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[Shelb] Not Gonna Trip This Time

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[Shelb] Not Gonna Trip This Time

Brachyth had nigh dragged Qrow out of his room out to the Training Area. He hated, borderline absolutely despised, training in the cold. And it was cold today. Faranth, it was freezing! He was genuinely surprised that it hadn't started snowing yet. But nooo, snow queen Brachyth didn't mind the cold. Snow queen Brachyth wanted to train. Snow queen Brachyth got what she wanted because she was this close to dragging him out by the foot and he really didn't want bite marks on his leg. Now he was out here in the cold, whining, running drills with his dragon. This sucked.

Well, it might get better. He spotted a blue dragon that he'd seen- and tripped over- before. There's Kurceth, Clover must be around here too. Perfect, they would make things less boring. Once they were back on the ground, Qrow made his way over to the pair. Brachyth wasn't pleased. I hate you for this. You know that, right? Faranth, Qrow. Can't you seriously train for more than a few minutes before slacking off?

Nope! You should've figured that out by now, he responded back to his dragon. "Hey, Clover! Kurceth! Hey! Out training again today, huh?"
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Similar to Brachyth having to struggle to get Qrow out of his room, Clover had also had trouble getting Kurceth out of his weyr. The blue dragon was whining and complaining about it being too cold, wanting to sleep in and just enjoy the warmth of his weyr before Clover finally convinced him to come outside and train. The rider had promised it would help the other warm up and, once they practiced, Kurceth could sleep the rest of the day.

That was something the blue dragon was happy to accept.

Kurceth was yawning loudly in Clover's mind when he heard footsteps approaching them. He turned, surprise flashing in his eyes as he saw Qrow. However, a devious thought filled the dragon's mind. He could use Qrow and Brachyth as a distraction so he could sneak off and go back to bed. Yes, it was absolutely perfect!

Meanwhile, Clover turned and smiled, "Oh, good morning, Qrow. We're a bit behind schedule for our training, mostly as someone didn't want to get out of his weyr this morning." He shot Kurceth a look, who shrugged, "The forsk you looking at me for? I told you it was too damn cold."
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