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"This whole piece ought to be played with the utmost delicacy and without dampers."


RETIRE INFO: Retire - Character
NAME: Mondlicht
PRONOUNS: He/him/his

BIRTHDATE: Fall 2728
AGE: 40 as of 2768
OCCUPATION: Journeyman Harper, teacher man

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black and short, small amounts of grey in his beard
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'2", average build, nothing to note
PLAY-BY: Steve Kazee
Mondlicht isn't built like a truck or skinnier than a beanpole, he's just an average looking sort of man with an average looking sort of build. He, however, has a pretty nice looking beard that does have some stress greys in it. He has beige skin and dark eyes, and lucky for him he doesn't burn nearly as often as he tans. He has distinct laughter lines and crows feet.

He loves big coats and big scarves and generally thrives well in the Winter, however, he will forgo them in the warmer months and wear whatever doesn't boil him alive with the heat. Boots, however, boots will never not be a part of his wardrobe.

Mondlicht is something like a tootsie pop. On the outside, he has a classy shell. All charismatic bravado which he uses to draw people in and have them still around, he's very good at talking and speaks in a delicate tone most of the time. When he was younger he wanted to specialize in being a musician, but he found that he was far better at teaching. He's very good at talking and showing people how to do things, he'll easily try to adapt a lesson to different learning methods of certain people are having a hard time with the subject. He loves children and sees them as the next generation that the older members of society have to prepare with all the best methods that they have at their disposal. His heart is in a good place.

However, even though his heart is in a good place, he doesn't always do good. He is selfish, wanting a lot of success to fall upon him rather than others. He wants his students to do good and often may push them too hard. He can get really loud when he forgets not to raise his voice in situations that stress him out. He tries his hardest to keep it level around kids, though. He can get really cocky and obnoxious at times.

He can still sing real nice and is very handy with a guitar.

FAMILY: Mondstein (father, alive), Tageslicht (mother, alive)
Mondlicht never really remembered much of his childhood before he left for the Harper Hall, most of what he remembered was running around with his friends from the creche. His most vivid memory was his mother commenting on his affinity for singing and telling him he'd be the best harper in the world. That was what sparked his interest in the trade.

He left for the Hall when he was eight, his loud voice ready to be taught how to really sing. As an apprentice, he learned that some harpers could end up specializing in a certain field after they graduated, jobs like teachers and musicians, he heard from another kid his age that some could even end up specializing in being spies while they were gossiping. He was an apprentice harper for a reason, however, and that reason was to further his singing.

Music wasn't exactly for him, however. Yes, he could sing. Yes, they taught him how to better his singing. But, Mondlicht found that he excelled when they taught them how to teach. Even as an apprentice, if he found himself understanding something better than others, he would try to help them learn the subject in a way that would better suit them. Reword what the journeymen were saying so that it made more sense. After he graduated, this skill only became of more use as he stayed at the Hall for around ten years to aid in teaching the new apprentices.

Eventually, he returned home. Said his hellos and gave his hugs of welcome to his parents and fell back into his career once more. Teaching at Fort Weyr was different than teaching at the Harper Hall, mostly because instead of teaching harper skills, he was teaching basic knowledge skills. He would adapt, however, he knew he would. If he didn't, how would the children grow up knowing their letters and their knots?

One day as he was talking with a fellow harper, they began gossipping about other Weyrs. Ista this and Benden that, eventually moving onto the newest Weyr, Semaca. They began discussing its lack of crafting staff around the place and how most dragonriders and wherhandlers had to double up on their jobs. It was hard enough teaching without having a dragon or wher, he had a hard time imagining how they were managing with them.

Mondlicht decided to move to Semaca, overlooking the one essential detail: there weren't many young children there. Without many young children, he would have to perform more everyday harper activities like record-keeping than usual. That would be fine, he would be alright doing that. Mondlicht was taught to do that, so he knew what he was doing. He just hoped that, one day, Semaca would grow to the size of other Weyrs like High Reaches and Fort so he could teach full-time once more.

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