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[Event] Broken Ship

A large, sandy beach a fair flight or ride away from Fort Weyr. Many may find it a relaxing place to spend a day.
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[Event] Broken Ship

There's another ship wrecked upon the coast. Time to pick through the wreckage for anything interesting.
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There appears to be a ship washed up on the shore down there.

His bronze's voice snapped him from his thoughts, and he absently leaned with his dragon as he began to bank, gliding in a lazy circle high above. As they turned, Ash leaned in his saddle to peer toward the ground, trusting his riding straps to keep him anchored. I hope everyone survived... Though it was impossible to tell, especially from up here, whether anything particularly grim waited for them. Kakarith, let's go take a look. Maybe we can get an idea where they were headed, whether they had anything important.

Slowly dipping his head, the pair began to descend toward the surface world, riding the updrafts to dawdle their way down. Sand kicked up at the dragon's feet as he landed gracefully beside the wreckage, and Asherah unhooked the straps keeping him secured. Jumping to the ground without even waiting for Kakarith to lower down, Asherah pushed his riding goggles up and ventured toward the wreckage. Be careful.
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