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[Event] Silent

The spires of High Reaches, where bronzes used to sit and secure their thrones. The wind is cold and the silence is sometimes overwhelming.
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[Event] Silent

The night's watch is unusually silent. The snow has stopped falling, but the skies are still overcast; the ground is covered in white. No one save the wherhandlers on watch are about.
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Sat Aug 01, 2020 11:51 am

Silsk didn't like nights like this. They were too quiet, too ready to lure the watch into a false sense of security. He was far from a hardened fighter, but this made him uneasy. It would be too easy for the night to turn violent, and being lured into complacency would mean injuries were far too likely. Besides, it let his imagination run particularly wild.

Not like, darling. Not like at all.

Yggdrasil supposed he had a point, but the white's pacing did more to make zher uneasy than the situation itself. Between zher two whers, and the fire lizard slowly being trained to go where told, the watch would be fine. If something did happen, they weren't the only set on watch. Back-up would come quickly.


Can't make thing happen by anxiety, Yggdrask reminded their white bondmate. Breathe.
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Slowly, footsteps approached them, a wher laying lowly to the ground as they approached the group. The wher seemed focused, eyes glinting as they prowled closer and closer. Slowly, the white wher crept closer and closer.

They moved up close to the blue wher's tail, staring at them intensely. Soon, more footsteps came towards them, an older looking man walking towards them.

"Good evening, Yggdrasil. Has watch been uneventful?" Ironwood looked at zhim before Ironwosk retreated and stood next to their handler.
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Another set of pacing steps, heavy scrape of wher claws across the dirt beneath the crunching snow. Not exactly the quietest approach, but it wasn't like they were trying to be subtle about it. Plus, the blue looked like a walking boulder approaching from the distance, ambling along with his rider astride his shoulders. They were just making rounds at this point, keeping their eyes peeled in all directions.

It was quiet and calm. Even so, Valyria seemed a bit wary from her perch atop her blue's back, eyes narrowed and squinting into the darkness. "Uneventful would be an understatement," she joined the conversation without preamble, a small frown pinching her face as she looked between Yggdrasil and Ironwood. Like quiet. Make sleepy.
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Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:15 am

Ironwosk not as sneaky as think. Yggdrask snapped their tail in the snow to kick some up in their sibling's face. Silsk not can settle down. Is too quiet.

Yggdrasil nodded, drawing a fold of zher shawl over zher sleeping fire lizard to block the sounds of conversation a little. The green tended to be cranky when her sleep was disrupted, and a cranky Vivienne led to fish in Yggdrasil's bed. Not something zhe wanted to chance unnecessarily.

"I agree with Silsk, it's too quiet." Zhe indicated the white with the arm not cradling zher green. He was running the section of border they were tasked with watching, wearing a path through the snow to frozen ground. By the end of the night there would be loose dirt in his wake.

"If I was going to pick a night to cause problems, it would be a night like this. Things stay quit and the watch gets complacent, gets careless. Slower to react."

Zhe wouldn't, but part of zher was always calculating consequences. Politics were ostensibly zher forte, though they rarely engaged in such things.
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