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[Event] Icewatch

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Tue Apr 30, 2019 11:37 am

[Event] Icewatch

A couple weyrlings are playing on the ice! Is that safe?
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"What makes you think it'd be dangerous?" Akira asked as he slid across the ice without a care in the world. "It's frozen, so let's play!"

Please be careful, I don't want to have to fish you out of the lake... Auruth huffed from her seat on the shore. She wasn't taking the risk, even if her bone-headed rider was. It was far too cold for this nonsense as far as she was concerned. Morgana hadn't even left the weyr today as far as she was aware; smart feline.

Akira glided by and waived at the Green with a grin. She had no idea what she was missing. "I'm always careful, aren't I?"

No. No you aren't.

"He's gonna hurt himself and I'm gonna laugh," Cress said as she pressed closer to Lumiouth's side. She wasn't a fan of the cold at all, but watching the other weyrlings risking a shockingly cold bath made it worth it.

That's not very nice, Lumiouth scolded, You wouldn't like if if someone laughed at you for falling in the lake.

"I wouldn't be dumb enough to be out there in the first place," Cress told him. "Even if I was, I'd deserve it."

Lumiouth frowned a bit. What if you were out there trying to help someone, or if you'd fallen from my back onto the ice and it cracked?

"Now you're just taking all the fun out of this."
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"Oh! Be careful!" It was, of course, B'yani that was concerned about his friends' safety... He was with Hyuth and they'd agreed to take some time off... After all, too much practice would be exhausting on them both. Still, B'yani had never actually skated on ice before. And while he was eager to try, he also was finding it hard to get onto the ice...

You got this? Hyuth asked as he helped the other out onto the ice, extending his neck so the other could hold on...

"Y-yeah big guy... Thanks..." He replied, shakily getting out and following Akira onto the ice...
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