, she knew. Even if they did in the dark when it was hard to see. So she applied. Her brother thought she was crazy, why whers when there were dragons? Her mother was tight lipped and silent, and her father worried, but he usually did, so that was normal. Still, Errol applied and was given an egg. Wrinkly and molten and nothing at all like any egg she'd ever seen. And out of that egg came Errosk, who latched onto her thumb, tasted and tested her, and thought she was as new and different and right and she did him.

Wherlinghood was wonderful. Errol loved it. She loved Errosk. They learned to work as a team. He saw for her in the darkness and she guided him when the light was too bright for his sensitive eyes. She even learned to pull him back from his tantrums and rages. To wrestle her blue who was still so very big and heavy no matter how small he complained he was.

When Semaca opened they both saw a new thing. A new place where not everything had already been discovered. They could see new places and be the first to climb bluffs. So they applied, and were accepted. So to Semaca they went. It smelled of newness and adventure. And there were less whers to make Errosk feel small.

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NAME: Errosk
BIRTHDATE Spring, 2762
AGE: 3 as of 2765

LENGTH: 12 ft
HEIGHT: 4.25 ft
Errosk is on the small side for a blue. However he is still very much within the normal limits, even if he isn't particularly bulky. Is a soft grey-blue all over except for the top of his body which is a bright almost teal color. Actually, it looks like someone wrapped Errosk up in his wings and then dipped his body in another color, dying whatever wasn't exposed, and the top of his wingsails. His spikes are a darker teal color, along with his eye ridges. Errol thinks they look like dark seawater.

Errosk is very upset about his size. To Errosk, Errosk is very small for a blue. Too small. Errosk should be bigger! Bigger than every other wher, except maybe gold ones. Big like a brown or even a bronze! Big is best! Big whers kill many felines and scare many enemies! Big whers don't get tired carrying their handlers.

But Errosk is small. Even for blue! Blue is a good color, and Errosk only minds sometimes being called pretty. But he is small and it makes him angry! Very angry. So Errosk is always easy to offend and easy to start fights with. He must defend himself hard because he is not big. Constant vigilance against those who are laughing at his size. Errosk is always listening and watching for these insults. He will find them and he will make them pay.

But as long as he is not being insulted, Errosk is sort of a happy wher? He only grumps a little and sighs when Errol dresses him up. Sometimes it is nice to be pretty, even when you are small.
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