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[Rumor] Will-o-the-Wisps?

The spires of High Reaches, where bronzes used to sit and secure their thrones. The wind is cold and the silence is sometimes overwhelming.
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Mon Aug 31, 2020 10:05 pm

The second Takumi caught wind of lights in the sky and spirits, he adamantly refused to be outside at night alone. Even when he had company, usually Fukoshith, he found himself glancing suspiciously at every corner that was a little too dark. Or even at the sky, like he could will the stars to move and give himself a reason to stay in his weyr for the foreseeable future. Fukoshith couldn't help the amused snort he gave, shielding Takumi under his wingsail.

They aren't gonna fall on ya. he teased, making his rider turn red and elbow him in the side.
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Tue Sep 01, 2020 9:34 am

Unconvinced, Keith rolled his eyes hard. "Spirits, really? Someone's probably just making up tall tales to get attention. There's no such thing." He was a practical person by nature and didn't have a lot of patience for rumors, especially absurd ones like this. He wasn't about to believe a story without any basis in fact. Shinadoth was of the same mindset and snorted at Takumi, but didn't add anything. His rider had covered it.
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"I think the idea of them being spirits is lovely." Miro said, peering up into the sky. She hadn't been one of the ones who had seen them (yet), but had spent nearly every free night since she first heard about it up here looking for them. Douzeth was interested at first, but got bored and left her rider to her own.
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Takumi couldn't suppress a shutter. Lovely?! It was a horrible idea! Fukoshith's eyes whirled in amusement, and he scooted Takumi closer to him with his wing.

Dooon't you worry. I'll protect ya from the big bad star spirits. He crooned.

Oh shut up! Look, everyone has their fears. Mine is just... ghosts... He saw the looks Keith gave him, sighing.

"It might be irrational, but the idea of... spirits... ghosts..." He shuddered. "I just don't like it."
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"Of COURSE they're spirits! The question is simply what KIND of spirits they are," Louna chimed in with enthusiasm, having come up to the fireheights with an old, ramshackle spyglass in an attempt to get the best view of them that she could. "I won't know for sure until I see them though. Then we can figure out if we need to get rid of them or if they're beneficial. Ohh, I hope it's not a White Lady. That would be so sad..." she babbled, setting into position as her pockets clinked and jingled.
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