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[Heck] The Cold Is An Afterthought

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[Heck] The Cold Is An Afterthought

Normally, Genji wouldn't have been found out at the lake so late. The sun was vanishing, and with it the heat it provided, but still Genji sat. The spot he had made for himself under the tree was dry enough, sparred most of the snow by the foliage overhead. He needed to think, and being back in his quarters would just make him restless.

He had a season or so left here, should this next Hatching not result in an impression on his part. And, to be frank, he was terrified. He had only just reunited with his brother, and now he was facing the very real possibility of having to lose him again. Logically, he knew that it wasn't really losing him, but the part of him that desperately wanted to stay hurt terribly at the thought. He bit his lip, ignoring how it stung from the chapped skin pulling.

What was he going to do...?
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