[open] spring showers

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[open] spring showers

Or mud puddles, was more like it. Snow melt and late rains making the ground wet and clingy. Kuni frowned as she worked the worst of it from between Ekunisk's toes. The wher did not see the need. He would only get muddy again, and continue to until the ground dried out.

"Yes, but you can't go inside like this." She explained, sensing his disgruntlement. The bronze snorted, frightening Pitch between.

I don't like going inside. Something always ended up knocked over, Kuni had even moved rooms to something attached to the outside of the smith hall. There was talking of her moving to the wherhandlers quarters, but that was so far from her forge.

"We'll figure something out. But first, this mud." She sighed, flinging a piece away.
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