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R'inash of Green Ioth

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R'inash of Green Ioth

"Well, problems are why you keep me around, right?"


RETIRE INFO: Dragon - Adopt / Character -Retire
NAME: Born Reginash, he's R'inash now bois, but he does still answer to Forge

BIRTHDATE: Spring 2743
AGE: 24 as of 2767
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: Candidate (former blacksmith)

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Medium length platinum blond hair with undercut
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6"2 and skinny, has a runner's physique
PLAY-BY: Reginald Crowley Bishop Wrench (Watch Dogs 2)
Forge has a triangular shaped face, a downturned nose, very pale skin and eyes that always look tired. He has dark bags under his eyes and a constantly tired look on his face. Despite looking tired, he seems happy beyond belief, constantly smiling and looking as if he's got a joke to tell at any minute. His expressions are loud and vibrant and he is shows his heart on his sleeve. His nose is a little bit crooked from it being broken when he was little, but he shows no signs of physical damage of any kind.

He has no freckles or beauty marks to be seen, but he does have some scars on his knuckles (which are often bruised). A fan of black colored clothing as well as leather and hoods, Forge looks like he's coming from or going to some form of funeral at all times.

Forge is a childish and aggressive man with the most immature sense of humor possible. He talks a mile a minute and his brain is full to the brim with stupid, yet funny, ideas. He has a bit of an anarchistic streak as an emotional outlet due to a bad upbringing. Despite this, he is incredibly smart and any skill he knows is self-taught and he won't showcase it until he knows for a fact he has it right.

In reality, Forge is only this way around people. Alone, he is desperately shy and quiet, self-hating and depressed. He has trouble showcasing his emotions, is socially awkward around most people, suffering most around women rather than men, and can even be self-destructive, often doing things for a single goal even though 1) he may die and 2) the risks outweigh the rewards. He suffers from social anxiety and only is able to get out into the world through forcing a smile.

He is prone to explosive outbursts when things that should go well for him, do not. Yelling, cursing, the works. He breaks things. It helps him release a lot of pent up anger and aggression. But, does have a sensitive and warm side to anyone he considers his friend, it is just under several layers of crude jokes.

FAMILY: Lirne (mother), Vearl (father)
BIRTHPLACE: High Reaches Weyr
HISTORY: (TW: Childhood Abuse)
Terrified of everyone and everything that came his way, Reginash isolated himself from the other kids of High Reaches. Of course, that never helps. The mean kids found him in quiet, isolated hideaways around High Reaches, he was beaten up, and he went home with a cut or a bruise. Never encouraged to speak up or hit back by his parents, in fact, often diminished by them for not having the courage on his own, he grew up scared and insecure. Never attempting to talk to anyone, he spent his time alone. To get him out and actually make him somewhat live his life, his parents forced him into an apprenticeship under a blacksmith. He became good at making all sorts of little things, these little tools and sometimes even weaponry, and he treated them as if they were his kids. All the respect in the world went into taking care of them, from the smallest spoon to an axe. He even took up whittling to waste his time away, turning little blocks of wood into sculptures.

Eventually, the bullying became less and less frequent, thanks to the staff at High Reaches after Golre's fall. Old emotional wounds still hurt, looking at some of his attackers made him forcefully cringe, he would get nightmares of things returning to how they were, but for the better part of things, things got better. He, of course, still tried to isolate himself into his work as much as he could. Staying away from people made the chances of bad things starting back up less of a possibility, and he knew that. With a forced smile he talked to people, attempting better social skills so he could get by. Eventually, he got better and better at putting on a happy face to fool the public, letting more and more of his more explosive emotions out behind this new, happier face.

Despite his love of his job and all the things it entailed, he transferred to Semaca a year after it was officially recognized. Sometimes, he froze. He stopped working, he stopped moving, he stopped, overcome with fear that someone was lurking around a corner to yell at him or beat him up. An acquaintance suggested a change of scenery, and he followed up on that. Semaca was now his safe haven, his place of expression. No one who hurt him was there, he was free. He was no longer the quiet, bullied boy from High Reaches, he was someone else entirely. A new person deserved a new name, he thought, sort of like a rebirth. Using a name of one of the types of equipment he became so acquainted with as a child, Forge was now the 'class clown' of his new Weyr.

As much fun as smithing can get, Forge needed something more in his life. Something fun, exciting, full of ups and downs and as much risk and danger as possible. Once he realized that candidacy could provide the means to satisfy his end goal, he decided to join up. What would the kids from back in High Reaches say about him now? A candidate? Not little Reggie. But, Forge didn't care, he was ready to be his own man, not the man they tried to make him into.

  • Late Fall 2767 - Forge Impresses to Green Ioth! Takes up the honorific R'inash.

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NAME: Ioth
BIRTHDATE: Late Fall 2767
AGE: Newborn


Final Size-
LENGTH: 31 ft
HEIGHT: 8 ft
COLOR: Green
HEXCODE: #058D40
Full APPEARANCE: Ioth is a lanky and ribbony type of dragon, being long and sinuous in her movements. She seems to almost flow forward when she moves or flies, having a natural swaying motion to her movement that is almost hypnotic to watch. Her body is a cadre of colors, varying from pale to dark all over her hide. At her head is a misty winter green, which quickly fades into a soft teal on her chest. This teal hue carries over to her wings, but is interrupted by thick bands of a kelly green color. The back half of her tail is a dark almost black color, whipping behind her much like a feline's might.

A serene, soft protector, Ioth is a moon in the sky, she is a star so bright that she shines in the nothingness. She is a brilliant green, a commander among her peers. She would do well to be a wingleader, and she will perform best during the heaviest falls. She is powerful and she is mighty. That said, she is not exactly virtuous. She is capable of being incredibly sneaky, making underhanded deals that benefit her and her rider the most. She can be as cutthroat as a Benden gambler, and she is smart enough to pull it off without a hitch.

To her rider, Ioth is a partner in crime. She's snarky and sarcastic, and a buddy to the core. She's all sorts of chipper chatter and schemes. She's a friend first and sneaky second, and she wouldn't want it any other way. Ioth hopes they will be as underhanded and sneaky as she, and even if not, they will be thick and thieves. Two thieves in an honorable place. She loves it. She'll climb her way to the top one way or another, and she'll bring her human along for the ride.

VOICE: Ioth sounds like a military commander, charismatic and adored. It makes things even stranger when she is doing sneaky things.

Why me?: If there's anything Forge needs, it is definitely a partner in crime. Or not! Either way, this will be fantastic.

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