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[Rumor] Ghost sighting

It is dangerous to be out alone, far from the Weyr or Holds. They say that Holdless travel in the Outlands.
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[Rumor] Ghost sighting

The Ghost has finally been spotted after months! She seemed to be pretty egg-heavy, maybe you can follow her trail and see if you find any eggs!
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She didn't really know what she was thinking, to be honest, when she'd hauled her saddle up onto Ria's back and climbed aboard with her heavy winter jacket. Patting the beast's large side, she tipped forward a bit as he stuck his snout into the messy leaf-litter. A thin powdering of snow had fallen at some point, covering part of the "trail" but it wasn't as if she were even sure whether to believe the ones who had been talking about having sighted "the Ghost." She'd heard a lot about her, to be totally honest, but still didn't know what to think of it. It wasn't like it was hard to believe. Wild whers weren't exactly unheard of.

Instead, it was more that someone had spotted her so recently, and that she was egg-heavy. Part of her was just curious, wanted to see if she could see the Ghost for herself with her own eyes and not just secondhand, but another part of her was hoping to perhaps nick one of those eggs if she happened to be able to do so. Maybe not so much to bond for herself, she was happy with just Valyriask. He was her big blue baby. At the thought, said blue turned his head and crooned affectionately at her, before looking back toward the trail. "Picked up on something, huh?"

They hadn't exactly announced that they were going out to investigate the rumours, but they hadn't stopped anyone from coming along with them. Valyria looked back over her shoulder to check before continuing.
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On the list of Stupid Things To Do, particularly when you are a Candidate, is go out of half-cocked ghost chases. Especially when the aforementioned ghost is probably a very pregnant and very protective wher. But Toki needed to get out of the Weyr for a bit... everyone was driving her mad, and if she was being completely honest she couldn't quite get over her jealousy of the new impressees. Sure she'd only stood the twice (she was counting both the whers and the dragons), and there would be more to come... but it was still crushingly disappointing to see these happy people and their new babies.

So she decided to make an afternoon of it, when she didn't have any chores, picking through the snow a fair distance behind Valyria.. unknowningly following HER wher's trail.
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