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[Fems] A Chance Encounter

A large, sandy beach a fair flight or ride away from Fort Weyr. Many may find it a relaxing place to spend a day.
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[Fems] A Chance Encounter

Sometimes, Seieth liked to get away.

This was one of those times.

Exia was sitting on the shore, watching her awkwardly-sized blue swim around in the surf. She wondered what his silhouette looked like from below, with those massive wings spread out. Was he beautiful to the fish and creatures who lived beneath the waves? She hoped so. He was beautiful to her.

You flatter me. He said awkwardly, swimming around without much of a care.

It's the truth though.

He shook his head, but continued to swim. The arrival of another dragon was noted but ultimately ignored, he was content to just be for a while.
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